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Rome, From Village To Empire
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Rome, From Village To Empire

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A view on how Rome became a great power in the Mediterranean Sea

A view on how Rome became a great power in the Mediterranean Sea

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  • 1. Rome: From Village to Empire
  • 2. c. 750 BCE: Latins (tribe) settle what becomes Rome
    Accordingtomyth, Romulus and Remusfounded Rome
  • 3. Let’s Talk Topography and Geography
    Rome is west of Apennines Mts: more fertile land & river access
  • 6. See Rome Expand!
  • 7. The early Romans were mostly…
  • 8. GOVERNMENT AND Social Structure in the Republic
    2 Consuls
    (Rulers of Rome)
    (Representative body for patricians)
    Tribal Assembly
    (Representative body for plebeians)
    • Patricians: wealthy landowners and office-holders
    • 9. Plebeians: farmers, artisans, traders…could vote but not hold political office
    • 10. Slaves: mostly prisoners of war… not citizens… They had no rights
  • RomanReligion
    • Polytheistic: belief in more than one god
    • 11. Absorbed gods of others…including the Greeks
    • 12. Lots of public festivals
  • Roman Women
    • Educated just like boys
    • 13. Could NOT vote, but could testify in court
    • 14. Gained property rights
    • 15. More influence in family than Greek women
  • Gradually, the Romans began to expand their control…
  • 16. …until they had conquered the entire Italian peninsula plus the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily
  • 17. As they expanded their control…
    …the Romans built an excellent network of roads
  • 18. Here’s how they built them:
  • 19. Their road system is one of the Romans’ greatest achievements
    Why do you think they built them?
  • 20. Right!
    The Roman Road System
    • Allowed easy military transport
    • 21. Enabled trade and commerce
    • 22. Helped unify expanding Roman territories
  • Back to Roman expansion…who do you think would be a likely rival for control of the Mediterranean Sea?
  • 23. Right again!
  • 24. Between 264-146 BCE the Romans fought three wars with Carthage, known as the Punic Wars.
  • 25. Rome won… and went on to conquer the rest of the Mediterranean world.
  • 26.
  • 27.
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32. The period 27 BCE-180 AD (the last two maps) is known as the:
  • 33. During this period:
    • Romans thought they were the entire civilized world
    • 34. Rome enjoyed military dominance
    • 35. The population of the city of Rome reached 1 million
    • 36. Trade increased, bringing a wealth of resources into Rome
    • 37. The arts flourished