Gingie's Adventures in Asia
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Gingie's Adventures in Asia






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Gingie's Adventures in Asia Gingie's Adventures in Asia Presentation Transcript

  • Gingie’sAdventures in Asia
    Disclaimer: No Gingerbread men were hurt, harmed or injured in anyway during the production of this photo album. When necessary, special effects and stunt cookie doubles were used.
  • I flew from El Paso, Texas, USA to Bangkok, Thailand
    It was a really long trip
  • The red dot shows where Bangkok is located.
    The Ortega family lives there.
  • I stayed with the Ortega Family.
    Here is a picture I took of them.
  • Here I am with Bandido Ortega
    You can tell that Bandi and I were the best of friends!
  • On my first day…I enjoyed the warm weather! Because Bangkok is located close to the equator the weather is nice and warm all year round!
  • Ahh…How nice!
    Gee…is it really snowing in El Paso???!!!
  • Uh-Oh…Too much sun…I was really burnt!
  • To help me feel better, Mrs. Ortega took me to see the doctor…
  • Can you find me hiding from the doctor?
  • I am still hiding! I’m a book mark this time!
  • Here is one of my first friends…James
  • We went to the US Embassy
  • We bought fruit from the fruit vendors…
  • Here I am eating some street food…
  • This is a spirit house. Most buildings in Bangkok have a smaller house like this where the spirits live.
  • Here is a familiar face doing the Thai Wai. In Thailand this is the polite way to greet others.
  • Oh…Look…A friend!
  • We visited a Thai temple or Wat
  • Here is the reclining Buddha…
  • He is enormous! Most Thais are Buddhists.
  • The Chao Phraya river is a major way of transportation in Thailand and Bangkok. We took a ferry across.
  • Can you find me?
  • Mrs. Ortega is holding me in front of some Thai script. Any idea what it says?
  • After a busy day in Bangkok. I spent the next day with Emma and her friend Mimi. Here I am with Mimi.
  • They let me climb the tropical vegetation! And I became Gingie The Jungle Guy.
  • A few days later we flew to Macau and then took the speed boat to Hong Kong. These areas are now part of China.
  • Here I am in Macau. Macau was settled by the Portuguese so many of the buildings were built by them.
  • The Portuguese brought the Catholic religion with them to Macau.
  • Since Macau is Chinese there is lots of Chinese culture. Here is a typical Chinese dragon.
  • We visited the ruins of an old church…
  • Here it is!
  • Here I am with Salvador, Dr. Ortega and Mrs. Ortega… Emma was taking the picture.
  • We walked up to Monte Fort
  • Oh No!!!
  • Here I am with Emma!
  • Emma and I again!
  • Do you see me?
  • I am at the Macau Museum crawling on some historic Chinese statues. (I don’t think I’m really suppose to be doing this! Hee-Hee)
  • Here are very early Macau people…
  • Here is the arrival of the Portuguese…
  • Oh no, not again!!!
  • As part of tradition and religion in Macau, people burn incense.
  • Here is an old mailbox. In Macau things are often written in both Portuguese and Chinese.
  • Here is a typical old style house.
  • Another friend…
  • Typical cricket fight…
  • Writing…
  • Here is a view of Macau!
  • Oh-No…I feel like I’m falling!
  • Here we are on the boat to Hong Kong!
  • The seas were a little rough…I’m not feeling so good…
  • Uh Oh!
  • The next day…Ahh…A nice cup of Chinese tea with my Dim Sum breakfast!
  • On the bus…
  • The Giant Buddha (the Tian Tan Buddha) at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau island near Hong Kong. Look at all of the stairs I had to climb!
  • Here I am at the top!
  • Hi Zophie!
  • Here we are at the temple!
  • Oh No!!!!
  • Back to downtown Hong Kong, we took the cable cars!
  • Wheee…
  • Back in the city…at the walk way of Hong Kong stars (like the one in Hollywood)
  • The Hong Kong Victoria Harbor lights at night!
  • What a super trip!