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Presenting Madness
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Presenting Madness



presentation tips from someone who sucks at presenting.

presentation tips from someone who sucks at presenting.



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  • Attention span is about 5-10 min for a given topicYou are competing against facebook
  • They are annoying as hell
  • Think about all the questions that might come up, and have content ready for them
  • Creates strain as the eye traverses across a line of text and has to adjust to different contrasts
  • Avoid stock templates, clipartRedundancy is boringUse art which matches the style of the slides
  • They can break up the flowPeople want you to get to the point!
  • Practice over. And over. And over. And over… And over.
  • Get there earlyAcclimate to the environment (which will make you more comfortable)Get familiar with all the video/audio hook upsMingle with the audience
  • "Avoid eye charts" is almost cliché (but they still do it!)Fonts may be too small for larger roomsLaser pointers might not be visible
  • Let people know who you areEstablish the right amount of credibility (why should people listen to you)Under sell, over perform
  • Talk about something related.Type your thoughts in the notes field first.
  • People have been remembering stories for centuriesImages can help solidify the story
  • Use pre-recorded videosVideo editing lets you skip past the slow parts (such as typing)Videos are a great time for water breaksFailed demos can kill your presentation
  • Monotone speech is good for sleeping (or hypnotizing)Excitement = interest
  • Stay in front of the podiumEngage!Don't put your hands in your pocketsSet a laptop in the front row with the presentation so you don't have to turn around
  • Talk at their levelUse analogiesCreate a relationshipHelp them understandAnchor them down (with stories!)
  • Humor is essential, but obvious jokes have the opposite effectJokes should be in passing/side comments
  • Don’t talk too fast, but keep a good paceTry to calm downExercise before hand to remove some excess energy

Presenting Madness Presenting Madness Presentation Transcript

  • Presenting Madness
    miscellaneous tips from someone
    who sucks at presenting
  • Creation
  • DO
    group your topics
  • DON'T
    play sound effects
  • DO
    prepare auxiliary slides
  • DON'T
    use horizontal gradients
  • DO
    be original
  • DON'T
    use agenda slides
  • Preparation
  • DO
    memorize your presentation
  • DON'T
    arrive late
  • DO
    test at 100 feet
  • Presentation
  • DO
    introduce and set expectations
  • DON'T
    read the slides
  • DO
    tell stories
  • DON'T
    perform manual demos
  • DO
    show energy and passion
  • DON'T
  • DO
    relate to the audience
  • DON'T
    force jokes
  • DO
    maintain a rhythm
  • If you've slept through everything else, remember these…
  • memorize
    tell stories