How the social media is impacting marketing communication and the next marketing wave


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  • Humans are naturally social animals. What was once a private personal browsing experience online is now a social activity that simply dovetails with the social dimensions of a person but without being physically in a social gathering. Every person in the social networking circuit is connected to everyone and everyone to that person - the perfect channel where simple word-of-mouth endorsement of a product or services posted online can become viral, enough to create brand awareness across global markets without ever spending an ad $.
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How the social media is impacting marketing communication and the next marketing wave

  1. 1. BancoSabadell How the social media is impacting marketing communication and the next marketing wave EFMA’s Social Media – Paris Pol Navarro, Head of Channels and Innovation 19th March 2009
  2. 2. ¿Who is Banco Sabadell?
  3. 3. Banco Sabadell. Highlights • Fourth largest banking group in Spain(1) • Focused on commercial banking • Top player in SMEs and affluent(2) clients segment (1) In terms of total assets excluding savings banks. (2) Individuals with annual net income >€60,000.
  4. 4. Banco Sabadell. Milestones 1965 1988 2001 2004 2007-8 1881 1978 1996 2003 2006 Foundation: 127 businessmen and traders to finance the local industry Local Expansion into nearby towns International Expansion: first foreign branch in London Equity management and private banking Solbank BancoHerrero ActivoBank SabadellAtlántico BancoUrquijo
  5. 5. Multibrand, Multichannel …
  6. 6. Environment is changing
  7. 7. Business is harder than ever… • Shorter product lifecycle • Intensified competition • Higher customer acquisition costs
  8. 8. ¿What’s happening? Customers are permanently online • Penetration of mobility (+ 100%) • Growth of digital identity • Mobile, Internet and TV convergence • Phones with more capacities (iPhone)
  9. 9. ¿What’s happening? Total transparency • New ways of communication • Social networking environments • Culture of comparison and collaboration • More pressure in transparence
  10. 10. ¿What’s happening?
  11. 11. ¿What’s happening? Total Customers are + transparency permanently online Word of mouth
  12. 12. ¿What’s happening?
  13. 13. And now what?
  14. 14. Next marketing wave
  15. 15. The end of advertising as we know it
  16. 16. New consumer trends
  17. 17. New advertising trends
  18. 18. Be ready for new consumer attitude • Channel shifting • More impacts > less attention > you need relevant messages • Loyalty = Economy of emotion • Manage your community
  19. 19. Channel shifting More Time Spent Social YouTube and other online Networking Than on Email video sites are stealing viewers (source: Nielsen Online) away from TV in the UK (source: BBC)
  20. 20. More impacts > less attention > you need relevant messages
  21. 21. Loyalty = Economy of emotion
  22. 22. Manage your community “As the Web 2.0 age dawns, banks must wake up to the fact that the successful companies of the future will not have customers, they will have participants, and Chris Skinner that rather than having a business, they will have a community”
  23. 23. The NEW Marketing and Consumer Product Product Price Personalization Place Participation Promotion P2P CONSUMER PROSUMER
  24. 24. Social web is your friend Personalization Experiencies Services Products
  25. 25. Our experience
  26. 26. Our experience 1 Personalization & Participation 2 New formats of communication 3 Community & Conversations 4 Social Media Marketing Strategy
  27. 27. Personalization & Participation Product personalization
  28. 28. Personalization & Participation Instant Card
  29. 29. Personalization & Participation Instant Card
  30. 30. Personalization & Participation Instant Card
  31. 31. Personalization & Participation
  32. 32. Personalization & Participation Digital signage with interaction and online integration
  33. 33. New formats of communication Internet TV platform campaigns
  34. 34. New formats of communication Break the barriers of your content
  35. 35. New formats of communication Mashup with Google calendar
  36. 36. Community & Conversations Launch your community
  37. 37. Community & Conversations Launch your community
  38. 38. Community & Conversations Emotion based communication
  39. 39. Community & Conversations Emotion based communication
  40. 40. Community & Conversations Twitter conversations
  41. 41. Community & Conversations Monitor your brand
  42. 42. Social Media Marketing Strategy Campaigns on social networks
  43. 43. Social Media Marketing Strategy Campaigns on social networks
  44. 44. Social Media Marketing Strategy Social Media ROI Personalization Experiencies Services Products 1% 5% % success 0,5% 10%
  45. 45. Conclusions • Permanent connection combined with total transparency have created a totally different competition • Word of mouth is more relevant A powerful marketing and sales tool • Personalization of products/offers is key to reaching a fragmented market (long tail) • Technology allows better interaction with our customers, to construct relations therefore emotions • Personalization and participation are two of the most powerful tools to create commitment
  46. 46. Thanks! Thanks for your attendance Pol Navarro Gonfaus Head of Channels and Innovation
  47. 47. SabadellAtlántico BancoHerrero Solbank Banco Urquijo ActivoBank