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Internet Fundraising (International FR Festival, Prague)
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Internet Fundraising (International FR Festival, Prague)


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Published in: Travel, Technology

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  • 1. International Fundraising Festival Prague - April / 2013INTERNET AND NEW MEDIAFUNDR@ISING
  • 2. What we do?OUR MISSION:To promote philanthropy as way of life.WHAT WE ACTUALLY DO?Trough our own activities, services, andprograms we strengthen nongovernmentalnonprofit organizations and their positionwithin society.WE PROVIDE:  Grants (mainly trough our partners parters)  Services (for NGOs and business)  Know-how
  • 3. What I do? I’m fundraiser with practical experience fromSK, CZ, HU, PL and New Zealand.I believe that:  NGOs should run they fundraising programs in-house,  fundraising does not have to be expensive,  nothing is ipossible,  the world is changing and NGOs can benefit from it.I do fundraising consultancy and I
  • 5. DARUJME is online service for NGOs allowing them to create they own fully customable (!) donation pages. DARUJME includes back- end, online database and powerful statistical tools. It is used by NGOs such Greenpeace, Blind Union, Amnesty International, Transparency International and many others. We were inspired by our partners from And we did the same but bit better :-p
  • 6. Why online fundraising?It’s relatively cheap and it can be very effective.It’s trendy.It’s easy to play with (test).It’s social and interactive.It’s personal.It’ allowes to address different target groups than offline FR.You can receive one off or recurring donations! (monthly).Allows you to create multichannel FR strategies which leads tohigher donations and retention)And the most important: it works! 
  • 7. Yes, you can even finance your NGO trough online fundraising!
  • 8. Example: The Czech online population 6 mil. users 8/20124 mil. users mobile inte Grow of th 1/2007 rnet e Source: NetMonitor (08/2012)
  • 9. Where do they connect? Gender 47,9% 52,1% 13,7% 15,6% 36,8% 39,4% 9,8% 3,2% Education Level Primary 18,6% Age Secondary lover 39,0% 22,5% 21,3% 18,5% 16,1% Secondary upper 25,2% 10,8% 6,4% 4,4% University 17,3%10-14 15-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Source: NetMonitor (08/2012)
  • 10. And they do pay online!
  • 11. Numbes speaks…10 000 000 9 000 000 8 000 000 8,6 mil. 7 000 000 6 000 000 5 000 000 4 000 000 3 000 000 2 000 000 1 000 000 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Number of online payments by credit or debit card in milions Source: Sdružení pro bankovní karty (SBK)
  • 12. Interestig fact56% of the Czech internet users arewilling to pay online.69% of Czech mobile internet usersare willing to pay online88% of Czech mobile internet usersowning tablets are willing to payonline Source: IAB Europe and Sdružení pro internetovou reklamu 10/2012
  • 13. The classical e-fundraising model corner stone of your actions harwesting  your campaignemail database email appeals donation•  existing donors (!) •  donation campaign •  third part site•  convert site traffic •  campaignner to donor (portals)  (incentives, petitions, conversion •  integrated donation quiz…) •  incentive for donation Inspired by Engaging Networks page •  social networks (aps) (T-shirt or bicycle•  direct marketing lottery) agencies (???) •  regular giving•  adverts•  donor gets donor•  offline events
  • 14. The activist / donor flow Email Make a donation Take action (Donation page) (Petition page) Share Beautiful and inspirational Make a donation(social network plugins) Thank you page (Donation page)
  • 15. EmailIs the backbone of your digital cmapaign.Personalize it (“Dearest John”).Keep it short.Readable on mobile.2-3 links to donate page are the best.Avoid spam words Track the results (click rate, opening rate…)and conect them with the concrete donor.
  • 16. You can do better than this  Not very elegant… Attachment PDF
  • 17. How do we read emails? webma il desktop mobileSource: UKOM/Nielsen March 2012
  • 18. How to write emailMake it:  personal,  experiential,  exclusive,  shareable,  authentic  urgent.Make ⇢ measure ⇢ learn…
  • 19. Petition page (& data collection)Collect data online and offline(petitions, action alerts, FB apps…)The basic must to have data:•  name & emailGreat to have:•  Demographics data (gender, age, city, title)•  Constituent data (donor, activist, actions taken…)•  Social data (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…)
  • 20. Example what you can do with data If you store your data well, you can use them for donor segmentation and more individual communication… AVAZZ is offering different sums to different donors according data they have (demographic, past donation…???)
  • 21. The donation form / pageTest it!Less is more No exit options please!!!Safe to donate and safe forpersonal data (seal sybol).Offer more ways how todonate (Credit/Debit Cards,Bank Payment Buttons,Online Direct debit forms…).
  • 22. You can do better than this Donation portals can help, but beaware they are not customable and there are many exit links from the form. Go for your own donation page if you can.
  • 23. What about your webpage?Don’t be afraid to ask supporters to donate or fundraise for you.Even on the Home page. DONATE button has to be visible.Make the donation process super-easy!Don’t send donors to third party websites to donate!The FR ask must be built-in to the whole web (end of the blog,event registration…)Thank supporters after donation (use nice picture or video)!Have a strong reason for donors to donate! Why me, why now!Think about mobile and tablet users (no flash, tab design).
  • 24. Consistent communicationUse the same design &messages on:  offline communication  social media (header, avatar…)  email  web  donation page  thank you page  thank you email ⇡ Petition page ⇢ Thank you page combined with donation pagePetition page Greenpeace UK
  • 25. Tool box you need…You need a good online database( or can help).Widgets (for data collections).Your own donation page.API interface (connects everything together).You need to be on social media (Facebook is a must!)but do not relay they easily will bring donors to you.Emailing client (for example MailChimp).
  • 26. Engagement is the key!If you engage peopleon your web they act! engagementThey do what you askthem to do (support prospects € convert to donorpetition, sharethings…) and they they influence other people regular social networks donorDONATE! can help donors became getting more ♥ relationshipSocial media are great advocates data, building buildingfor engagement. offline relationship …
  • 27. Effective story tellingDonating is not rational but emotional process.You have to be able to tell a short story to convincedonors to donate   use blog or magazine-like articles   images (including info-graphics )   video   even games or quiz if you can.People will share good story, image or video.Make the donor a hero.
  • 28. From activist to donorIf you get an activist to support a specific case(eg. online petition) you are on a good way tocovert him to a donor. But:  be consistent with the message!  use the campaign as a hook  do it rather now than later!  same design for the petition page & the donation page  make it super-easy to donate!!!If you don’t get donation, get an advocate (share).
  • 29. Why to connect campaigning & fundraisingYou will have much more committed and engagedsupporter base.You will have closer cooperation between campaigningand fundraising teams – FR is integrated from thebeginning, donors are first to be informed…Easier to manage your supporter data:  everything will be in one place  fewer providers required to process your actions
  • 30. Donating is a form of protest
  • 31. Examples how to personalizeHave a different thank you for single and recurring gifts.Consistent thank you on the web and email.Same/similar design, same words, same pictures, samestory all the way (if they donate to campaign, use thecampaign in thank you too...)Offer other ways to be involved after donating. Donorwill not feel as a cash cow but as a part of your team.
  • 32. MobileDo you know how many people readyour emails or FB posts on mobile phone? I think youshould!Can you estimate the grow in next 12 months?Optimize landing pages for the mobile browser:   email readable on mobile   responsive web design – eg. links to your web posted on FB has to switch to mobile mode if used on mobile (more than 50% of FB users use also or exclusively FB mobile application).Use tab friendly and responsive design on your web fortablets and mobiles.
  • 33. Mobile donationfotomontáž mobile application email mobile web
  • 34. Urgent vs. long term FR campaign 1 800,00 € 200 1 600,00 € 180 1 400,00 € 160 1 200,00 € 140 1 000,00 € 120  800,00 € 100  600,00 € 80  400,00 € 60  200,00 € 40  0,00 € 20 - 200,00 € 0 € 1 200,00 € 35 1 000,00 € 30 25  800,00 € 20  600,00 € 15  400,00 € 10  200,00 € 5  0,00 € 0 € 14-dec. 21-dec. 28-dec. 4-jan. 16-nov. 23-nov. 30-nov. 15-feb. 22-feb. 1-mar. 8-mar. 19-okt. 26-okt. 7-dec. 11-jan. 18-jan. 25-jan. 2-nov. 9-nov. 1-feb. 8-feb.Source:
  • 35. Helping the donor to donateFrom a widget to donation page Only open summs make donors think too much about the donation. Tickboxes with sums will make donor understand hu much are you asking.
  • 36. Donate on FacebookNot outstanding results, but good to have…
  • 37. Inspirations all around us A guy programing web-browsers addons is asking for donation too
  • 38. And don’t forget - fundraising is fun!
  • 39. THANK YOU! Igor Polakovič Centrum pre filantropiu ⎪ Center for Philanthropy ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪