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Sustainable buildings keynote
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Sustainable buildings keynote


This is my time for a change, sustainable buildings inquiry.

This is my time for a change, sustainable buildings inquiry.

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. What sustainable power sources are there? By Bella
  • 2. Our task •Our task...
  • 3. What power sources are • Solar power there? • Wind power • Hydroelectric power • Nuclear power • Burning coal • Geothermal power • Wave power
  • 4. Solar Power • Solar power is a quiet... • This power source is very environmentally friendly.
  • 5. Wind power •Wind power has it’s ups and downs. The throbbing sound irritates residents. But it does not damage wild life because usually they are on empty hills. •Wind turbines generate a substantial amount of power, although they require a fair bit of maintenance.
  • 6. Hydroelectric power • Hydroelectric power is water power. It is said that this energy is very environmentally friendly and reliable. Here are some reasons why this source of power is good. • There is no waste or pollution produced. • Once the dam is built, the energy is almost free. • The dam can also be used to collect water. • Here are some down sides: • The dams are very expensive to build. • The dams disturb the natural habitat of the bird and animal life. • I think dams should be used in a limited way.
  • 7. Nuclear Power • Nuclear Power is dangerous. Because the waste is toxic, and if something goes wrong the nuclear power plant can explode releasing radiation into the air. • Nuclear power is used in many parts of the world. But the New Zealand government doesn’t allow it into New Zealand, because they think it is too dangerous. • It is the cheapest and has the lest impact on the environment, as long as nothing goes wrong.
  • 8. Burning coal • Burning coal is a power source when the lakes are too low to generate enough power. • Coal is a fossil fuel and is therefore very bad for the environment.
  • 9. Geothermal Power • Geothermal power is a sustainable, reliable and eco friendly power source. It takes the heat from under the ground and makes electricity. • My opinion is that Geothermal power is the best for the environment out of all of the other sources.
  • 10. Wave power • Wave power is a very powerful source of energy. Here are some advantages and disadvantages. • 1. The energy is free, producing no waste. • 2. It is not expensive to operate and maintain. • 3. Since the energy is so powerful, it can produce a great deal of energy. • 4. The whole system depends on the waves, sometimes you will get a load of energy, and other times you can get nothing. • 5. It needs a place where the waves are consistently strong. • I think this power source is very eco friendly.
  • 11. My subsidiary questions • What power source is the worst when it comes to being eco friendly? Burning coal. • What is the most common power source used? Hydroelectric power. • Which is the most dangerous? Nuclear Power.
  • 12. Bibliography • I got my information from: • http://www.google.co.nz/search?hl=en&safe • Louis and mum
  • 13. Thanks for watching!