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Pre test unit plan
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Pre test unit plan


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  • 1. Pre-test Salts, Acids, Bases, and NeutralizationName: Date:Year and Section: Score:I. Multiple ChoiceInstructions: Analyze the following statements below. Determine what is being asked for in the followingstatements. Write your answers on the blanks provided before each number. Write your answers inCAPITAL ANSWERS. 1. These are substances having the H+ ion component. a. Acids c. Salts b. Bases d. Indicators 2. What ion do BASES have? a. H- c. OH- b. H+ d. OH+ 3. The following reactions are examples of a Neutralization reaction except: a. NaOH + HCL NaCl + H2O c. NaCl + H2SO4  HCL + Na2SO4 b. NH4OH + HNO3 HOH + NH4NO3 d. F- + NaCl  NaF + Cl- 4. What are the main products of a Neutralization reaction? a. Water and Neutral Salt c. Neutral Salt and Vapor b. Salt and Water d. Salt and Vapor 5. Which of the following is an Acid? a. CH3COOH c. HOCH3 b. HOH d. H2COCH2 6. Which of the following is a Salt? a. MgOH c. NaHO b. FeCl d. NH4OH 7. Which of the following is a base? a. Fe(HO)3 c. OHH b. NaCl d. C2OH3OH 8. Indicators are used to determine the alkalinity or acidity of a substance. The statement is: a. False c. Undetermined b. True d. None of the Above 9. A pH above 7 is considered is considered_________. a. Acidic c. Alkaline b. Neutral d. None of the Above 10. What is the pH of distilled water? a. 7.3 c. 7.2 b. 7 d. 7.1 11. What is the compound if it turns Blue litmus paper into red? a. Base c. Solution b. Salt d. Acid 12. A substance turned the color methyl red into pink. What is the compound? a. Base c. Solution b. Salt d. Acid
  • 2. 13. What is the name of the compound having the formula HNO2 a. Nitric Acid c. Hydronitric Acid b. Nitrous Acid d. Hydronitrous Acid 14. What is the chemical formula for the base Mercuric Hydroxide? a. Hg(OH)2 c. Hg(OH)3 b. HgOH d. Hg(OH)1 15. The name of the imaginary acid HKO is most probably a. Hyporous Acid c. Rouric Acid b. Rous Acid d. Perrouric Acid 16. Perchloric acids have the chemical formula of: a. HCLO2 c. HCLO3 b. HCLO d. HCLO4 17. The compound NH3 is considered as a/an ____________. a. Salt c. Base b. Acid d. Neutral Salt 18. What is the chemical name for the base having the formula of OH? a. Ammonium Hydroxide c. Ammonium Hydroxyl b. Ammonia Hydroxide d. Ammonia Hydroxyl 19. The imaginary base XOH has the name ___________. a. Xorium Hydroxide c. Xorium Hydroxyde b. Xorium Hydroxyl d. Xorium Hydroxyline 20. The compound H2S is a/an _________. a. Salt c. Base b. Acid d. Neutral SaltII. Reaction AnalysisInstructions: The following reactions below are Neutralization reactions. These are accompanied bydifferent instructions. Follow the instructions that are accompanied by the reactions. Read and followthe instructions carefully.1. Identify the proton donor, proton acceptor and the theory in the given reaction. HCL + H2O  H3O+ + Cl- What is the proton donor? What is the proton acceptor? What theory is showed in the reaction?2. What indicates that KOH is a base? KOH  K+ + OH- What is the base indicator?3. What are the products of the following reactants? NaOH + HNO3  _____ + _____ The products in chemical formula are .4. Give the reactants of the following products _____ + _____  SO4- + H+
  • 3. The reactants of the products are .5. What is the Lewis acid and base of the chemical reaction? AlCl3 + Cl-  AlCl4- The Lewis acid is_____________. The Lewis base is_____________.III. Problem SolvingInstructions: Analyze the problems given below. Solve what is being asked for in the following problems.Show your given, required, and complete solution. Enclose your final answer in a box.1. A solution has a H3O+ concentration equal to 5.5 x 10-8 M. What is the pH of the solution?2. Find the pH and pOH of a .001 M HCL solution3. What is the ionization reaction of the following acids and bases? a. Ca(OH)2 b. H2CO3 c. HCO3- d. H2O