Pool safety can save a life


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Pool safety can save a life

  1. 1. Pool Safety Can Save a LifeThe Australian summer is almost here. Once again the ruthless heat will send you oryour family into the garden in search of a cool dip in the pool. Perhaps it’s time to checkon a few safety measures to ensure that your children and their friends will be safe.Does your pool have a fence? If not, why not? It is distressing when pool owners don’tplace a fence around their pools because they reason that there are no small children inthe home. Young children have legs and their young limbs might take them into aneighbour’s garden in search of a lost ball. Visitors’ children might also wander into yourgarden when no one is paying attention to them. If you aren’t sure of fencingregulations, pool inspection Brisbane will provide some guidance.Even if your pool does have a fence, there are still some rules that you should follow. Bevigilant! Watch your children or other people’s children if they are playing in your gardenor splashing in the pool. Drowning, which is the biggest cause of accidental deaths foryoung children, can be prevented. A child can be struggling for life if out of sight for onlya few moments. Always be at arms’ length.Keep you pool fence gate locked. The gate should be made so that it is self-locking.When opened it should spring back to its closed position as soon as it is released.Portable/inflatable pools can be just as dangerous when filled with water. If you ownone, always make sure that it has been emptied when not in use. A child can drown inonly a few centimetres of water. Use the same safety precautions for above the groundpaddling pools as you would have for a large permanent pool. If you employ a childminder, make sure that the person in charge of your children is aware of the danger ofnot keeping an eye on them at all times.Whether adults or young children are playing in a pool, long hair should be tied back sothat it is not hanging loose. Even loose or long hanging jewellery can also be dangerousif swimming close to pool drains. Teach your children to stay away from drains becauseof their suction power.Don’t allow distractions to interfere with supervising children. If you are by the pool, donot run inside to answer the telephone. This can be the very moment when you might beneeded to save a child from drowning. If possible keep a landline telephone near you, orjust let it ring. The caller will leave a message or phone again.Children like to climb. Make sure that the fence is non-climbable. All garden furnitureshould be kept away from the fence to prevent little ones from using them to help themscramble over the pool fence. Even if you have a pool safety certificate this won’t protectyour children if you are careless.Teach your children to swim as soon as possible and teach them not to go near any kindof pool without adult supervision. Also cover your pool when it’s not being used. Peace ofmind is a priceless treasure.http://www.poolinspectionsbrisbane.net.au