Zilgalvis, Peteris - Sustainability Through Innovative. Partnerships: Global Perspectives

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Track 4: Sostenibilidad de los sistemas sanitarios …

Track 4: Sostenibilidad de los sistemas sanitarios
4.1. La ruta europea para la sostenibilidad en sanidad

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  • 1. Sustainability Through Innovative Partnerships - Global Perspectives Track 4: Sustainability of Health Systems Pēteris Zilgalvis, J.D, Head of Unit, DG INFSO 24 May, 2012
  • 2. EC instruments to make eHealth reality! Mix of policy and research activities: 1. Research instrument  Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7)  Personal Health Systems, Patient Safety, Virtual Physiological Human (~100M€/year) 2. Policy activities  Communications/Recommendations/Directives  eHealth Ministerial Conference / eHealth Week  Stakeholders Group / Task Force  Studies 3. Support implementation and deployment  Competitiveness Innovation Programme (CIP ICT PSP): Large Scale Pilots on Interoperability and Telemedicine + Thematic Networks
  • 3. Digital Agenda for Europe:Sustainable economic and social benefits for all from a flourishing digital economy
  • 4. eHealth in the DAESustainable healthcare and ICT-basedsupport for dignified and independent living
  • 5. eHealth actions in DAEKA 13 Undertake pilot actions to equip Europeans with secure online access to their medical health data by 2015 and to achieve by 2020 widespread deployment of telemedicine services; EMPOWERMENT
  • 6. eHealth actions in DAEKA14 Propose a recommendation defining a minimum common set of patient data for interoperability of patient records […] by 2012CONTINUITY OF CARE + INTEROPERABILITY + Foster EU-wide standards, interoperability testing and certification of eHealth systems by 2015 through stakeholder dialogue
  • 7. European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy AgeingObjectives and headline targetA triple win for Europe:• Enabling EU citizens to lead healthy, active and independent lives until old age• Improving the sustainability and efficiency of social and health care systems• Developing and deploying innovative solutions, thus fostering competitiveness and market growthOverarching goal by 2020:• Increasing the number of healthy life years (HLYs) by 2 in the EU on average • http://ec.europa.eu/active-healthy-ageing
  • 8. By 20156 action areas:• Health literacy, patient empowerment, ethics and adherence• Early diagnosis and prevention of specific conditions• Prevention diagnosis and management of functional decline in older people• Integrated care for chronic diseases, including remote monitoring• Active and independent living• Age friendly buildings, cities and environments
  • 9. Overview of timelines• EC Communication on the SIP of the EIP on AHA – February 2012• Invitations for Commitment of stakeholders at all levels launched - February 2012• Creation of Action groups for each action ready to be launched - Feb/Jun 2012• Increasing awareness of the EIP (seminars, workshops & media) – Communication, advocacy and interaction• Monitoring the implementation of the actions – 2012 onwards• Assessment of the results of the actions – 2012 onwards• Re-opening of invitation for Commitments – 2012 onwards
  • 10. EU-US Memorandum of Understanding on eHealthSigned: 17/12/2010 by EC / US Dept Health and Human Services• Cooperation surrounding health related information and communications technologiesFocus:• key areas where scope for progress for the benefits of patients, healthcare systems and the economy• interoperability standards and specifications for EHR systems as well as the development of a skilled health IT workforce• important step to tackling market defragmentation by creating global conditions for common approaches to interoperability and standardisation
  • 11. Coming Up• SWP on legal aspects related to telemedicine • Provide clarity on « grey areas »• eHealth Action Plan• Taking on board feedback from consultation• Taking into consideration developments in related to eHealth• Areas to examine include:  Evidence and awareness  Interoperability/standardisation/market  Regulatory/Organisational issues  Innovation in eHealth
  • 12. Coming UpBenchmarking studies (Spring 2013):• European Hospital Survey – eHealth deployment composite indicator: follow up to the 2010 study. will facilitate monitoring levels and impact of eHealth deployment in Europe.• Study on the deployment of eHealth applications among General Practitioners (GPs). Follow up to 2009 study.
  • 13. LINKS EIP http://ec.europa.eu/research/innovation- union/index_en.cfm?section=active-healthy- ageing&pg=implementation-plan Digital Agenda for Europe http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda Follow our eHealth activitieshttp://ec.europa.eu/information_society/ehealth twitter.com/ehealthinfso facebook.com/ehealthinfso youtube.com/user/ehealthinfso