Cross platform mobile development process and features


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Cross Platform Mobile App Development is extremely helpful for any application developing organization and for the users. It has numerous profits like backing from a substantial group of engineers on the grounds that cross-platform mobile frameworks are open source innovation. It likewise rearranges the organization and upkeep forms.

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Cross platform mobile development process and features

  1. 1. What is Cross-Platform Development? Cross platform or multiple platform mobile development is an effective mode to meet the towering demands of clients willing to get apps developed at affordable cost. As compared to native app methods, this method is very affordable and accompanies a host of choices to opt from. With these multiple cross platform frameworks comprising a bunch full of code libraries and added functionality, mobile application development has become far easier and convenient.
  2. 2. Mobile Platforms
  3. 3. Why You Need It? The best cross-platform technologies come stacked with a few creative characteristics and APIs that simplify the task of improving applications for mobile. These recoveries a considerable measure of time, chops down a few expenses connected with mobile development, and empowers you to achieve generally smartphone clients on the planet.
  4. 4. Benefits of Cross-Platform • Build influential and perfect applications with less effort • Integrate unbiased gathering APIs without any difficulty • Use Ajax, JavaScript and different languages for mobile development • Customize applications for Android and iPhone • Allow flexibility to the applications
  5. 5. Cross-Platform Development Tools
  6. 6. Cross-Platform Development Process
  7. 7. App Features
  8. 8. Html5 have verified that a single code-build can run with respect to all major mobile platforms. Today, developers can utilize Html5 to manufacture cross-platform mobile apps. The HTML and JavaScript dialects are utilized here for the development of PhoneGap development under cross-platform mobile development. Web engineers lean toward utilizing Sencha Touch to fabricate intelligent application UI with the assistance of JavaScript library together with the blend of HTML5 and CSS3.
  9. 9. Cross-Platform Solution Arguments • Mobile App Market shared between many popular platforms. • Distinctive technologies and API for each mobile platform. • Each technology requires particular skills, tools and resources for development. • Mobile apps tend to be more independent of the hardware platforms. • Porting existing apps from other platforms :desktop ,web.
  10. 10. Mobile pundits is a leading mobile app development company in India offers a comprehensive set of mobile development services for all major mobile platforms like android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows etc. Mobile pundits is an ISO certified software company has won Deloitte top fastest 500 IT company award for three consecutive times.