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Webinar "Agile for Managers"
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Webinar "Agile for Managers"


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Are you ready for new ways of working that can improve your teams? Would you like to know how self-organized teams are more productive? Would you be interested in keeping employees motivated? All …

Are you ready for new ways of working that can improve your teams? Would you like to know how self-organized teams are more productive? Would you be interested in keeping employees motivated? All these issues and many more were discussed by our coach. #XACT (Xebia Agile Consulting & Transformation) vertical of #XEBIA successfully held a webinar "#Agile for Managers" on 22nd July 2013. Thanks for the overwhelming response and the interest shown by all 400 professionals across the community. If interested in attending such #webinars, write to me at

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Agile for Managers Webinar By Soma Bhattacharya (Twitter@Soma_b )         Xebia  IT  Architects  India  Private  Limited   6th  Floor,  BPTP  Park  Centra,  Sector  30   Gurgaon  122002  Haryana-­‐INDIA     Phone:  +91  (0124)  4700  200     Fax:  +91  (0124)  4700  222   E-­‐mail:  
  • 2. Agenda Who is this session for? Ø  You are part of management. Ø  You are a Product Manager Ø  You are a Project Manager Ø  Team Lead Ø  You are part of HR team. Ø  Sales Manager Ø  Marketing Manager Ø  QA Manager Ø  Engineering Head Ø  You are interested in knowing the Agile way of management
  • 3. What was your childhood dream? Imagine Helping others Photographer Being a teacher Building cars Being a race car driver Travelling the world
  • 4. What is Being Agile? Individuals  and   interacRons       OVER   processes  and  tools   Working  so*ware   comprehensive   documentaRon   Customer   collaboraRon   contract  negoRaRon   Responding  to   change   following  a  plan  
  • 5. Traits of an Agile Manager “A leader is best when people barely know he exists. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves.” -Lao Tzu
  • 6. What should I do as an Agile Manager? Managers initiate Agile adoption in 77% of the cases.
  • 7. Transformation: Moving into Agile from the traditional Source :
  • 8. Maintaining the Power
  • 9. Inspiring vs Directing
  • 10. Conflict Resolution
  • 11. Conflict Management
  • 12. Managing an Agile Team
  • 13. Traits of an Agile Team
  • 14. Required Changes in Behavior to Maintain Agile
  • 15. Managing the entire Agile Bandwagon
  • 16. Challenges for the Agile Manager “Leading is a skill not a gift. You are not born with it, you learn how”. - Linchpin. Seth Godin
  • 17. Empowering Teams
  • 18. Better Delivery
  • 19. Manager’s Influence
  • 20. Handling the Myths Ø  Silver bullet- executive management Ø More metrics-management Ø Command center- PMO Ø Done= isn’t done till tested- developer Ø Decision maker-dictates terms- tech lead
  • 21. Thank you for Joining!
  • 22. Presented By :
  • 23. Banking  &   Financial   Services   Telecom,  Hi   Tech  &  Govt  /   Other   Online  Retail,   e-­‐Commerce   &  Fitness     Open  source   SoYware   Travel  and   Tourism   Agile Consulting & Transformation We offer solutions for…
  • 24. Agile  ConsulRng   and   TransformaRon   Services   TransformaRon   soluRons  design   Mid  Cycle   IntervenRon   Agile  Readiness   Reviews   Agile  Professional   Services     Product  Owners   Scrum  Masters   Coaches   Agile  Trainings   Coach-­‐the-­‐Coach   Workshops   Advanced  Scrum   Masters’  Courses   SM  and  Product   Owner   Workshops   Our Offerings Bouquet
  • 25. MADHUR KATHURIA, CSC, CSP, CSM, CSA Director-Xebia Agile Consulting and Transformation Savita Pahuja, CSM, CSPO, PSM - 1 Nikhil Joshi CSM, CSPO Soma Bhattacharya, CSM Our Team Sharad Julka, CSM, CSP
  • 26. Website   Team XACT (Xebia Agile Consulting and Transformation)     Or   Madhur  Kathuria    (Director  -­‐    Agile    ConsulRng   and  TransformaRon)   Mobile:  +91  965-­‐040-­‐8822,  Email:   Thought   Leadership   hcp://   hcp://   Contact us @