POINTABOUT CASE STUDY:Your Audience is Now Mobile:                                    HOW WILL YOU DELIVER?Mobile is revol...
YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MOBILE: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER?                                             2characters – in some other...
YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MOBILE: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER?                                                  3users over age 55 nea...
YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MOBILE: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER?                                4Featured in Super Bowl XILV Commercial:...
YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MOBILE: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER?                      5Newsweek AppiPhoneWashington Post AppiPhone      ...
YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MOBILE: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER?                                       6    TAKE THE BUDGET?      SMALL ...
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Your Audience Is Now Mobile: How Will You Deliver?


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This case study looks into the considerations enterprises should be aware of when entering the mobile space.

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Your Audience Is Now Mobile: How Will You Deliver?

  1. 1. POINTABOUT CASE STUDY:Your Audience is Now Mobile: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER?Mobile is revolutionizing brand engagement across the world are beginning to budgetand changing the way we think about for mobile and incorporate it into theiradvertising. The mobile industry has seen marketing mix. But before you rushremarkable growth, and mobile branding into the mobile landscape, familiarizeis rapidly on its way to becoming essential yourself with the environment, devise afor the average business. Businesses plan, and hire yourself an expert guide. THE MOBILE PYRAMID Typically a company should SMS tends to be strongest focus on the pyramid from for “call to action” typeWhen a company refers the bottom up, as the campaigns. For example-to “mobile” it’s typically bottom portions have the users are sent a textmistakenly using the term largest distribution, and message to donate fundsto cover one or more therefore the largest impact to a charity, to all gather atof three distinct areas, on your customer base. a certain place at a certaineach of which must be time, or to disseminate veryaddressed separately. SMS functionality is severely limited bits of news (usuallyThe graphic below shows limited and therefore may up to 160 characters maxthe “mobile pyramid” not be appropriate for length on most systems,as PointAbout sees it. some businesses needs. and even less – 70 CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  2. 2. YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MOBILE: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER? 2characters – in some other allow your content to render growing trend in the worldlanguages such as Chinese). to best suit each phone. of mobile. Apple saw 3 billion downloads from It all comes down to your the App Store in a span MOBILE WEB mobile initiatives; are you of only 18 months3, andIf a business determines that content with one mobile thousands of new appsSMS does not fit the needs of website version of your are being added everyits mobile initiative, it should content, or do you want to month to the unregulatedstart with mobile web, which deliver a more rich mobile Android marketplace.also has broad, although experience of your productinconsistent, distribution. that will render differently Before you dive headfirst for each device? If it is into the app-hype, there areThe benefit of taking this the latter, PointAbout can many factors to consider.path to mobile is that integrate phone browser Mobile app developmentyour brand will reach detection intro your final is not a one-size-fits-allboth smartphone and product, utilizing companies project. Different codefeature phone users, such as Mobiletech (for must be generated for eachgiving your business wide more information on platform, essentially makingdistribution. According to Mobiletech solutions visit builds for multiple platformsCBS News, there were 600 http://www.mobiletech. separate projects that mustmillion mobile broadband mobi/our-offering/). each start from square one.subscriptions worldwide So the question becomes-by the end of 2009.1 With which platform will best123 million 3G users in MOBIE APPLICATIONS reach your target audience?the United States2 mobile Mobile apps are typicallyweb offers great reach used to drive deep, rich iPhone/iPod Touch –to a vast population. customer interaction and Both the iPhone and iPod experiences within the Touch run on Objective C,If mobile web is the brand. Distribution in so applications built fordirection best suited for mobile apps is limited but the iOS platform will runyour business strategy, growing. Smartphones are effectively on both devices.ultimately the question you the fastest growing segment Apple is expecting to havemust ask here is: “What of mobile and in some cases sold 36 million iPhones intype of experience do we (especially internationally) 20104, and iPhone userswant to deliver to our target are replacing computers tend to buy more apps thanaudience?” Despite broad for some users entirely. those on Android and otherdistribution, mobile web platforms.5 These statisticsis a fragmented approach Mobile apps enable your make developing appsas on screen experience audience to engage directly for the iPhone appealingvaries drastically on each with your brand and bring to most businesses.device. Unlike desktop your advertising efforts to a However, don’t neglect thebrowsers, mobile phone new level through features age demographic of yourweb browsers do not have like in-app purchasing. target audience is anothera standard, which will not Mobile apps are a fast- consideration; iPhone CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  3. 3. YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MOBILE: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER? 3users over age 55 nearly iPhone and earn more than your strategy and defineequal users age 13-24 in $100,000 annual income.9 your requirements. Considernumbers,8 where Android the Mobile Pyramid, andusers are typically younger. RIM/Microsoft– PointAbout will help you Other mobile platforms to develop a strategy forAndroid – consider include Blackberry each part, addressingSmartphones running on and Windows Mobile. While your requirements such as: what you want theAndroid OS are rapidly Blackberry accounts for app to do, which phonesgaining market share more smartphone users than you want it to run on, andincreasing from 1.6% any other device, their App other specifications in ato 9.6% over one year.6 World contains only 1/10th requirements documentGoogle’s plans for web- the number of apps as that PointAbout will helpbased apps on Chrome have Apple. And while Microsoft you create. Once you havethe potential to challenge has been very silent in a considered your strategyApple’s dominance in the app space, they are and business requirements,the app market and beginning to re-prioritize PointAbout will quote an appmany are predicting just for apps and may be the based on your specifications.that. Currently apps for ‘lurking giant’ with the Mobile is changing the facethe iPhone have greater release of Windows phone 7. of business, enabling youdistribution, but Android to engage your audience inis growing rapidly and may new and revolutionary ways.change that very soon. MOBILIZE Let PointAbout guide you. PointAbout specializes iniPad – strategy, addressing howThe iPad is a new technology to leverage mobile in yourplatform, and although it’s organization, as well asan extension of the well- development in the appknown iPhone SDK, building and mobile web pieces ofsoftware for the iPad is the mobile pyramid. Fordesign-heavy and carries SMS needs, PointAbout canits own inherent challenges. make referrals to trustedThe iPad’s reach is not vendors. Our expertisenearly that of the iPhone, and commitment to your Pete Johnson, VP Professional Serviceshowever the device has been mobile initiatives set us 301.602.1210experiencing great success apart, and can save you pete.johnson@pointabout.comand is expected to continue from costly mistakesto see rapid growth. The throughout the development Our previous work includesiPad took only 28 days to process. PointAbout has apps for companies suchsell a million units, half relationships within the as Newsweek, Cars.com,the amount of time as the mobile industry, including and Disney. Some oforiginal iPhone.7 However, analytics providers, which are featured below.the demographic is more advertising networks, and To see our capabilitieslimited as more than 40% of notification providers. deck visit https://dl-web.iPad users already have an Ready to mobilize? Devise dropbox.com/deck CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  4. 4. YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MOBILE: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER? 4Featured in Super Bowl XILV Commercial:Cars.com AppiPhone & Android2009 Webby Winner:DC Inauguration AppiPhone & Blackberry CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  6. 6. YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MOBILE: HOW WILL YOU DELIVER? 6 TAKE THE BUDGET? SMALL NEXT STEP See how Cambridge usedIf your business hasn’t AppMakr to create an iPhoneset aside a budget for App for Clare College:mobile, or if you aren’tsure you’re ready for acustom developmentproject, consider using ourAppMakr service. AppMakruses RSS feeds from yourwebsite or blog to createan iPhone application, andcan incorporate featuressuch as push notifications,photo galleries, and GeoRSS.“do PointAbout’s something AppMakrservice has allowed us to amazing:Leverage RSS content we on the go using the RSS feeds we’re already publishing to the web. It’s a win-win. No extra work was required on we can’t thank them enough. The level of customer service is exemplary, the speed of response / deliverywere already publishing, and our part, because AppMakr and attention to detail areturn it into a great iPhone handled the entire app faultless – they are a totalapplication. This means creation and submission pleasure to work with and we ”we can get our content into process. The service they look forward to doing so inpeople’s hands when they’re provide is gold standard and the future. CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM