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An update on Google tools for reference librarians for the CT Library Consortium Reference Roundtable. Wed Nov 4, 2009

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  • Lots more limiters on the sidebar than there used to be.
  • I use this a lot to get just the most recent info on a topic or to search for a specific time period.
  • Displays results that refer to dates along a timeline. Pulls from web pages, google books, articles and more.
  • Related searches to help focus search Or use Wonder Wheel to visualize
  • Do a search Select options on sidebar Wonder Wheel view Helps focus topics.
  • After focusing the topic Selected images to see what mealy bugs look like. Yuck!
  • Handy if you want to look at only new stuff Or stuff that you remember looking at before.
  • For a topic like this, great to get advice from forums.
  • Handy when looking for reviews And the opposite – more shopping sites when looking for prices
  • May not see this yet. Partnering with music sites: like iLike, Pandora, Rhapsody, etc. Search on lyrics, etc.
  • Through my google profile and social networks, it knows who I’m connected with. Spooky.
  • Through my google profile and social networks, it knows who I’m connected with. Spooky.
  • Just changing how many results are displayed makes it easier to go beyond the first 10!
  • Always good to check the advanced search page to see what might be new there!
  • While we’re on the topic of being organized…. Lets look at google’s calendars.
  • Select the sites you want to search Add them to the custom search and create your own search box You can put it on another web page Or add it to your iGoogle
  • Select the sites you want to search Add them to the custom search and create your own search box You can put it on another web page Or add it to your iGoogle
  • Select the sites you want to search Add them to the custom search and create your own search box You can put it on another web page
  • Options sidebar for Images search Note: still have to go to ADVANCED SEARCH to limit to images that can be reused.
  • This search is still in Google Labs Search for an image, look for SIMILAR IMAGES link below thumbnail Linked from main page of Google Images search
  • Starts in May 2007
  • Top trends of the day Change date
  • Unemployment and population data – get to this by searching for: Unemployment rate Population Source: Census and BLSS
  • Interesting aggregation of data Pulls in data about anything in a ‘category’ Arthritis drugs Planets African Countries Etc. NOT to be trusted totally But a place to start Add columns, add your own data. Export
  • Full text search – download as pdf, read online, etc. Keyword searches can return far more than you want. Eg; stapler gets patents that talk about using a stapler… Can search by US patent classification codes to do a precise search
  • Articles and citations from scholarly publishers, preprints, publication databases and more Links to full text articles where possible Connect to your local academic library through the Scholar Preferences screen.
  • Search options
  • Results – Green triangle indicates a free online version of the article Cited by…. Related articles. Web search Import into EndNote Check library holdings BL direct – british library - purchase on the spot – electronic download All versions.
  • Full text
  • Results – Green triangle indicates a free online version of the article Cited by…. Related articles. Web search Import into EndNote Check library holdings BL direct – british library - purchase on the spot – electronic download All versions.
  • Add your local academic libraries Select a bibliography manager to export citations to
  • Add a google scholar search box to your own web pages
  • Books & magazines Great for searching for the odd quote here and there Preview pages to see if you need to get the whole book Older books out of copyright in full text MAGAZINES – odd collection of magazines – no list of titles as far as I can see.
  • Search for “to be or not to be”
  • Advanced search keyword, full view, limit by date
  • Results – Click on title to view the full text and get lists of related books. click on add to my shared library
  • Overview: Related Books References from other titles Common words and phrases in a tag cloud Related books
  • Some full texts have these options: -- PDF – downloads the full book!!!! -- link back to the book -- CLIP – select it to highlight a passage to create a TRANSLATION, IMAGE or embeddable image.
  • Code to embed a book on a web, wiki, blog page.
  • Book embedded on a blog page.
  • Start to create your own lists
  • Tag your books with labels Write reviews Add notes
  • Search within my own collection – leave label:”deserts” in search box add and drought – takes you right to the page. You could collect a bunch of full text ecology/environment books as a starting place for students doing research on those topics. Show them how to search within them. Could also add links to the books in your collections. OR create a list of books you have in your collection, full view or otherwise. Handy way to showcase what you have and help them into the book collection.
  • Share your collection – send url
  • Basic News search focused on last 30 days. 25,000 constantly updating news sources Archived News Search Recently announced that in the past year the # of digitized articles has quadrupled. And they’re including more sources and further back in time. (source:
  • Standard news page with major topic categories on left.
  • If you’re logged in to your own account, you can Select PERSONALIZED NEWS Customize your google news page Standard sections – like world, etc Local by zip code Recommended – picks stories you might like Custom – enter your own search terms
  • For language students and patrons from other countries, get news in other languages For all patrons, these pages give view of news from other points of view
  • Story page is nicely organized. Timeline, images, videos, quotes, blogs, local news etc.
  • Do a custom search News IMAGE VERSION – pulls out the images from the stories. . Same stories, just a different view.
  • Archives link to older news It can also be accessed from the advanced search screen. Back to 1700’s. Quadrupled the # of digitized stories over the last year.
  • Halifax Nova scotia Gazette from 1753
  • More things you can do with a news search. Do a NEWS SEARCH and get updates to that search by EMAIL
  • Get news Alerts by EMAIL
  • OR BY RSS Great for kids tracking topics.
  • Google News Timeline In Google labs still
  • Added news quotes to this display News quotes Time magazine covers Searched for obama Note the shift between 2003 and 2004 – obama quotes start in march 2004
  • River pollution By decade 1880s
  • And MOVIES! 
  • Go to Click on My Maps Create a new Map Title and Description Choice of public or private Ability to import kmz, kml or georss data Or url from special mapping sites. Options to invite collaborators and give them editing rights.
  • Once your map is open and you’re in EDIT mode , do a search to find spots to mark on the map. Also saves all your locations as a file that you can open in Google Earth for more detailed views. Exports as .kml file.
  • Lets you add placemarks, add notes and links. Click on the blue placemark to get a selection of symbols
  • Layers with photos. Export a map from Google Maps as .kml file and open in Google earth to get tons more info! Not sure I’m going to hike this!
  • Exported this map to Google Maps EG: hiking trails. on a few extra layers in Google earth I found some hiking trail info.
  • Layers of information about global events, links to information, pictures, video, etc. Darfur Information on destroyed and damaged villages Links to information from various agencies working and monitoring the region. Stories of real people Zoom in and see the outlines of destroyed villages.
  • Timeline feature – some areas of the maps have historical photos. This is Lake Chad in Cameroon. Showing the encroaching desert.
  • Back to something lighter, I used the Ruler Path to measure the distance I walked one day.
  • Google Ocean – lots of ocean info and geography of the ocean.
  • Can’t forget about the sky and mars
  • Impact crater on mars
  • Also has a great option for creating a survey form. The data from the survey gets stored in a spreadsheet. The form has a public URL you can send out to anyone. Handy!
  • And of course the a regular spreadsheet has all the options for doing calculations.
  • Create your own group to focus on a book discussion, plan an event, share ideas, etc. Free and easy way to communicate
  • Google Reference Update

    1. 1. Google Tools for Reference CT Library Council Reference Roundtable November 4, 2009 Polly-Alida Farrington
    2. 2. Set up a Google Account!
    3. 3. Search Tips
    4. 4. Search Options Sidebar * Timeline option is missing this week!
    5. 5. Limit by date
    6. 6. Timeline
    7. 7. Related Searches
    8. 8. Wonder Wheel
    9. 9. Images from Pages
    10. 10. Visited & Not Visited
    11. 11. Forums
    12. 12. Books
    13. 13. Books
    14. 14. Find it in a Library
    15. 15. Fewer Shopping Sites
    16. 16. More Text
    17. 17. Music Search
    18. 18. Social Search (Google Labs)
    19. 19. Social Search (Google Labs)
    20. 20. Twitter Search Results - Firefox Greasemonkey Addon
    21. 21. Google Cloudlet – FF addon
    22. 22. Settings, Advanced, Countries
    23. 23. Don’t forget SETTINGS
    24. 24. Language Tools Linked from main search page
    25. 25. eg: Aboriginal Apology
    26. 26. Advanced Search Options
    27. 27. Advanced Search Options
    28. 28. Google Custom Search
    29. 29. Google Custom Search
    30. 30. Google Custom Search
    31. 31. Google Custom Search
    32. 32. Images
    33. 33. Line drawing
    34. 34. Multiple Options
    35. 35. Search Options - Images
    36. 36. Usage Rights
    37. 37. Faces – Man in the Moon 
    38. 38. Similar Images – Google Labs
    39. 39. Life Magazine Photos
    40. 40. Numbers & Data
    41. 41. A simple calculation.…
    42. 42. A bit more complex
    43. 43. Hubble Constant! “ It puts complicated calculations within reach of every student, and moves the focus from units to scientific reasoning.” ( Kristen Larson - Western Washington University)
    44. 44. Flu Trends
    45. 45. Google Trends
    46. 46. Hot Trends
    47. 47. Public Data
    48. 48. Google Squared
    49. 49. Fusion Tables (Google Labs)
    50. 50. Fusion Tables (Google Labs)
    51. 51. Google Finance
    52. 52. Stocks, Mutual Funds
    53. 53. Stock Screenr
    54. 54. Search Trends – Luxury Goods
    55. 55. Google Patents
    56. 56. Lobster Trap - 1886
    57. 57. Advanced Search
    58. 58. Google Scholar
    59. 65. https://
    60. 66. Google Books
    61. 67. Search for text
    62. 68. Answers to Questions
    63. 73. Full Text Options
    64. 74. Embeddable Books
    65. 75. Embedded Book
    66. 76. Add to Your Library
    67. 77. Add Tags, Notes, Reviews
    68. 78. Search Within YOUR Library
    69. 79. Share your collection
    70. 80. Google News
    71. 85. Quotes
    72. 86. Search within Quotes Set
    73. 87. Image View
    74. 88. Easy limits by date
    75. 89. News Archives - Timeline
    76. 90. Really Old News!
    77. 91. News Updates
    78. 93. Updates via RSS
    79. 94. Google News Timeline
    80. 99. Maps
    81. 100. Restaurants – Ratings & Cuisine
    82. 101. Real Estate – 4 sale, rent, foreclosure
    83. 102. Traffic
    84. 103. Explore
    85. 104. Terrain
    86. 105. Augmented Reality A new way to interact with surroundings http:// /
    87. 106. Creating Custom Maps
    88. 111. Export to Google Earth
    89. 112. Explore Related Info - Google Earth
    90. 113. Google Earth
    91. 114. World Events
    92. 115. Photos and Background Info
    93. 116. Lake Chad - Then
    94. 117. Lake Chad - Now
    95. 118. Historic Map Overlays
    96. 119. Measure Distances
    97. 120. Explore the Oceans
    98. 121. And the Sky
    99. 122. And Mars
    100. 123. Productivity Tools
    101. 124. Google 411
    102. 125. Google Docs - Survey Form
    103. 126. Feedback Form Results
    104. 127. Google Groups
    105. 128. Questions? Ideas? Share!
    106. 129. Thank you!