Pareras, Lluis - Implementing Innovation Culture in Hospitals


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Track 1: Conocimiento clínico y gestión de la innovación: de la idea al mercado
1.1. El proceso de la innovación

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Pareras, Lluis - Implementing Innovation Culture in Hospitals

  1. 1. HEALTHCAREThe process of innovation
  2. 2. IDEA OPPORTUNITY VALUE VC Start-up DISPOSITIU EN DELTA UTD Psiqu Online IRC CITOGYN Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Medical Dra. Xxxxx Xxxx – Unitats Sr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Eina Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Institut de Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Medical Device cirurgia ortopèdica de tractament integral formació col·lectius Rehabilitació Cerebral device citologia cervix dermatològic PIGPAP SINCRON O+MUCORTODONT Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Software Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Sr. Xxxxx Xxxx – NEWEYESDra. Xxxxx Xxxx – Medial gestió consultes WDMP Errores pharma Avisador presa fàrmacs Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx –device protector de mucosa Sra. Xxxxx Xxxx – Tractament de lapels ortodoncistes SOFT GEST CAPS Monitorització a distancia presbícia amb làser Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx patologies cròniques Homeovision Stop PEE-PEE NEUROSCIENCE Dra. Xxxxx Xxxx Odonto movil Dr. xxxxxx – Medical Device TECHNOLOGIES Dra. xxxxx – Modelo incontinencia urinaria Medical G. Xxxxx– Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Suport a la negocio servicioGALENIA Dispositiu Control indústria en investigacióDra. Xxxxx Xxxx – Portal Diabetics bàsicainformació sanitària AMB-PAT Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx TM Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Sistemes telemedicina DAG Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Clíniques ERA BIOTECH Atenció Primària col·lectiu SEPARADOR URO Reactivos diag Sr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Enabling Alemania Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx Dra. xxxxx – Medical Device technology biotech producció tubos analisis automático CANULA TUMOR proteica facilitada microorganismos Dr. xxxxxxxxxxxx – CITOGYN Medical Device cirugía Sr. Xxxxx Xxxx NUCLEOTIDE PDU – Medical Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Uso Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – IMPO literature en DIGMO nucleotidos en leches y Unitats de Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – IT castellà Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Medical nutricion en general diagnòstic informació mèdica SALTBAG device medició estrabisme incontinència personal online VISUAL COR Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Wi-G Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Software Dispensador de sal per Dra. Xxxxx Xxxx – TI RFID de gestió en cardiologia malalts amb HTA VACCSAC Sr. Xxxxx ESTETODONTO MULTIFEV Geriat Instituto columna Xxxx – Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Dr. Xxxxx Xxxx – Dra. Xxxxx Xxxx – Centres Dr. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx – Control Eco vascular Estetica en DIagnost neumo Geriàtrics Modelo negocio servicios congressos odonto
  3. 3. 10 things you need to know to innovatein the healthcare sector
  4. 4. #0How much isan idea worth?
  5. 5. #1Where do ideascome from?
  6. 6. Sector: Medical Devices The problem: % of women participating in cervix cancer screenings is low.Auto-test screenerA start-up has recently designed a “simple to use”, safe andefficient medical device allowing women to “auto-perform” acervix cancer screening at home, without the inconveniencesof the classical gynecological exploration.
  7. 7. Sector: Life Sciences The problem: Producing proteins is an expensive and time consuming activity.Enabling TechnologyA start-up has designed “storage organelles”, a “disruptive”technology allowing to produce and purify proteins in a moreefficient way. Their new technology has enabled theproduction of difficult-to-express proteins with (1) significantcost reductions and (2) increased efficiency, selling thetechnology to pharma and biotech companies.
  8. 8. Sector: Services The problem: “Baby boomers” have no time to go to the doctor for minor conditions.Retail healthcareA start-up developed a new “medical clinic” concept, a smallspace offering medical attention for minor conditions in mallsand other high traffic areas at a low cost (50$ average visit)and with no waiting time. The first clinic started 5 years ago.Today there are more than 700 clinics in the US.
  9. 9. Sector: IT The problem: Chronic conditions require multiple visits (most of them unnecessary) making patients lives very uncomfortable.Wireless disease managementSeveral initiatives are offering a very convenient medical control ofchronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, etc., allowingpatients to reduce significantly the number of visits to their GPs. Controlis provided through bluetooth devices that monitor different conditionsand transmit medical data through regular mobile phones.
  10. 10. #2It is important to knowthe healthcare sector• Healthcare value chain is the instrument to know allstakeholders•It is essential as well to know the 4 areas of healthcareinnovation, they usually interact.
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  12. 12. Consumer, prescriber and payerThree different stakeholders, each one of them worried by differentissues Consumer Prescriber Payer
  13. 13. The healthcare sector:opportunitiesHealthcare idea value chain evolving
  14. 14. A heavily regulated marketplaceIn the last years, healthcare has witnessed the emergenceof an increasing regulatory environment throughout theworld. This environment has an impact on how productsand services are tested on patients, and how they getapproved.
  15. 15. Healthcare Sector Active, more mobile Qualitative than previous technological generations breakthroughs More Trends efficient channels Elderly people on the riseBig compaies want Consolidation Large amountto buy innovation, as something of clinicalR+D is becoming good for needsR+A start-ups underserved Opportunities in all 4 sectors
  16. 16. Supply and demand•If a product is more expensive, its demandfalls (?)•Weird effect on healthcare
  17. 17. TARGET•Medical Devices •Life Sciences •IT •Services
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  23. 23. #3Imagine the story ofa healthcare ideaWhat? How? Who?
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  25. 25. #4Is it an opportunity?Good idea = OpportunityWe need to learn to recognise an opportunity from a goodidea.
  26. 26. The perfect initiative Strong IP / BE Large Sustainable market business model Perfect Qualified team Great product Smooth path to market
  27. 27. #5IntelectualProtection
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  29. 29. #6Choosing a future
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  31. 31. #7Team
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  33. 33. #8Raising capital
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  35. 35. #9Valuation
  36. 36. - 41 -
  37. 37. #10Deal structure
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  39. 39. DEAL STRUCTURE PROTECTION AGREEMENTS CONVERSIONS ANALYSIS •Non-disclosure •Price conversion •Exit impact •Non-compete •Future price conversion •Relationship impact •Interest payments •Downside protection COMMON SHARES •Upside protection •Tag-along right WARRANTIES •Entrepreneur protection •Pre-emptive right •Warranties and •Worst case scenarios representations •Registration rights •Notes and suggestions •Anti-dilution •Entrepreneur compensation PREFERRED SHARES limits •Royalty rights •Special voting or consent •Dividend rights rights •Registration rights •Warrants •Board rights •Follow-on financings •Information rights •Right of first refusal •Liquidation rights •Conversion rights •Redemption rights
  40. 40. Encourage All levels, MDs, entrepreneurial Identify Incentivate Calculate healthcare culture opportunities dialog and operative impact professionals risks and € All sectors, life Technology sciences, transfer medical devices, CULTURE services Training DETECTION Define processGenerate “rules INTRAPREof the game” NEURSHIP Implementation Generate and follow-up INNOVATION spin-offs Benchmark EXECUTION Clinician buy-in innovative practices BENCH outside MARKING Generate portfolio projectsAdapt external ECOSISTEMideas Best practices Use same criteria as venture capital to Promote follow execution generated VC, technology innovation transfer, government, Attract new value hospitals, universities, generators research institutes…
  41. 41. LIFE SCIENCES INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM IESE, Hospitals HSJD ESADE, UPC M.D.s UAB, UB, XPCAT UG, Salle EADA Research •H Sant Pau •H. Vall d´Hebron Institutes •H Badalona IESE •IMIM / H.del Mar •Parc recerca Business biomed •IDIBAPS / H. Clínic schools •etc… •IDIBELL/ H Bellvitge ESADE BMA Incubation Biofocus start-upsAltaPartnersInnova 31 Gilde Venture capital FundSofinnova Business Gov managers Riva y angels Highgrowth Garcia Bioregion GFCRs BANCATLa Caixa CR Corsabe Keiretsu Forum CIDEM
  42. 42. Thank Luis Pareras, M.D.