Using images to enhance your social media strategy


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How you can use images to enhance your social media strategy - 'The Power of Pictures' presentation. This can easily be adapted for use with your business brand.

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Using images to enhance your social media strategy

  1. 1.  Facebook: 36 Billion photos uploaded per year Flickr: 130 Million photos uploaded per month Twitter: 27.1k retweets of last week’s most popular image “A picture paints a thousand words”
  2. 2.  Increase your following Increase your engagement Increase brand awareness Make your brand feel like a more ‘approachable’ brand Engage your network Drive traffic to your website
  3. 3. 1. Infographics2. “Of the Moment”3. A Fresh Perspective4. Celebrity5. HumourThese ideas can all be implemented usingyour existing social networks…AND spreadmore widely using image sharing networks…
  4. 4. What do I mean?Graphic representations of data /knowledgeWhy are they Sharable?Infographics present complex info quickly& clearly. They are both beautiful &informative making them a fun, interestingand engaging way of sharing information.
  5. 5. Microsoft have branded the image to This ensure itinfographic gave great has been brandshared tens exposure of despite the thousands fact it is not of times overtly promotional
  6. 6.  Visually present data crowd-sourced from your networks Use your existing data to produce infographics relevant to your industry Create a library of infographics which summarise important aspects of your industry
  7. 7. What do I mean?Images that sum up what your audience isthinking or feeling right now.Why are they sharable?If you can ride the back of whatever istrending at the moment with a really strongpicture, you can be sure it will provepopular, if only for a short period.
  8. 8. This iconic picture was sharedworldwideduring the London Riots of 2011 The image was popular because it perfectly encapsulated what was happening in an interesting way that sparked attention
  9. 9.  Take / create and share pictures which are relevant to the news / trending topics Get in the habit of taking ‘snaps’ when out and about which can be quickly got online, whilst most relevant Encourage your network to share topical pictures with you Social media team to attend highly topical events & live tweet / photograph
  10. 10. What do I mean?Taking something familiar and providing anew viewpoint e.g. ‘Behind the Scenes’Why are they sharable?People are always interested in a new spinon things and are often fascinated by howthings work behind the scenes in particular
  11. 11. Behind the scenes at Aardman. People are often interested to see a freshperspective on things, or understand more abouthow a finished productcomes about.
  12. 12.  Behind the scenes images at your business showing e.g. product production Day in the life type images of employees Visit customers esp if doing exciting projects (&/or get them to share their images)
  13. 13. What do I mean?Pictures of or about celebrities – thisincludes figures who are well known withinyour fieldWhy are they sharable?People love to share images ofcelebrities, especially if they’re a little bitdifferent or give a glimpse into their dailylife. They are some of the most sharedimages online.
  14. 14.  If a well known name visits your office, make sure to take several photographs inc of them doing work behind the scenes. If events are hosted by celebs, make sure to get some great pics with your branding Have your network share pics when celebs visit them
  15. 15. What do I mean?This might be a cartoon, a mockinginfographic or chart or just a photo ofsomething amusing.Why are they sharable?Humour has great currency online. We alllike a laugh and if something really ticklesus, the chances are that we’ll share it withour online networks.
  16. 16. This amusinginfographic has been shared a whopping 15k times on Facebook. Part of the appeal isthat it looks serious but isn’t.
  17. 17.  Encourage your network to share amusing pictures on specific topics – perhaps with prizes for the funniest Create amusing infographics that your network will share e.g. A tongue in cheek guide to your industry Share funny moments from your offices
  18. 18.  Establish a culture of image sharing in your existing networks to see what works Establish a presence on major image sharing sites e.g Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram
  19. 19. For lots more social media