Exploring Muscles


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This is an interactive powerpoint presentation that helps students explore different types of muscles and the different muscle tissues found in the body.

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Exploring Muscles

  1. 1. By: Danielle Pokora ED 205 - 02
  2. 2. The Muscular System Main Slide Muscles are classified as either: Click here to learn more facts Voluntary about your muscles! Or Involuntary *click the picture *Click on either type to explore more!* to watch a clip from Bill Nye the Science guy about There are three different types bones and of muscle tissue: muscles* 1. Skeletal Muscle 2. Cardiac Muscle 3. Smooth Muscle Resource Page *Click on each type of muscle to explore more!* Author Page Quit
  3. 3. Some Muscles are Voluntary Voluntary muscles: Muscles that move and work when we want them to Examples: Arm muscles Leg muscles Neck muscles Quit
  4. 4. Some Muscles are Involuntary Involuntary muscles: Muscles that keep working whether we think about them or not Examples: Stomach Lungs Muscles in the heart The Nervous system along with other chemicals in the body controls our involuntary muscles Quit
  5. 5.  Attached to bones by strong fibers called tendons  Muscles work in pairs to move the bones: Example: biceps (relaxes and stretches) and triceps (contract and pull up the elbow)  Muscle is long, round, and cross striped What kind of muscle is this? Voluntary or Involuntary *click on the answer you think is correct!* Quit
  6. 6.  Can be found only in the HEART  Muscle contracts and relaxes about 70 times a minute without stopping or getting tired  Muscle is strained both crossways and longways What kind of muscle is this? Voluntary or Involuntary *click on the answer you think is correct!* Quit
  7. 7.  Found in many different organs throughout the body Examples: esophagus, stomach, and intestines  Muscle is slender and smooth without cross stripes. What kind of muscle is this? Voluntary or Involuntary *click on the answer you think is correct!* Quit
  8. 8. Fun Facts The main purpose of the Muscular System is for all the muscles to work together to create movement! Muscles make up almost 50% of our body weight There are more than 600 muscles in the human body Quit
  9. 9. My name is Danielle Pokora and I am a student at Grand Valley State University. I am in my second year at GVSU and I am studying special education at the elementary level. I am from Comstock Park, Michigan which is near Grand Rapids You can contact me by clicking the picture below and sending me an email! Quit
  10. 10. Pictures From: http://www.hrsrh.on.ca/Portal/images/113/heart-lung1.jpeg http://www.uoguelph.ca/zoology/devobio/miller/013641fig6-19.gif http://www.rogers.k12.ar.us/users/ehutches/muctissues7.jpg http://images.inmagine.com/168nwm/liquidlibrary/lib004/lib004055.jpg Video From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6NQ12uNRLA Information From: ScienceSaurus: A Student Handbook Written by: Great Source Quit
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