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Presentation to Disaster Management Working Group. Hanoi, Vietnam 02 Dec 2008

Presentation to Disaster Management Working Group. Hanoi, Vietnam 02 Dec 2008

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  • 1. 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 1 Aaron Everhart Account Director A partner of GREY group, a WPP Company #10 Ho Ham Long Alley Lane #1 Au Co Street Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam  O +84 (4) 3 719 1459 F +84 (4) 3 718 4989 M +84 (0) 907 144 561 aaron.everhart@leonito.com aaron.everhart@grey.com www.leonito.com
  • 2. Social Marketing - iBCC Presented to Disaster Management Working Group 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 2 Welcome. My name is Aaron. I’m from a company called Leonito. In just a moment, I will  explain to you about us and what you will gain from today’s talk. But first I’d like you to  know that my talk covers a lot of material, but still will last only about 30 minutes,  including Q&A; therefore please write down your questions, and I’ll be happy to answer  them at the end if there’s time; if there’s no time, I will give my email and telephone to you  later.
  • 3. • 2 Years • 30 Projects • 17 staff Hanoi • 55 staff HCMC • 100% Vietnam I am from Leontio / Grey group, a communications company. We develop integrated  behavior change communications campaigns for commercial entities, governments and  NGOs. At the end of my talk, I’ll share with you a bit more about our organization and our  focus.
  • 4. Purpose • Value of Integrated Communications • Commercial vs. Social Marketing • Good vs. Great Campaigns 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 4 Now I will share with you the purpose of today’s talk. After that, we’ll take a quick look at  today’s agenda. We all work for organizations with specific organizational goals, and communication is how  we share and bring those goals to life. Communication is used to do everythign from  sharing a grand vision to implementing specific project tasks that work towards a project  output. Integrated communications builds upon a brand platform so that the values of an  organization are expressed consistently and clearly at every point of contact with a target  audience. Marketing is a catch‐all term we used to mean selling something to somebody. We maybe selling an idea or a product, or a desired behavior. So for social marketing we are using  commercial marketing tactics to deliver socially beneficial ‘product’. A good campaign looks nice and is fairly consistent. A great campaign is based on insights  about a specific target audinece. What is their emotional mind‐set? What drives their  current behavior? Answering these questions we build a brand that touches their heart and  mind together. A great campaing is not only memorable but also stimulates action…and  thus enables organizations to achieve their business and organizational goals. Today you will learn about Social Marketing and I’ll share with you three case studies. You  will understand how you might use Social Marketing to achieve your own organization’s  goals. 
  • 5. Agenda • Background • What is “Social Marketing”? • Cases – Play it Safe by the Water (Victoria, Australia Government) – Building a Better Today for a Safer Tomorrow (DIPECHO / Care International) – Five-Clean Fingers (World Bank / WSP, Vietnam M.O.H.) • About Leonito/Grey • Q&A 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 5
  • 6. What is Social Marketing? 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 6
  • 7. Create a Brand Sell a Product 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 7 Marketing starts with a brand that has been created. A brand is a promise of quality, service, and other attributes. Brand expressions are both  tangible and intangible.
  • 8. commercial social product behavior-changing social norm target audience persons (potentially) practicing apathy, ignorance, skepticism, myths, competition social norms, media & entertainment price time, effort, social “cost” 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 8 The same communications principles apply to supermarket brands and social issues alike… People won’t buy into a social marketing “brand” if it costs too much in terms of time, effort or change of attitude
  • 9. A “brand” is an entity you have a relationship with 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 9 People can have a relationship with Coca‐Cola and another with Oxfam “Entities” can be products, organizations, causes, even celebrites are a brand.
  • 10. Belief Drives Behaviors • Coke is refreshing • Pepsi is fun • Toyota is best • Handwashing with soap protects my child • Turning off the light preserves the planet • Organizing a safety meeting will save lives 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 10 With a supermarket brand, we are asking people to do something With a social brand you are asking them to feel something differen t‐ change they way they feel about the potential outcomes to others That’s why it’s much harder; we have to understand the steps to take  to get to your goal: behavior change which is a result of your ultimate  goal: belief change
  • 11. Put a mirror in front of your audience 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 11 Reality television is actually as unrealistic as you can get Real issues are more impactful than created issues But social marketing usually works best when it shows associated reality The real issues (child abuse, breast cancer, etc.) are inevitably more shocking  and impactful than anything an agency can contrive to attract attention Emotion | Education | Enforcement – The three “e’s” is one model to consider when  developing a campaign for something like drunk driving. Focus, Opportunity, Access, Motivation – The F.O.A.M. model is used for public health  programs The Steps of Change is another good model. The Transtheoretical Model (of Behavior Change ) – The TTM model is comprehensive  model drawing upon several theories, used often for HIV/AIDS prevention programs.
  • 12. That could easily be done by me! 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 12 If its simple and powerful, then it probably took a lot of work to get that way.
  • 13. Work needed to get simple • Research • Analyze • Strategize • Create • Test • Implement • Measure • Repeat 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 13 This is the criterion by which communication must always be judged is  based on research Research is essential ‐ as a reality check to ensure people can put  themselves in the campaign The campaign must hold absolutely inescapable, heart‐touching truths  for the audience 
  • 14. Brands, Ads, Activations & PR • Create a brand do our values match? • Talk about yourself questioned • “Go for a coffee” understood • Others talking about you believed 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 14 Create a brand – do our values match? Talk about yourself – when you talk about yourself you may be questioned…are you true?  do I identify with you? Are you relevant to me? Do I esteem you? “Go for a coffee” – understood – when you activate with someone, you help them  understand you better, tactics include events, trainings, road shows, on‐trade promotions Others talking about you – believed – when others talk about you, don’t forget the power  of PR Media and “direct activation” created relations are vital, they blend  advertising and marketing into real brand experiences Stories and comments about issues explored in advertising makes the  campaign a part of the fabric of society
  • 15. Cases 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 15
  • 16. 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 16
  • 17. Srategy: Serious, but fun • Present dangers simply but impactfully • Set context for wide range of materials 1. Pool – Never take • Unifying campaign your eyes off message & three 2. River – Check it’s OK environment to swim messages 3. Beach – Swim between the flags 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 17 The strategy Nobody wanted to scare people away from the water (any more than the TAC wants to  stop people from enjoying a beer). So the strategy was serious, but fun. The dangers had to be presented very simply, very impactfully and very cohesively across  beaches, rivers and pools. The main media campaign had to set the context for a large range of information material  for many different community groups. The unifying message, Play it safe by the water, launched in 1998 still spearheads the  campaign today. Under that banner three messages were tailored to specific  environments: • Pool – Never take your eyes off • River – Check it’s OK to swim • Beach – Always swim between the flags
  • 18. More than TV • $1.08m equivalent media exposure • Logo • Education Kit • Brochure • Create/Promote Water Safety Week • PR program • Signage • Multi-lingual materials 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 18 There was much, much more to this project than a TV and press campaign. For example Grey’s PR agency was  intimately involved from day one and in the first year we generated media exposure that was equivalent to a  $1.08 million advertising spend. The print component was massive, and included such items as a 251 page Primary School education kit. Here is a list of some of the other communications elements that Grey coordinated and produced: • 36 page colour brochure delivered to all Victorian Households (and produced in an extraordinary four  weeks, go to whoa) • Design of a logo for the campaign, Design of beach safety signage • Creating and promoting a Water Safety Week • Four weekly four page liftouts in the Herald Sun • Media kits, letterheads, releases etc • Airport signage and coordination with tourist organizations • Non‐English print commercials
  • 19. Play it by the numbers • In the first year of the ‘Play it safe’ campaign, in all its manifestations: – A 44% reduction in drownings, overall – 5 beach drowings compared to 20 the previous year – Zero spinal injuries compared to 12 the previous year • 10 years later, campaign is still running 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 19 How it worked Of course there are many other contributing factors, but the first year of the ‘Play it safe’ campaign in all it manifestations resulted in a 44% reduction in drownings. On the beaches  the reduction was even more dramatic – a drop from 20 to 5. And there were zero spinal  injuries compared to 12 the previous year.
  • 20. 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 20 Design advertorial around key message of “Disaster Preparedness saves lives and Europe is  supporting those exposed to risk with financial assistance and expertise” Identify appropriate in‐flight magazines of airlines flying to Southeast Asia and negotiate  advertisement space with them Ensure publication of advertorial
  • 21. Strategy: 1 picture saves 1000 lives • Raise Awareness • Triple audiences – Policy advocates – EU tax payers – Regional population 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 21 To raise awareness of the need for disaster preparedness and Europe’s support to do so  among airlines passengers in Southeast Asia, through advertorials in in‐flight magazines.  As passengers only flick through those magazines the advertorial needs to catch the eye  though its design and photos to attract enough attention to read through a short  explanatory text. 
  • 22. Strategy, Photography, Writing, Design • Consider audience • Develop media plan • Photo art direction • Copy exploration • Testing • Layout • Fact checking • Manage release 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 22
  • 23. 300,000 Circulated 4,000,000 Audience 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 23
  • 24. 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 24
  • 25. Brand Mark • Color Trio • Behavior Sphere • Brand Line 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 25 A bold and memorable Brand Mark Its Colour Trio unifies the campaign across all touch‐points, from activations, to events, to  public relations Its simple, high‐contract graphic elements in the Behavior Suggestion Sphere create a  visual signifier that triggers the target audience’s memory of key messages The campaign Brand Line encircles the behavior suggestion sphere, to reinforce the key  message further amongst target audiences
  • 26. Advertising Behavior Suggestion Spheres suggest connection between healthy family and HWWS Four Junctures Grid visually and verbally reinforces critical HWWS occasions 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 26
  • 27. Our TVC - We looked into Vietnamese cultural traditions and adapted a counting song that mothers sing to their young children. The result: an intimate, touching, and emotionally gripping film causing mass audiences to remember our key messages and act upon them. 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 27
  • 28. Activations • Launch Event • Road Shows • Edu-tainment Events 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 28 Integrated educational entertainment shows introduced a caricature “Mr. Hand” and his  friends who show with theatre the key campaign messages. Grey developed the entire  program, including costumes, scripts, props, stage decorations and program flow. The  shows were designed to be easily transportable and local actors were recruited and  rehearsed and acted in each regional show, ensuring local dialects and intonation were  used in delivery of the program. These tactics “bring the brand to life”, and maximize the  effectiveness amongst the target audience.
  • 29. 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 29 Our wrap‐report explaining the campaign in detail for the WSP to use with stakeholder  reporting. Our program and TVC were selected as a best practice for Handwashing with  Soap iBCC programs and distributed globally via the program organizer’s headquarters in  Washington D.C.
  • 30. About Leonito / Grey Our Currency is Ideas™ 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 30
  • 31. Global Reach • Local Touch 461 offices, 148 cities, 96 countries Asia Pacific Australia New Zealand Bangladesh Pakistan China Philippines Hong Kong Singapore Americas India Sri Lanka Argentina Indonesia Taiwan Brazil Japan Thailand Canada Korea Cambodia Chile Malaysia Vietnam Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Europe Honduras Middle East Jamaica Mexico Europe, Middle East & Africa Africa Austria Nicaragua Belgium Panama Belarus Peru Botswana Romania Puerto Rico Bulgaria Russia Trinidad & Tobago Croatia Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia United States Cyprus Kenya Uruguay Slovak Republic Czech Republic Latvia Venezuela Slovenia Denmark Lebanon Egypt South Africa Lithuania Estonia Luxembourg Spain Finland Macedonia Sweden France Moldova Switzerland Germany Morocco Turkey Ghana Netherlands Ukraine Greece Nigeria United Arab Emirates Hungary Norway United Kingdom (incl Ireland) Israel Poland Uzbekistan Italy Portugal Zimbabwe 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 31
  • 32. Leonito is part of GREY which handles 1/3 of the top 100 global brands 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 32
  • 33. Our Proprietary Study 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 33
  • 34. 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 34
  • 35. Our Focus – Getting Closer to the Peoples of Asia 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 35 Our Eye on Asia study takes a look at what motivates the peoples of Asia as well as what  they want from their lives in the future.  
  • 36. Our Proprietary Study 16 countries across Asia Pacific – Quantitative: over 7,500 adults (20+) – Qualitative: over 300 in-depth, face-to-face ethnographic case studies – Context-supported extensive, in-market secondary research: Eye-on- Vietnam™ 2008 research findings include 24 key “eye-sights” in 3 groups: – Lifestyle – Present & Future Aspirations – Consumerism & Communications 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 36
  • 37. Our Asia Pacific Region 18 countries 30 cities Australia Hong Kong Indonesia New Zealand Sri Lanka Canberra Hong Kong Jakarta Auckland Colombo Melbourne Sydney India Japan Pakistan Taiwan Ahmedabad Tokyo Karachi Taipei Bangladesh Bangalore Dhaka Chennai Kolkatta Korea Philippines Thailand New Delhi Seoul Cebu Bangkok China Mumbai Manila Beijing Guangzhou Malaysia Vietnam Shanghai Cambodia Kuala Lumpur Singapore Hanoi Phnom Penh Penang Singapore Ho Chi Minh City 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 37
  • 38. hanoi ho chi minh city 17 Staff 55 Staff 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 38
  • 39. Our Clients 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 39 39
  • 40. design & identity brand strategy & advertising activation & events direct & interactive public relations horeca & trade marketing HoReCa- Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 40 40
  • 41. Contact us info@leonito.com A partner of GREY group, a WPP Company #10 Ho Ham Long Alley Lane #1 Au Co Street Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam grey.com O +84 (4) 3 719 1459 leonito.com F +84 (4) 3 718 4989 M +84 (0) 907 144 561 aaron.everhart@leonito.com aaron.everhart@grey.com www.leonito.com 2-Dec-08 ©2008 Leonito JSC 41