Select swimming pool covers according to need


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Pool Covers, Inc. specializes in several different types of safety swimming pool covers. Whether you want total ease of use with a fully automatic pool cover or a simple manual pool cover.

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Select swimming pool covers according to need

  1. 1. Select Swimming Pool Covers According to Your NeedPool Covers, Inc. specializes in several different types of safety swimming pool covers. Whetheryou want total ease of use with a fully automatic pool cover or a simple manual pool cover, ourone stop shopping theory is perfectly suited for todays consumer. We have an assortment ofsafety pool covers, including above and below ground-mounted units.Pool Covers offers a various benefits for you:Save LivesSave WaterSave HeatSave MoneyPool Covers, Inc. world largest industry leader in supply of safety pool covers. They are knownfor his quality, services and innovation. Now Pool Covers, Inc. operates across NorthernCalifornia.Pool Products:Pool Covers, Inc. distributes several types of pool covers in the industry. There productranges are: 1. Automatic Safety Covers  Infinity Automatic Pool Cover - Infinity Automatic Pool Covers is the most state-of-the-art, high-tech pool cover system.  It having awesome features like bi-directional, anti-reversing, auto-stops, a remote located, low-voltage key switch, and power options.  Compatible with automatic undertrack, recessed toptrack and automatic toptrack.
  2. 2. 2. Manual Safety Pool Covers  Track Manual Pool Covers The track manual safety pool cover system has designed for small to mid- sized pools and features a low-profile track mounted to both sides of the deck. This is a alternative solution of automatic covers.  Fastener Manual Pool Covers The fastener manual safety pool covers system are design for all size & shape pools and mounted with spring-loaded, lift-lock anchor of the deck.
  3. 3. 3. For the Existing Pool  Automatic Top Track An automatic top track fits almost any size or shape existing pool. Also referred as a toptrack unit, an above ground pool cover, and a deck mount cover.  Deluxe Bunch Deluxe bunch used to hide above ground pool covers working system. This is compatible with automatic pool cover and track manual pool covers.4. For a New and Remodeled Pool  Automatic Under Track Automatic under track is an undertrack unit, its hide from view when pool is in open position, designed for rectangular pool.
  4. 4.  Recessed Top Track Designed for free form & rectangular pool and mounted on the deck. Vanishing Edge Pools Vanishing Edge pool cover is a unique product of Pool Covers, Inc. It has covered whole pool without disturbing the beauty of pool. Pool in Pool Pool Covers, Inc. has developed and perfected an application to completely hide the tracks for any shape pool. That called as Pool in Pool, applicable for all shape of pool, combined pool & spa.
  5. 5.  Walk on Tray Lids Improve child safety and increase drowning prevention by keeping your pool covered when not in use. Pool Covers provides a safety pool covers, which are so strong, that they even support the weight of several adults. Metal Walk on Lids Metal Walk on Lids is a one of best safety pool cover. It has additional strength, custom stainless steel lid brackets capable of supporting the weight.
  6. 6. 5. Pool Fencing The safety pool fencing system helps to prevent accidents in the swimming pool by enclosing the pool with removable, virtually transparent mesh fencing. We are selling and installing a line of safety pool fencing.6. Spa Covers  Aluminum Spa Covers Pool Covers, Inc. introduces aluminum spa covers. Available in 12 designer colors and two different trim colors.  Automatic and Manual Spa Covers Incorporate custom designed safety spa covers for your spa or hot tub.
  7. 7. To choosing quality products provided by Pool Covers, Inc. just calls at 800-662-7665. If you donot live within our Northern California Service Area, please contact our partner Pool Cover Specialists.