PracticeWEB Website Development Workshop
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PracticeWEB Website Development Workshop






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  • Group discussion:IntroductionsWhoWhereWhatWhat is happeningWhat do you want from today

PracticeWEB Website Development Workshop Presentation Transcript

  • 1. PracticeWEB – DevelopmentWorkshop
    With James Scanlan and Paul Morris
  • 2. Agenda
    10:00 Registration/Introductions/Agenda
    10:30 Websites for success
    11.30 Coffee
    11:45 Understanding your Landscape
    12:45 Marketing your practice
    1:15 Lunch
    2:00 Marketing your practice continued
    3:00 Search marketing & social media
    3.45 Recap
    4.00 Close
  • 3. Websites for success
  • 4. Value – How do you define?
  • 5. PracticeWEB methodology (Best Practice)
    Website has to be aligned to the objectives of your business…
    Focus - Location
    - Services
    - Sectors
    - People / Staff / Personality
    - Clients
    - Design / Marketing
    Signposting – the content and functionality that will help achieve
    the objectives of the business / website
  • 6. PracticeWEB methodology (Best Practice)
    This page is where you’re website sells your service.
    To increase likely hood of contact keep visitor on-site
    and interested through relevant content at the right time
    Triangle Usability Theory
    Landscape now includes a
    content recommendation
    engine as standard
  • 7. Understanding your Landscape
  • 8. Best practice content
    …and what’s it for?
    - Business News
    - Guides and Calculators
    Designed to be a resource for both clients and staff and
    to demonstrate the depth and breadth of expertise and
    client service.
    Used intelligently it can lead or support your marketing
    and / or communication efforts.
  • 9. Best practice content cont…
    - Updated daily
    - Written by our in-house professional journalists
    - Forms the basis of the weekly business update sent to all subscribers
    - Weekly or monthly, different design and content
    - Sent on Thursday, best day for recipients to read
    - Landscape software allows you to track opens and click-throughs
  • 10. Best practice content cont…
    Guides and Calculators
    - Updated throughout the year by our industry experts such as Mark Lloydbottom and Rebecca Bennyworth
    - 3 core sections
    - Business
    - Personal
    - Tax
    - 15% “rear facing” or compliance based
    - 85% forward facing, designed to educate and inform and setup robust sales proposition
  • 11. Budget report
    A key time of year to be proactive with your message
    out to clients and prospects
    - Written by a special team who start as soon as the Chancellor sits
    - Live Twitter resource during the speech
    - First draft of the report is usually live that afternoon, with refinements happening over the next few days
    - Budget email sent that evening to all subscribers, to be in their Inbox by the morning
  • 12. Financial planning guide
    - An area of the content which explicitly tells visitors what your firm can do for them
    - Great content that can be used to generate interest in your advisory services
    - Guides include:
    - Tax planning
    - Exit planning
    - Business planning
    - Wealth planning
    - Retirement planning
  • 13. How to use the content
    - Create an email using part of the content with a link back to the full guide
    - Send to all clients and / or prospects or use the “user sets” function to create a targeted group
    - Use the Mailshot Analytics to track opens and click-throughs
    - Follow the activity up by phone using internal staff or an external agency
  • 14. How to use the content cont…
    Social Media
    - Create a summary of an area in your own words or copy and paste ours
    - Create a post on your blog, forum, Facebook or linkedIn page
    - Ensure you include a link back to the original article or guide
    - Create a Tweet and send to followers, include a link shortened using Tiny URL (or other)
  • 15. How to use the content cont…
    - Copy into a branded Word or PDF template
    - Distribute to clients and prospects
    - Use as part of a new client welcome pack
    - Take to events as a piece of take-home collateral
    Press Release
    - Summarise the guide to the main points and how your firm is expertly positioned to help in this area
    - Distribute to newspapers, trade publications and online PR websites
  • 16. Marketing your practice
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19. Marketing your practice – Website integration
    • How can you use your website to integrate with your current marketing?
    • 20. Budget reports
    • 21. Newsletters
    • 22. PR
    • 23. Christmas
    • 24. Blogs
    • 25. Social Media
    • 26. Direct Marketing
    • 27. Telemarketing
    • 28. Professional Fee Insurance
    • 29. Client communications
    • 30. SEO
  • Search marketing and social media
    Search marketing and social media
  • 31. Search marketing and social media
  • 32. What is Search Engine Optimisation?
    • Active Practice of improving quality & volume of traffic from search engines
    • 33. Making content & structure more relevant for key search engine terms
  • What is the potential?
    • Add credibility to a website due to the editorial nature of search engine results
    • 34. Reduce non-relevant visits
    • 35. Create a measurable campaign
  • What can’t SEO guarantee?
    • That your website will rank at the top for every search engine, for every search phrase
    • 36. Knock competitors sites off SERPs
    • 37. Results if implemented as a one-off project
  • How Search Engines Work
    • Crawling, Indexing, Search Queries, Ranking
    • 38. Complex software using algorithms to identify & collect information from web pages
    • 39. Users query an index not the live internet
    • 40. Results returned by matching search query
    • 41. The most relevant pages sit at the top
  • Getting to the top of Google?
    • Relevance
    • 42. Popularity
  • Steps to success
    Marketing your Practice
    • Step 1: Business objectives & Search Goals
    • 43. Step 2: Keyword research
    • 44. Step 3: Benchmarking
    • 45. Step 4: On page optimisation
    • 46. Step 5: Link Building
    • 47. Ongoing: Reporting
  • What you need to be successful
    • Plan for 12 months, set realistic expectations
    • 48. Plan when & how you will review progress
    • 49. Ensure that tasks are journalled
    • 50. Create actionable items for the coming months
    • 51. Assign responsibility for different reporting areas
    • 52. Internal responsibility with no external help needs at least 4 hours per week dedicated
  • Recap
  • 53. What we have covered
    • Websites for success
    • 54. Understanding your Landscape
    • 55. Marketing your practice
    • 56. Search marketing & social media
  • What are your actions from today?