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Why the Bing/Yahoo Merger Matters & Holiday PPC Tips
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Why the Bing/Yahoo Merger Matters & Holiday PPC Tips


Published on - This presentation examines the Bing/Yahoo merger, and why it matters from a PPC perspective. It also covers Holiday PPC tips for search engine marketers. - This presentation examines the Bing/Yahoo merger, and why it matters from a PPC perspective. It also covers Holiday PPC tips for search engine marketers.

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Binghoo! & Holiday PPC Tips Ian Mackie – Sr. Client Manager Serge Bondar – Client Manager
  • 2. About Point It Presentation Agenda• Launched in April 2002• PPC & SEO• $50 MM in managed media• 18 team members, 40+ yrs of SEM experience• Servicing clients across all verticals and revenue models
  • 3. BingHoo!Ian Mackie– Client Manager
  • 4. Why The Yahoo/Bing Merge Matters But Is This Really A Good Enough Reason? (And is it really 33.8%?)
  • 5. So Really…Why Does It MatterCreated the secondlargest search engine in theUS 163 million uniquesearchers Over 4 billion searches ~ 27% of U.S. searchqueries on Yahoo! Search,Bing and partner sites
  • 6. Initial ThoughtsThe Merger Myths:• cost per click (CPC) rise• cost per acquistion (CPA) rise• conversion rates fall• click thru rates (CTR) worsenWhat we’re actually seeing:• Traffic spiked, of course• We did see an initial rise in CPC, but… • CPC have begun to fall • CPA have decreased in many instances • CTR has been mixed
  • 7. Setting up AdCenterOnce You Have an AdCenter account: • Home Tab • Distribution Settings • Demographic Targeting
  • 8. The Home TabThe “Home” Tab
  • 9. Distribution Methods If there is one setting you need to pay attention to….this is it break out ALL your campaigns to target Only Bingand Yahoo! Websites and another that targets Only Bing and Yahoo! Syndicated search partners
  • 10. Demographic TargetingTarget by gender and age – Search Campaigns Too! Click thru up Rate 5x
  • 11. How To Read The Numbers Run some reports!
  • 12. Publisher Performance ReportPublisher Performance Report What websites your ads are appearing on
  • 13. Performance by network and domain
  • 14. Overall costs per domain
  • 15. Final ThoughtsSo what do you need to do?Mirror all your campaigns •“Only Bing and Yahoo websites” •“Only Bing and Yahoo syndicated search partners”Adjust bids if necessaryBut most of all…Enjoy the wedding!
  • 16. Ad Extensions Google Adwords
  • 17. Presentation Agenda What are Ad Extensions?• Location Extensions• Phone Extensions• Sitelinks• Product Extensions• Product Listing Ads
  • 18. Presentation AgendaEnable Ad Extensions in AdWords
  • 19. Presentation Agenda Location ExtensionsComputer Mobile
  • 20. Presentation Agenda Location ExtensionsRequirement:• Google Places AccountBenefits:• Easily reach local customers• Attract attention and raise awareness• Promote brand, products and services
  • 21. Presentation Agenda Phone ExtensionsSource: GoogleIntroduction to Mobile Ads
  • 22. Presentation Agenda Phone Extensions
  • 23. Presentation Agenda SitelinksAd Sitelinks is a new feature of AdWords that allows you to attract more usersand move them further down the purchase funnel by providing additional links to content deeper within your sites.Two-line format 30% average increase in clickthrough rate vs. standard text adsOne-line format
  • 24. Presentation AgendaSo Why Sitelinks are Important?
  • 25. Presentation Agenda Increase Conversion RatesSource: SitelinksBest Practices byGoogle
  • 26. Presentation Agenda Brand Messaging Ad Sitelinks can increase your opportunity for brand messaging by leveraging the additional ad real estate to showcase your brand assets.Source: SitelinksBest Practices byGoogle
  • 27. PresentationSitelinks Setting up Agenda
  • 28. Presentation Agenda Sitelinks Best Practices• Keep it short• Strong call to action• Ensure the Sitelinks are valid for all ad groups/keywords• Ensure that the Sitelinks are relevant to the landing page
  • 29. Presentation Agenda Product ExtensionsYou need:• Google Merchant Center Account• Product data feed
  • 30. Presentation AgendaGoogle Merchant Center
  • 31. Presentation AgendaExtensions vs. Listing Ads Product Listing Ads Product Extensions
  • 32. Presentation Agenda Summary• Location Extensions – Reach Locally• Phone Extensions – Click-to-Call• Sitelinks – Increase CTR, Promo Tool, Branding• Product Ads – Display Product Images
  • 33. PresentationA Q & Agenda
  • 34. Presentation Agenda Contact Information• Ian Mackie -• Serge Bondar –