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Ivan Aivazovskiy
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Ivan Aivazovskiy


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  • 1. “ A star of the first magnitude” Ivan Aivazovskiy
  • 2.
    • Ivan Aivazovskiy (1817-1900)
    • The most interesting phenomenon
    • of 19th century art.
    • Born to an Armenian family of a
    • Merchant in Theodosia, Crimea.
    • Spent childhood in poverty.
    • Graduated from the St. Petersburg
    • Academy of Arts.
    • International fame at the age of 25.
    • World’s recognition and glory as a
    • representative of Russian art.
  • 3.
    • Through the creative work
    • the artist
    • revealed his inner self,
    • his patriotism, ideals of
    • humanism, and the love of
    • freedom.
    • Armenian culture and national
    • temperament gave Aivazovskiy's
    • creativity its unique quality.
    • The master left a legacy of
    • about 6000 canvases.
  • 4.
    • The Subject-matters
    • absorbtion with the sea
    • devotion to the severe but picturesque landscapes of Crimea, the Caucasus, Armenia and Georgia
    • (Lake Sevan and Mount Ararat)
    • battles at sea, based on the heroic past of the Russian fleet.
    • special sympathy for the Greeks in their struggle for liberation
    • themes from the bible and from ancient Armenian history
  • 5. Lifelong passion for the sea Aivazovskiy's name is intricately bound with the sea. Yet as a young boy Aivazovskiy knew the sea, loved it passionately and knew the secrets of its movements. Rather than merely "reproduce" the marine element, Aivazovskiy tells us its fables thus making a symbolic statement.
  • 6.
    • Style and Technique
    • phenomenal memory power
    • a romantic at heart
    • successful combination of accurate topographical information with a poetic mood
    • the emphasis on the light as an eternal symbol for life, hope and faith
    • The Artist's expressive language was in complete harmony with the techniques that he used:
    • individual method of depicting the motion of the sea – from memory, without preliminary sketches
    • steady and painstaking work on the paintings
  • 7.
    • William Turner’s evaluation of works of art by Ivan Aivazovskiy
    • The Russian artist acquired deep appreciation from J.W.M. Turner, a prominent English landscape and marine painter.
    • J.W.M. Turner about Ivan Aivazovskiy:
    • unusual trueness of nature which amazed his contemporaries when they looked at his pictures
    • ability to convey the effect of moving water and of reflected sun- and moonlight
    • accurate, but at the same time highly-charged and dramatic depiction of the sea.
  • 8. The Tenth Wave 1850
  • 9.
    • Description of one of the best and most famous pieces of art by Ivan Aivazovsky
    • The subject-matter: a group of shipwrecked survivors is about to be engulfed by an enormous wave.
    • The merciless pounding of the elements is conveyed with great mastery.
    • The restless movement of clouds and sprays of foam strengthen the impression of a raging hurricane.
    • Aivazovsky’s characters clinging to a broken mast are living individuals struggling for life.
    • The colour scheme of the canvas is very bright and varied, the prevailing tones are red and greenish.
    • The sun that has just risen piercing with its rays the watery chaos serves as a symbol of hope increasing just a little the people’s chance of survival.
  • 10. My impression of the masterpiece The painting delights the eye by its richness of colours and spontaneous lyric charm. The essential tragedy of the picture is outweighed by the vividness of the impression it produces on the beholder: the spectator understands the horror of the storm but his feelings are won over by its gorgeous beauty! It is an exquisite study of ever-changing marine element. The artist managed to render brilliantly the weight, volume and mass of the waves and to depict the sea storm with great dramatic force and empathy. This piece of art undoubtedly stands alone in the master’s work and ranks among the world’s finest creations. It is once seen and never forgotten!
  • 11.
    • In this your picture
    • I see the moon, all gold and silver.
    • Reflected in the sea below...
    • And on the surface of the sea
    • There plays a breeze which leaves a trail
    • Of trembling ripples, like a shower
    • Of fiery sparks or else the gleaming headdress
    • Of a mighty king!
    • Forgive me if I err, great artist,
    • Your picture has entranced me so,
    • Reality and art are one,
    • And I am all amazement.
    • So noble, powerful is the art
    • That only genius could inspire!
    • William Turner