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CRM assignment
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CRM assignment


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hope this one could help you friends...

hope this one could help you friends...

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Customer RelationManagementSubmitted by,Ponmathi.MBatch M2FIAT TrivandrumSubmitted to,Ms.AnupamaGhildyalCRM Faculty
  • 2. AcknowledgmentI would like to thank my parents andfriends for their support and our facultyMs.Anupama Ghildyal for her friendlyguidance and strong support.I hereby thankGod for giving me this opportunity.
  • 3. IntroductionCRM, or Customer relationship management,is a number of strategies and technologies thatare used to build stronger relationships betweencompanies and their customers.
  • 4. CustomerA person or organization that buys goods orservices from a store or other business.
  • 5. Customer ServiceIt is a help or servicewhich is provided tocustomers before theybuy products,at thetime of purchase andalso after they boughtthe product.
  • 6. External CustomerWhoever going to anorganisation or a shop topurchase for their needs iscalled an externalcustomer.
  • 7. Internal CustomerWhoever works in the organisation are calledinternal customers.
  • 8. As a part of my project,I went toSpencers...
  • 9. From my project, Most of the externalcustomers to spencersare, Ladies, especially thosewho work around Students from the nearbyschools and institutes Most of the internalcustomers are, Most of the staff stay ina nearby hostel They are so helpful to eachother They have good inter-
  • 10. Basic needs of a CustomerBest service,whichincludes - Friendliness Empathy Knowledge andInformation Alternatives andOptions Fair Treatment Good and long lastingquality
  • 11. From my project,I found some of these friendliness Empathy Options were there butless Good quality Fair treatment
  • 12. My expectations when I went as a customer Customer friendlystaff Safety andsecurity Trusted products Ready response Good serviceoverall More options
  • 13. My needs were satisfied but I am not delighted The staffs were so friendly butthey were not sounderstanding. There were some items aboutwhich they couldnt give usdetailed information. Place was Safe but not so tidy. They dont help us until we askfor them. Thus some of my expectationsremained expectations.
  • 14. Three Phases Expectation When customers come toa shop or anorganisation,they mighthave expectation. Satisfaction This is the stage whencustomers meet theirexpectations. Delight When the customers get morethan what they expected,thenits known as delight.This iswhat every organisationshould aim. During my visit I am justsatisfied.
  • 15. Customer Perception is ServiceEvaluation Reliability Responsiveness Competence Access Courtesy Communication Security Understaning Tangible Credibility
  • 16. Different customer service skills I foundare... Customer friendliness Resposiveness Communication Empathy Time management Situation Evaluationand Analysis Listening skill Inter personalrelationship
  • 17. My Skills Helping nature Understanding Empathy Fair treatment Patience Acting according tosituation Honesty
  • 18. If I am an employee then, I make sure that I knoweverything about what Iam selling. I will aproach thecustomer before he asksfor help. Give him reliableproducts. I focus and aim forCustomer delight
  • 19. Things I would like to change I would like to give more concentration oncleanliness and hygiene of the place I would like to keep a suggestion box, so thatwe could come to know more about customersdemand. I would put a "display board" which will beeasy for customers to find out where is theproduct they are looking for.
  • 20. ConclusionAfter my CRM class,Icame to know theimportance of CRMand I am sure this willhelp me in future.Ithank our facultyMs.AnupamaGhildyal once againfor her lessons.
  • 21. Bibliography Class notes Frankfinn CRM module