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Goolge Panda PPT | Goolge Panda Presentation


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Google Panda Presentation

Google Panda Presentation

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  • 1. Google Panda Update By Pooja S. Kole
  • 2.  Google Panda is named after one of theGoogles top engineers, Navneet Panda. Googlelaunched Panda update in the mid of 12thAugust, 2011 world wide. With the release of Google pandaalgorithm, one of the most adorable animals hasbeen turned into a major headache for searchengine marketers.
  • 3.  The 1st panda update went into effect on24 February, 2011. The main aim of this new algorithm wasreducing ranking for “low-qualitywebsites” while increasing ranking for“quality websites”.
  • 4. Panda update mostly affect the website havingfollowing issues:- High percentage of duplicate content on website. Low or no quality inbound links to a page orwebsite. High amount of irrelevant advertising on websites. Keyword stuffing on websites Very low content on pages
  • 5.  While you don’t know when the update willstrike, so it would be wise to take measures toprotect your site from its effects. Sowhat can you do to protect your site frompanda update effects?
  • 6. The best thing to do is look at what Googleexpects your site to look like in terms of quality. Optimize your site asper Google demands.Here are some of the things you can do toimprove your site’s quality.
  • 7. Google wants to ensure that high qualitywebsites rank higher in their search pages. One aspect of website’s quality is content youprovide in your website.
  • 8.  Make sure your site content is original & error free. Articles on your site should be original & notduplicated. If there is any duplicate content it shouldbe removed or improved. No keyword stuffing. Keyword density should notbe more than 3-4% Use of proper grammar & punctuations should bedone.
  • 9. According to Google, low quality content onsome parts of a website can impact the wholesite’s ranking. So if you find any page with low qualitycontent, you should change it.
  • 10.  Other than content, you should also considerthe links from other sites. Website with low quality links are also affectednegatively. So ensure that all links to your sitecome from quality & relevant websites.
  • 11.  You can also consider other ways like social media to bring traffic to your website. This will ensure you that your site still has traffic in case it is affected by panda update.