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  • 1. Undercover Copper PR Campaign
  • 2. Situation Using secret cameras, experienced  policewoman, Nina Hobson, spent four months as an undercover police officer to conduct a revelatory investigation at a police department in England. Through her behind-the-scenes access to officers, she was able to gather a secretly-filmed footage revealing a disturbing lack of respect and care for the public and incidences of corruption and neglected duties. The situation has caused a stronger public distrust in the police department. http://www.moviesfoundonline.com/undercover_copper.htm
  • 3. Objectives Generate positive attitudes toward  the police department Reduce/fix negative attitudes  toward the police department
  • 4. Target Audience England’s citizens and general  public This will probably mostly consist of  adults in their thirties and older This will most likely include many  worried parents
  • 5. Strategies Use an apologetic approach to  console the public Show improvements in the police  department Help out the community 
  • 6. Tactics Make a public apology via video and news releases, adding also to  YouTube.com and other places where Nina Hobson’s video is viewed This releases will reveal the following: that the department has disciplines/condoned negligent officers in the  video that the department fire/hire staff where needed  that the department has begun a close-watch program over staff by  deputy sheriff and high officials within the police department that the department has introduced a strict ratio rule where more  officers must be on the streets or working than staying back at the police department the department is engaging in a strict behavior control system  Show examples of how many people the department has helped (such  as rape victims) Other tactics would be to design community and school events where  officers talk to kids and local families concerning violence awareness The department can make charity donations to local hospitals and  schools
  • 7. Calendar While some of the actions can take place  immediately, the PR campaign will take about four to six months to carry out in its entirety The behavior rules can probably be  initiated immediately Getting more cops on the streets can  happen almost immediately as well The apology releases will probably take a  month or two to complete The planned community events might  take up to four to six months to organize
  • 8. Budget $225,000: $200,000 to place public  apologies and press releases, $10,000 to local charities, $10,000 planning local events, $5,000 in research/evaluation
  • 9. Evaluation Interview public  Benchmark surveys before and after  the PR Campaign Have an 800 number to call for  complaints/comments or more information
  • 10. Additional Issues Source credibility: As a pr representative for the police department, I am  part of the police force and therefore, people don’t trust me. To gain trust, I can show that things are not just being covered up and apologized for, but that the police department is actually seeking change and improvements through the pr campaign. There are visual changes like putting more cops on the streets that people can see for themselves and this is something people won’t have to trust is happening behind the scenes- they actually see the plan unravel for themselves. Cognitive dissonance: Many people in the community already think cops  are dishonest and violent. However, with this campaign, we are showing them that we are cracking down. They will have the opportunity to actually see more officers on the streets and officers at community events and schools. This may make them rethink their previous thoughts about the police department. The flow of opinion: Normally, there is a large, close knit immigrant  community in the town that does not watch television or read the English newspapers. These people will be reached through the community/school outreach programs that my campaign is comprised of. Suggestions for action: Most people in the community ignore pr  campaigns because they feel that they (the people themselves) can do little to change anything.) However, with community and school events concerning violence awareness, it is something that all parents will want to be part of for their children’s sake. Also, a lot of this action can be masked as fun if it is aimed at families or in schools where parents see their kids are learning and officers can really be caring and perform their duties to society.