ข้อสอบนายสิบทหารบกปี 2553


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  • ชุด"แนวข้อสอบนายสิบตำรวจ" สายอำนวยการและสนับสนุน(อก.) http://thsob.blogspot.com/2016/04/police-thai.html ติดต่อ... โทร. 062-0622068 Line. 0620622068 ความรู้เกี่ยวกับสำนักงานตำรวจแห่งชาติ แนวข้อสอบเก่าตำรวจสายอำนวยการ ชุดที่ 1 แนวข้อสอบเก่าตำรวจสายอำนวยการ ชุดที่ 2 แนวข้อสอบวิชาภาษาไทย ชุดที่ 1 แนวข้อสอบวิชาภาษาไทย ชุดที่ 2 ความเข้าใจภาษาและการใช้ภาษา แนวข้อสอบวิชาคณิตศาสตร์ ชุดที่ 1 แนวข้อสอบวิชาคณิตศาสตร์ ชุดที่ 2 ความสามารถด้านการคิดคำนวณ แนวข้อสอบวิชาภาษาอังกฤษ การใช้ Reading Comprehension วิธีจำคำศัพท์และการเดาคำศัพท์ภาษาอังกฤษ Vocabulary แนวข้อสอบโครงสร้างประโยค Sentence Structure แนวข้อสอบวิชาภาษาอังกฤษ การใช้ Grammar แนวข้อสอบวิชาภาษาอังกฤษ การใช้ Conversation แนวข้อสอบกฎหมายระเบียบงานสารบรรณ ชุด1 แนวข้อสอบกฎหมายระเบียบงานสารบรรณ ชุด2 แนวข้อสอบ คุณธรรม จริยธรรมและค่านิยม สรุปสาระสำคัญของประชาคมอาเซียน แนวข้อสอบวิชาความรู้ทั่วไป ความสามารถทางด้านเหตุผล แนวข้อสอบความสามารถด้านคอมพิวเตอร์ แนวข้อสอบเทคโนโลยีอินเตอร์เน็ต
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ข้อสอบนายสิบทหารบกปี 2553

  1. 1. G.S.P.)
  2. 2. - Kyoyto Protocol) ,
  3. 3. , , , , “ ” OPEC ASEAN
  4. 4. NATO APEC $
  5. 5. – – – – “ ”
  7. 7. “ ”
  8. 8. Direction: Choose the most appropriate answer. I have some ............ with studying English. a. difficult b. different c. difficulties d. difference e. differ I want to ................ for a job at this company. a. comply b. supply c. apply d. imply e. reply The government stated that there will be no ..................... with the terrorists. a. situation b. reputation c. negotiation d. cooperation e. production
  9. 9. There aren’t any ............... ways of solving this problem. a. possible b. possibly c. possibility d. probability e. probably Mammals survived the meteor disaster through ......... while dinosaur didn’t. a. revolution b. evolution c. conversation d. solution e. institution As long as we try, we will ......... succeed. a. unfortunately b. eventually c unforgivably d. impractically d. presumably Due to global economic crisis, Thai National Bank has to take a/an ............ measure. a. supportive b. protective c. additive d. impressive e. relative Direction: Select the word with the same meaning as the underlined word.
  10. 10. According to the government’s policy, the LPG fuel price will increase by the end of this month. a. drop b. suspend c. rise d. remain e. impend The Chanel purse I bought for your birthday was genuine . a. authentic b. artificial c. plastic d. imitative e. leather The suspect was taken from his house unwillingly. a. o­n purpose b. intentionally c. deliberately d. without consent e. with permission The ancient people used rock and stone as their tools. a. primitive b. modern c. up-to-date d. retro e. contemporary He was embarrassed when she refused to marry him.
  11. 11. a. proud b. disappointed c. upset d. pathetic d. humiliated Venice is famous for its canals and gondolas a. notorious b. disreputable c. ill-famed d. well-known e. unfamiliar Protein is important for our bodies. a. necessary b. excessive c. redundant d. surplus e. immoderate The movie was so frightening that I couldn’t sleep all night. a. mystifying b. exciting c. scary d. romantic e. funny
  12. 12. Direction: Read the dialogue and select the best answer. Katie: What happened to your eyes? Bob: I think I’ve got pink eyes. Katie: Oh, that’s too bad. Why don’t you go to see the doctor. Bob: I wish I could afford to see a doctor. What seems to be the problem with Bob? a. His symptom is getting better. b. He doesn’t have money to see a doctor. c. He’d rather stay at home. d. He falls in love with Katie. e. He doesn’t want Katie to see his eyes. Jason: Excuse me, would you mind if I smoke here? Jane: Of course, this is public area. You should know that. Jason: Come o­n, it’s just o­ne cigarette. Jane: You should learn to respect other people’s right.
  13. 13. Jason: All right, sorry about that. Maybe this isn’t a place for smokers. What do you think Jason is going to do? a. He is going to smoke a cigarette. b. He is going somewhere else. c. He is going to buy a pack of cigarette. d. He is going to quit smoking. e. He is going to ask Jane out. Lucy: Hello, Doctor Smith’s office, may I help you? Dan: Yes, I’d like to make an appointment with Doctor Smith. Lucy: Doctor Smith won’t be available until next week. Dan: Oh, I just want to order some medicine then. Lucy: You need doctor’s prescription to purchase medicine. What does Dan have to do to get his medicine? a. He has to wait for the doctor. b. He has to go to
  14. 14. a drugstore. c. He has to buy medicine with Lucy. d. He has to order his medicine o­n the phone. e. He has to make up a prescription. Direction: Choose the most appropriate answer.
  15. 15. Throughout the ages, birds have been a source of wonder to all who have ......... ( their soaring flight or listened to their sweet song. ........ ( a group, birds are ........ ( they are the o­nly animals covered .......... ( feathers. This evolutionary development .......... ( birds from all other animals. a. verified b. supported c. claimed d. observed e. warned a. Like b. Just c. Still d. Another e. As a. unique b. common c. mundane d. indifferent e. mediocre a. by b. o­n c. with d. as e. into a. has been separated b. separates c. separated c. was separated e. separating It ...... ( that policing in the future will be ....... ( more different than it is today. Advances in technology .........( in
  16. 16. computers, television, and communication will assist the police in solving and preventing crimes. Advances in forensic science .........( evidence more reliable and meaningful. All of these changes will be for the better if they help ....... ( the quality of police service. a. predicted b. has predicted c. is predicted d. was predicting e. would predict a. any b. some c. such d. much e. so a. particularly b. placidly c. roughly d. widely e. profoundly a. had to make b. would be made c. has made d. is to make e. should make a. improving b. be improved c. to improve d. have improved e. to be improved Direction: Look at the table and select the best anwser.
  17. 17. When does the match between Bolton and Chelsea occurs? a. Saturday December, p.m. b. Thursday December, a quarter to eighth c. Saturday December, p.m. d. Sunday December, p.m. e. None of the above. How do we get a ticket for Fulham v.s. Man City match? a. Order it o­n line. b. Buy it at Craven Cottage. c. Ask for further information at Craven Cottage. d. Buy it at Old Trafford. e. Either A or B. Which stadium holds a match that we can’t get a ticket? a. Volkswagen Arena b. St. James’ Park c. Kingston Communications Stadium d. Old Trafford e. Both C and D.
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