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Foursquare: alcuni motivi di dubbio sul futuro, di un indubitabile caso di successo
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Foursquare: alcuni motivi di dubbio sul futuro, di un indubitabile caso di successo


la mia presentazione alla Prima Conferenza Dei Sindaci su Foursquare. Non interpretate male, a me piace Foursquare!

la mia presentazione alla Prima Conferenza Dei Sindaci su Foursquare. Non interpretate male, a me piace Foursquare!

Published in Technology
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  • Ottimo Gianluca, come sempre pungente!
    Il 4° motivo mi piace molto... :)
    Se ti può essere utile recentemente ho analizzato alcuni casi di successo di 4sq:
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  • 1. Qualche motivo per dubitare di Foursquare.(Ovvero ogni sindaco ha i suoi consiglieri di opposizione rompico****ni)gianlucadiegoliwww.minimarketing.itmozione di minoranza perla prima conferenza dei sindaci di 4sqbologna 17.7.10
  • 2. 14° motivo
    Brightkite, Latitude, Dopplr, Tripit…
    Se fossi in Foursquare sarei superstizioso.
  • 3. Quello che succede in Foursquare rimane (quasi tutto) in Foursquare. No API, no Google.
    13° motivo
  • 4. 12° motivo
    Quanti siamo veramente?2 milioni : 500 milioni = x : 16 milioni
    In Italia 60.000?
  • 5. 11° motivo
    […] on places that have tons of tips it’s hard to find the ones that really are going to make your experience magical.
  • 6. 10° motivo
    […] lots of locations don’t have any tips, even ones that have Foursquare users checking in.
  • 7. 9° motivo
    Perdeilconfronto con Around Me in utilità e usabilitàimmediata.
  • 8. 8° motivo
    Il sindaco, in un sistemademocratico, dovrebbeessereilpiùvotato, non ilpiùpresente
  • 9. 7° motivo
    I mieiamicisonodegliincompetentinellamaggior parte deilocali (statisticamente).
  • 10. 6° motivo
    Il check-in è la recensionedellagentepigra.
  • 11. 5° motivo
    Funzionabene, ilgioco. Ma solo finchèsiamopochi e non cisonotroppisoldi in ballo.
  • 12. 4° motivo
    4sq sarà assediato. Yelp, specialisti in recensioni, Google Maps, Twitter/Facebook, Tripadvisor…
  • 13. 3° motivo
    I sindaci devono essere “pagati” dai gestori? Quanto vale un sindaco “incentivato”?
  • 14. 2° motivo
    E perché i gestori dovrebbero pagare i sindaci se poi gli utenti non si fidano di loro?
  • 15. 1° motivo
    Dov’è l’ascolto e la conversazione?
    Sarà tutto Badge e Coupon, il futuro, il social object?
  • 16. IMHO
    4sq è un’idea dal futuro, ma non l’appdel futuro.
    (sia messo ai voti)
  • 17. Where would I go if I were Foursquare?
    1. Make the badge system web wide. Not just usable inside Foursquare. Lots of other companies are looking for a game to include in their apps. Open that up and make the badge system a platform. That’s probably why Facebook was so interested in it. Facebook needs more things to go web wide than just its like buttons (speaking of which, click like on my blog, please, see the bar below).2. Add more utility around the tips. Finding the utility there is a bit difficult, and there isn’t enough of a game around adding them in, so lots of locations don’t have any tips, even ones that have Foursquare users checking in. And on places that have tons of tips it’s hard to find the ones that really are going to make your experience magical.3. I’d buy some other companies, like Foodspotting, or Fiddme, and start hooking them together with Foursquare to make the utility better and more defendable against Yelp and, eventually, Google and Facebook, when they start getting a clue about location. I tried to set that up when I interviewed both Foursquare’s CEO and Foodspotting’s CEO together.4. Buy a loyalty-card system, like CardStar. They claim not to be interested in selling, but there’s a HUGE amount of value in there. I’m using CardStar now to check in at Safeway with my Safeway card. Imagine if those two systems were joined?5. Get Plancast and to share their data via APIs and build in new location features into them. Why can’t my calendar, on, check me into Foursquare automatically when it knows I’ve arrived someplace?6. Add a “check out” feature. Why? Because that way I’ll know my friends are no longer at that coffee shop down the street so I shouldn’t try to meet them. How long you linger in one place says a lot about you, too. For instance, I hate shopping so I’ll only spend four minutes inside the Gap, if I go at all. But there are many people who will linger there for hours. If you are another clothing store, which customer is more valuable to you to get to come to visit your store? Me or that other customer?7. Let us add a lot more data about the location we’re in. For instance, can eBay add inventory into that location? Can I post pictures or videos? Can you link to a wikipedia entry? Etc etc.8. Extend the malleable social graph (that’s one thing Yelp hasn’t copied yet and won’t be able to easily). What is that? Foursquare is the only system that shows you users who are near you. That’s a malleable social graph. It shows you only a part of the social graph depending on a non-related variable (in this case location). Now, why can’t I have Foursquare only display people who’ve been to four Austin city BBQs? Or only show me the people who’ve been to five Sonoma wineries? Or, even better, show me only the people who’ve been to Sonoma wineries AND Austin. Yelp won’t be able to do that, and won’t see the value in doing that, but there’s DEEP value in that for getting rid of noise. After all, why am I taking sushi recommendations from people who don’t know anything about sushi and haven’t had enough experience with enough places to rate a sushi place?
  • 18. Ripeto: c'è qualcosa che non mi convince in questo ragionamento. Se da un lato Virgin o McDonalds mi possono offrire sconti, gelati, ecc perché io li taggo molto, ai miei amici potrebbe non fregargliene più di tanto e, al contrario, risultare fastidioso leggere duecento checkin identici della stessa persona. Per la serie "ok, me l'hai già detto che in quella gelateria fanno il gelato più buono della zona, non c'è bisogno che mi stressi all'infinito" - Roberto.aka.senzaADSL
  • 19. Foursquare ( se non lo ammazza prima Facebook) diventerà famoso quanto Facebook. Pure con FB c'erano gli scettici e poi è finita come è finita. (Twitter invece non va da nessuna parte IMHO) Se Foursquare lo adottano MacDonalds, Auchan, etc. con sconti vari e simil carta fedeltà diventa inarrestabile. Pochi vogliono fare i sindaci, tutti vogliono uno sconto o un gelato gratis. Inoltre funziona anche come Tripadvisor e se venisse integrato da Google... Virgin palestre ha già cominciato qui da noi - roldano
  • 20. L'utilizzo di 4sq è a mio parere dettato da due buone ragioni: 1. è divertente (no divertimento no engagement); 2. l'utilità "personale" viene prima delle dinamiche "social" (anche se non mi va di condividere ogni volta la mia posizione posso trovare le informazioni e i tip che mi servono - è lo stesso motivo del successo di delicious). Detto questo, 4sq non potrà sostituire Twitter. - stefanomizzella
  • 21. “Super reviewers” on such sites as Yelp, Amazon and Epinions are increasingly being rewarded for the hundreds of reviews the post - with parties, with elite status, and other incentives such as upgrades or free rooms at hotels. Certainly there are intangible benefits these reviews get from their labors - such as the recognition from readers and pride in their work. 
    efforts by the hotel to pressure a guest to remove a negative review - or reward a guest for a positive one - would be seen as fraudulent by both TripAdvisor and consumers, says April Robb, a spokeswoman for TripAdvisor. (via the Post)
  • 22. Still it is a mistake to pay people to like you online because it minimizes the sought-after influence factor, writes Patricio Robles at eConsultancy. “After all, if everyone knows a particular person was basically given free product with the not-so-subtle expectation that he or she would probably say nice things, any related recommendations made to friends and followers aren’t likely to carry the same weight as recommendations made by real paying customers.”
    The irony, of course, is that as more and more companies buy them, more and more consumers will learn to ignore those voices just as they have learned to ignore traditional paid advertising, she concluded.
  • 23. Cosa fa la ggente?
    - Finding people- Chance meetups- Badges/Points/Gifts- Special offers and coupons- Local tips/discovery- People tracking- Personal history/Diary
  • 24. Dove è l’ascolto in 4sq?
    I sindaci devono essere eletti 
  • 25. Geo social objects?