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Enhanced Campaigns - A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Guide
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Enhanced Campaigns - A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Guide


Enhanced campaigns are the biggest change to hit AdWords since its inception, but are you confident your switch will be a positive one? Don’t be burdened by a bevy of bid-multiplier options – join …

Enhanced campaigns are the biggest change to hit AdWords since its inception, but are you confident your switch will be a positive one? Don’t be burdened by a bevy of bid-multiplier options – join our session and you’ll learn how to not only survive, but thrive in the brave new world of enhanced campaigns.

Join Dustin Lewis and William Goldfarb as they reveal the most efficient, effective ways to convert your campaigns of any size from legacy to enhanced including:

• Best practices for moving/merging your existing legacy campaigns
• Using big data to optimize the new hour-of-day and location bid multipliers
• Utilize value parameters to segment out traffic by device
• How to leverage historical data to give your enhanced campaigns a boost
• Combining intent (keyword) + context (time/location) to deliver the best experience to your user-base

You can view the video recording of the webinar here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJC_iyZLPDo

Published in Business , Technology , Design
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  • 1. William Goldfarb – Sr. Client ManagerDustin Lewis – Sr. Client ManagerApril 24th 2013Enhanced Campaigns:A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Guide
  • 2. Presentation AgendaWebinar Information• Being Recorded & E-mail with link providedtomorrow• Interactive – Okay to ask questions!
  • 3. Presentation AgendaAbout Point It• Launched in April 2002• Seattle’s largest independentsearch marketing firm• SEM, SEO, MarketingAutomation and Web Design• $30 MM in managed media/yr.• Servicing clients across allverticals and revenue models
  • 4. Presentation AgendaAgenda•Key Changes•Specific Features•How to Take Advantage•Best Practices
  • 5. Presentation AgendaFour Key Changes1. Campaigns will run across all devices Optimizations for Mobile2. Desktop and Tablet will align
  • 6. Presentation AgendaFour Key Changes3. Mobile bidding4. Bids controlled by advertisers
  • 7. Presentation AgendaEnhanced & YouNew Transition Deadline: July 22nd, 2013!• How will this affect my business?• Brick & Mortar• Lead Generation• E-commerce
  • 8. Presentation AgendaWhy Is This Happening?• Google’s answer is twofold:• #1) Relevance to intent and context Location Time Device
  • 9. Presentation AgendaWhy Is This Happening?• # 2) “Current situation is unsustainable…”
  • 10. Presentation AgendaBid Adjustments• Made at the campaign level• Layered bidding• Dimensions:• Device• Geo• Time• Mobile Devices Only
  • 11. Presentation AgendaBid Adjustments Per Device• Set bid adjustments between -100% and +300%• A bid multiplier of -100% will opt ads out of showing onmobile devices with full browsers
  • 12. Presentation AgendaBid Adjustments Per Location
  • 13. Presentation AgendaTake AdvantageSearch Query: PIZZAThursday Morning: 11AM – Desktop PC – 5 Miles awaySaturday Night: 1AM – Mobile – 1 Mile awayMore practical knowledge applied to enhanced campaigns:• Busy Monday Afternoons• 5PM Post-work rush• National holidays• 90% Bid Reduction during non-business hours
  • 14. Presentation AgendaStacked Bidding> Stacking bid adjustments will multiply> Campaign level, mobile only> Device – Phone (+10%)/Location – San Francisco (+15%)/Time –5PM, Wednesday (+5%)> Device – Laptop (0%)/Location – Santa Clara (+10%)/Time –9AM, Friday (+15%)> 1.33 x bid vs. 1.26 x bid
  • 15. Presentation AgendaEnhanced QuestionsEnhanced Q&A:1. What should my CPA goals be? What about by device?2. Do I want to enter the mobile space?3. Is it worth making a tablet-optimized website?4. Should I use bid multipliers by day/hour/location….
  • 16. Presentation AgendaUsing Historical Data0501001502002503001 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 244.12%3.47%2.79%5.79%4.46%0.00%1.00%2.00%3.00%4.00%5.00%6.00%7.00%Seattle Los Angeles Denver Wash DC San FranciscoConversion Rate by City# Conversions by Hour of Day
  • 17. Presentation AgendaValue Track Parameters• Directing users to device-specific LPs• {ifmobile:m.example.com/product}{ifnotmobile:www.example.com/product}• Workaround
  • 18. Presentation AgendaOverview & Best PracticesMoving to Enhanced in 4 Easy Steps:1. Review your historical data to set bid multipliers appropriately.2. If Merging campaigns, choose the right “primary.”3. Set time/device/location multipliers appropriately.4. Upgrade Sitelink & Call extensionsCritical Knowledge:1. All extensions must be manually upgraded.2. No more phone numbers in ad copies – use extensions instead.3. If you’re going mobile, stay in position 1 or 2.4. If you merged campaigns, don’t forget to merge budgets.5. Device and OS targeting is gone on search, but still on display.6. Keep a close eye on your CPCs and budgets for the next week.
  • 19. Presentation AgendaEnhanced Sitelink ExtensionsNew Sitelink Extensions:Upgrade Notes:• New 25 Character limit (!)• Old data will be erased• All sitelinks edited individually• Don’t forget mobile sitelinks• Recommend deleting old beforehand
  • 20. Presentation AgendaEnhanced Call ExtensionsNew Call Extensions:Upgrade Notes:• Calls are now free• Detailed call/lead reporting• Device targeting/customization• Flexibility/ad-group override• Edit without data loss• New dimensions reporting data
  • 21. Presentation AgendaQuality Score Impact• No change in assessment• Mobile• QS will take device into account• Averaging QS
  • 22. Presentation AgendaSummary● Enhanced campaigns are not all bad● Anecdote on performance● Undeniably good new features● More control in the future?● Make the investment, receive the return
  • 23. Last Chance to Ask Questions
  • 24. Thank YouWill Goldfarb – willg@pointit.comDustin Lewis – dustinl@pointit.comsupport@pointit.comPoint It Search Marketing Agencywww.PointIt.com