Class planning April 18


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Class planning April 18

  1. 1. CLASS PLAN Z: April 18, 2012Teacher’s name: Polet Méndez Level: NB3Unit 3: I’m not twelve.Previous knowledge required:Keywords: I’m from, She/He is from, cool, great. OBJECTIVES CONTENTSConceptual: Conceptual: • Acquire vocabulary and structures • Vocabulary related to introduce related to introduce someone and someone and asking someone’s asking someone’s age. age. • Structure: Use of verb “to be”Procedural: (singular and plural, affirmative and • To write a descriptive text related to negative). Subject pronouns. describe a friend. • Phonetic: Pronunciation of short forms. (I’m, She’s, He’s, They’re,Attitude: We’re) • To value cooperative work and to respect each other. Procedural: • Developing reading comprehension. • Developing written skills. Attitude: • Cooperative work. ACTIVITIES ASSESSMENTCecilia Schuster Muñoz - Profesora de Inglés PUC. -
  2. 2. STUDENTS TEACHER Type of assessment (process/formative –Warm up: Warm up: product/summative): • Students play • Teacher plays “Hangman” in “Hangman” in order • Both process and product. order to spell the the students can numbers in spell the numbers Assessment activity: English and in English and nationalities. nationalities. • Creation of e-mail.Pre: Pre: Assessment tool: • Students comment • Teacher elicits about the game comments about • Textbook and notebooks. they have just the game. played. • Teacher asks the • They work in page students to work in 18. They work in page 18. exercise 8, 9, 10 • Teacher asks the and 11. They students to work in listen and repeat page 24 using the sentences. affirmative and • They work in page negative forms of 24 in exercise 1 be, and telling the using affirmative time. and negative forms of be, and telling the time. While:While: • Teacher asks the • Students work in students to work in page 19 and read page 19. the e-mail in • She helps students exercise 12. to recognize the • Students answer purpose of the text. exercise 13 • Teacher monitors according to the the extraction of reading. the general and • They highlight the specific information words they don’t of the text. know. • Teacher monitors • They recognize the developing of the purpose of the the comprehension text. activities. • They extract the general and specific information of the text. • Students answer exercise 13 according to the reading. • They work in exercise 14 writing the short forms. Post: (Verb “to be”) • Teacher describes a friend tellingPost: his/her age and • They write an e- nationality. mail to a friend • Teacher asks to using the e-mail in the students to exercise 12 in write an e-mailCecilia Schuster Muñoz - Profesora de Inglés PUC. -
  3. 3. Resources: • Human resources: Students and teacher. • Material resources: Makers, whiteboard, radio, class audio Cd, textbook and dictionaries.Cecilia Schuster Muñoz - Profesora de Inglés PUC. -