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DFW Rocks Social Media Conference Presentation by Steve Kuntz

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Dfwrocks Social Media

  1. 1. 128oz Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino 60 shots Expresso 4,500 milligrams caffeine
  2. 2. Cramping Bloating Heart issues Spike in blood pressure Super-high heart rate At risk for
  3. 3. Maximizing Your Online Productivity bit.ly/dfwrocks
  4. 4. http://www.fastcompany.com/3021510/m ost-productive-people-the-art-of-doing- everything   http://sanebox.com   http://www.rightinbox.com/   http://awayfind.com   http://www.boomeranggmail.com   http://rapportive.com   http://www.mailboxapp.com   http://getpocket.com   https://evernote.com   http://www.instapaper.com   https://www.wunderlist.com   http://tomorrow.do   http://www.any.do http://www.rememberthemilk.com   https://www.rescuetime.com   https://www.toggl.com   http://manictime.com/   http://www.timedoctor.com   https://followerwonk.com   https://mural.ly   http://www.mindmeister.com   http://mind42.com   http://wiggio.com   https://ifttt.com   https://zapier.com   http://www.swayy.com   http://topsy.com/ http://www.scoop.it   http://www.rignite.com   http://www.socialmention.com/ http://commun.it/ http://www.savepublishing.com/ http://traackr.com/ https://wewiredweb.com/ http://www.ibeam.it/ https://cloudwork.com/ http://buzzsumo.com/ http://keyhole.co/ https://tagboard.com/ https://www.hashtracking.com/ http://www.page2rss.com/ https://flipboard.com/ http://www.whatthetrend.com/ https://flipboard.com/ http://www.slideshare.net/ http://www.rankandstyle.com/
  5. 5. Contact me Steve Kuntz Email - skuntz1@mindspring.com Twitter - @pokersteve786 Organizer Dallas SEO/SEM Meetup - bit.ly/seomeetup Board Member DFW Search Engine Marketing Association (DFWSEM.ORG) Zee
  6. 6. “U.S. People working 45 hours a week, 16 hours are considered unproductive”
  7. 7. Pro·duc·tive  “Yielding favorable or useful results”
  8. 8. Growing up
  9. 9. Where we are today
  10. 10. Industry research: DMA 2011 Response Rate Trend
  11. 11. “The average user spends 23 hours a week emailing, texting & using social media & other forms of online communication” eMarketer Report
  12. 12. ”73.6% Of All Statistics Are Made Up”
  13. 13. The Firefighter
  14. 14. The Lone Wolf
  15. 15. The Connector
  16. 16. The Procrastinator
  17. 17. The Mono-Tasker
  18. 18. The Multi-Tasker
  19. 19. The Early Bird
  20. 20. The Night Owl
  21. 21. So which type are you? Firefighter Lonewolf Connector Procrastinator Mono-tasker Multitasker Nightowl Earlybird
  22. 22. Can we learn from Ron Popeil?
  23. 23. Showtime Rotisserie “Set it and forget it!”
  24. 24. Veg-O-Matic “It slices, it dices, and so much more!”
  25. 25. Fashion Blogger’s Typical Day Send/Receives 25-50 emails Performs 10-12 Updates on Social Media Sites Spends 4-5 hours Reviewing Fashion Content Collaborates with Others on New Projects Writes 1-2 Blog Posts
  26. 26. Daily Activities Email Management Prioritizing Work Collaboration Projects Content Curation
  27. 27. E-mail Overload “The average employee wastes the equivalent of 73 days a year on email” McKinsey Global Institute “It takes an average of 64 seconds to recover from an email interruption” Danwood Group
  28. 28. Sane Box
  29. 29. Sane Box Benefits Spend less time in your email Smart algorithm filters Store attachments in the Cloud Connect Social Networks Pricing 14 day free trial, $49 & up for two years Operating Systems ios, Web
  30. 30. Sane Box
  31. 31. Sane Box
  32. 32. Pocket Benefits Time’s best Android App of 2013 Take your content with you Integrated into over 300 applications Optimize content to your taste Pricing Free $0 Operating Systems ios, Android, Web
  33. 33. Pocket
  34. 34. Pocket
  35. 35. Pocket
  36. 36. Flipboard
  37. 37. Rank&Style
  38. 38. Sir Richard Branson
  39. 39. Wunderlist
  40. 40. Wunderlist Benefits Syncing across multiple devices Clean Design Interface Reminders GTD functionality Pricing Wunderlist Free $0, Pro $4.99 month Operating Systems ios, Android, Windows Kindle Web
  41. 41. Wunderlist
  42. 42. Wunderlist
  43. 43. Rescue Time
  44. 44. Rescue Time Benefits Shows how you spend your time on the computer Spot inefficiencies in your day Better self manage your time Productivity reports & alerts Pricing Free $0, Pro $6.00 a month Operating Systems Web
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  46. 46. Rescue Time
  47. 47. Buzzsumo
  48. 48. Buzzsumo Benefits Provides insight to popular content and influencers Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter,Pinterest, Google+ Filter Content Types Export to Excel Pricing Free $0 Operating Systems Web
  49. 49. Mural.ly
  50. 50. Mural.ly Benefits Share visual workspace Chat function for remote collaborators Storyboarding/brainstorming Rich Interface Pricing Free, $9 a month and up Operating Systems Web
  51. 51. Mural.ly
  52. 52. Mural.ly
  53. 53. Mural.ly
  54. 54. Automation
  55. 55. Page2RSS
  56. 56. “It slices, it dices, and so much more!”
  58. 58. IFTTT Benefits Simple to use Automate Tasks, No Code or Scripting Helps Create Citations On-line Framework for Internet Creativity Pricing Free Operating Systems Web
  59. 59. Currently has 82 Channels
  60. 60. Recipe Examples http://www.seerinteractive.com/blog/ifttt-recipes-for- marketers
  61. 61. http://www.slideshare.net/pokersteve786/ebay-meetup-group- dallas-32414
  62. 62. GOOGLE DRIVE
  63. 63. “But wait! There’s more”
  64. 64. Swayy
  65. 65. Swayy Benefits Discover and Curate Online Content Learns related Content Quickly Suggests Mentions & Hashtags Clean Interface / Analytics Pricing Free, $9 a month and up Operating Systems Web
  66. 66. A.J. WOOD “Leverage your strengths, outsource your weaknesses”
  67. 67. The end Steve Kuntz Email - skuntz1@mindspring.com Twitter - @pokersteve786 Organizer Dallas SEO/SEM Meetup - bit.ly/seomeetup Board Member DFW Search Engine Marketing Association (DFWSEM.ORG) Zee
  68. 68. Bonus Material (Code Words for I had too many slides!)
  69. 69. Rignite
  70. 70. Rignite Benefits Use Social Media to Win Customers Improve Responsiveness Boost Engagement Team management of Accounts Pricing Free Trial, $13.50 month, $27 a month Operating Systems Web
  71. 71. Other Solutions Commun.it Save Publishing Traackr RebelMouse
  72. 72. Evernote Instapaper
  73. 73. Toggl Manic Time Time Doctor Pomodoro Technique
  74. 74. Mind42 Wiggio
  75. 75. Scoop.it Social Mention Topsy