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SMS Text & Mobile Marketing Made Easy


Published on - This presentation covers SMS & text/mobile marketing. You'll learn how to attract new customers, how to keep them, differences between smartphones and non-smartphones, and … - This presentation covers SMS & text/mobile marketing. You'll learn how to attract new customers, how to keep them, differences between smartphones and non-smartphones, and much more.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. SMS Text - Mobile Marketing Made EasyJon Lisbin - Point It Founder and Webinar ModeratorScott Whitmarsh - Director SMS Support September 21st 2011
  • 2. Webinar Information Presentation Agenda•Being Recorded & Will be Uploaded to WebsiteThis is an Interactive Webinar so it is Okay to Ask•Questions During the Presentation
  • 3. About Point It Presentation Agenda• Launched in April 2002• Seattle’s largest independent search marketing firm• SEM – Mobile - Social• $30 MM in managed media/yr• 40+ yrs of SEM experience• Servicing clients across all verticals and revenue models
  • 4. Clients
  • 5. Will Your Business Thrive or Die?● How to attract New Customers● How to create and keep Loyal Customers● 1st Mover Advantage
  • 6. USA Mobile Usage Overview● Mobile Feature Phones vs Smartphones● SMS Text Messaging Usage● Social Network Usage by Mobiles● QR Code Usage
  • 7. Where Smartphones Are Used
  • 8. Smartphone Users are Looking
  • 9. Smartphone Searchers are Buyers
  • 10. What is SMS?● Origin of the Short Message System● The Mistake Becomes a Winner!● Delivery and Message Open Rates
  • 11. SMS Usage Continues to Increase 70% of mobile users sent texts ● 40% used browser or downloaded an app ● 30% accessed a social networking site ● Stats are from comScore as of July 2011
  • 12. QR Code Usage 14.5 Million people scanned QR Codes in the US in June 2011 ● 80% Increase in QR Code scans for the 2nd qtr vs 1st qtr ● We are seeing them in all media
  • 13. How Did You Use a QR Code?● Coupons Deals & Discounts● Enter Sweepstakes● Product Info
  • 14. Designer QR Codes
  • 15. Marketing Channel Unification● Mobile Market● SMS Text● QR Codes● Mobile Coupons● Facebook Integration
  • 16. Mobile Marketing DashboardCreate A Text MessageCreate a MobileCoupon
  • 17. Ability to Create Mobile Coupons ● Eye Catching Mobile Image Coupons ● “Electronic Wallet” ● Track Your Conversions
  • 18. Create Mobile Web Pages/Ads● Reach Your Database with Mobile Pages/Ads● Mobile Virtual● Business Card● Contact Info
  • 19. Mobile Appointment Setter● Appointment Reminders● How to Increase Revenue 10%+
  • 20. Text to Win Sweepstakes ● Run Contests to Build Your Lists ● Platform randomly selects up to 5 Winners for You
  • 21. Daily Deals Audience Survey● Has Your Business or Your Clients Business Offered a Groupon Offer?● Would You or Your Client Use Groupon Again?
  • 22. Daily Deal Site Craze Does Groupon Really Help Businesses? The 800# Gorilla The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
  • 23. How Will You Make Money?● Grouponees Spending Habits● 3 Ways to Make Money with these Deals● Reward Loyal Customers / Break the Cycle
  • 24. How Many Daily Deal Sites?● Seattle 39● Chicago 60● LA 72● New York 78● What is Yipit?
  • 25. SMS List Building Tips & Tricks● What Companies Use SMS Texting● How to build an SMS database list● Will Your Businesses Benefit?
  • 26. Q&A
  • 27. Thank YouScott Whitmarsh - scottw@pointit.comJon Lisbin – Jonl@pointit.comsupport@pointit.comPoint It Search Marketing Agencywww.pointit.comPlease sign up for a free demo accountunder the Mobile/SMS Text Marketing tab