Fire News Article (Biased)


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Fire News Article (Biased)

  1. 1. Bangkok- One of the biggest fires of the year arose yesterday at around 6:32 am, at the home of Sara Jaipraserd, a well-known fashion model in Thailand. The fire left nothing of the house but ashes. The whole house has been tragically burnt down, along with neighboring areas.Ms. Jaipraserd seems to still be petrified by the catastrophic occurrence. The Bangkok Post gives you the insider report from Sara Jaipraserd as she tells us of how the fire started.Ms. Jaipraserd says that as she was trying to cook and walked to her refrigerator to go get more ingredients, she smelt something and quickly rushed back to the stove. But as she returned, the pan and her meal were already up in flames. Breaking newsBangkok Post10 bahtOctober 13, 2009<br />Ignelzi, Lenny. Fire engulfs a luxury home in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego. 2003. Yahoo News 27 Oct. 2003: n. pag. Yahoo News. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2009. < burning-luxury-house.htm>.Fire devouring the whole house due to the cause from the cause of low-standard equipment33083506407150“I was so scared,” Sara Jaipraserd tells us, “I didn’t know what to do, and it was just wild and uncontrollable.”As she stands outside watching the firemen put out the fire, she told us that fires like this occurred many times before. But luckily she had managed to set out all of them. Apparently, luck did not help her this time. It was her biggest lost: her 30 million baht house, 780,000 baht cash, jewelry, and many more.It can be concluded that victims like Ms. Jaipraserd will get together to fight for their rights from GoodHands Ltd. Company, of producing low standard equipments and selling it to the public. Further actions will be taken towards GoodHands Ltd. Company in days to come.She ran to the tap to get water to put out the fire, but that did not do itThat it was too late to put out the fire that was growing rapidly, she ran out of her house to call for help.As we have been told by investigators, the cause of the fire was from the stove. The stove used was very low quality and burnt very easily. There have been many cases of fire accidents reported earlier from the electric appliances and from stove producer, GoodHands Ltd. Company. The fire was ignited from the error of the new, but low-quality stove led to a fire than began to eat up the whole house. This case has been one of the most destructive cases that had occurred due to the use of this company’s appliances.BY METHINEE RAKCHARDTRAKUL‘Low-standard equipment brings turmoil’<br />