Windows Phone 7 Microsoft's Entrant to the Smartphone Wars


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A whitepaper about different aspects of Windows Phone 7, including design, cost of development, monetization, and the....

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Windows Phone 7 Microsoft's Entrant to the Smartphone Wars

  1. 1. WINDOWS PHONE 7:Microsoft’s Entrant to the Smartphone Wars BACKGROUND and update in real-time. For instance, the tile for an email ac- count will automatically updateWindows Phone 7 is the mobile to display the currentoperating system developed by number of unreadMicrosoft and released in Novem- messages; users haveber 2010. The WP7 OS is Micro- the ability to add, de-soft’s answer to Apple’s iOS and lete, and rearrange tilesGoogle’s Android OS; it boasts a on the Start screen.redesigned touchscreen UI, whichuses multi-touch technology and These tiles combine both lo-is based on Microsoft’s Metro cal and online content via in-design language. tegration with social networks like Facebook and Windows DESIGN Live. The Pictures hub, for exam- ple, shows photos taken from theThe Metro design language in- device’s camera roll and the user’scorporates five principles valued Facebook photo albums, and theby Microsoft: Clean, Light, Open, People hub shows contacts ag-Fast; Celebrate Typography; Alive gregated from integration within Motion; Content, Not Chrome; Zune, Xbox Live (Games hub),and Authentically Digital. See Bing, Microsoft Office, and Win-here for more on the Metro de- dows Phone Marketplace.sign language and how it is usedin Windows Phone 7. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT FOR methodol-From a user experience stand- WINDOWS PHONE 7 ogy to bepoint, customizable tiles make followedup the WP7 Start screen. Tilesare linked to important features, The Windows Phone 7 develop- rather thanapplications, and individual items ment framework is built so that de- the waterfallsuch as phone, music and videos, velopers and designers can work m e t h o d o l o g ycontacts, web pages and MS Of- hand-in-hand. This framework that’s preferablefice products. Tiles are dynamic allows a true agile development when developing for iOS and An- Contact PointAbout at 202.391.0347, or visit for more information.
  2. 2. droid. same as developing native apps Click to Call and Click to Website for iOS and Android. Develop- ad features.Application development envi- ment costs can be expected toronments for Windows Phone decrease as Microsoft perfects Leading ad networks like InMobi,7 include Silverlight, the .NET the development environment. MobClix, and Millennial MediaCompact Framework, and XNA. are among the networks thatSilverlight is powered by the .NET One reason development costs are serving ads on the Windowsframework and is compatible will decrease is the ease with which Phone 7 platform.with multiple browsers, operating developers can deliver testablesystems, and devices. builds to clients. XAP files can be Reporting features include in-app sent throughout the development ad analytics, ad inventory, clicks,Silverlight and .NET are two of the process, which makes changing CPM, and sell-thru rate. As withmost well-known languages by the application mid-stream much other popular platforms, appdevelopers, which will eventually easier than when developing for publishers also have the opportu-drive down the cost of develop- the iPhone, iPad, or Android. nity to charge users for their apps for WP7. There havebeen over 500,000 downloads of Another reason development USER UPTAKEthe WP7 software development costs will decrease is the numberkit already. of developers already familiar While it’s impossible to say how with Silverlight and .NET. quickly users will migrate to theExpression Blend 4 and Visual WP7 platform, some clues can beStudio 2010 are the primary MONETIZING APPS gleaned from Android’s relativelydesign tools for creating WP7 ap- rapid ascendance in the smart-plications. Expression Blend is an Microsoft’s Advertising Exchange phone marketplace.advanced user interface design allows publishers to serve tar-tool that allows designers to as- geted ads to consumers based on In the first quarter of 2010, ac-semble rich user interfaces, and demographic, carrier, and location cording to research firm NPD,empower them with Silverlight. targeting. Ads can be displayed in Android accounted for 28% ofDesigners using Expression Blend text or image form, and advertis- all unit sales, trailing RIM (36%)work comfortably alongside de- ers have the opportunity to insert and ahead of Apple (21%). In thevelopers working in Visual Studio. second quarter of 2010, phonesVisual Studio is an integrated ANDROID OS running Android leapfrogged RIM to reach 33% of all unit sales,developer environment that ties MARKET SHARE compared to 28% for RIM andin to Expression Blend and allowsdevelopers to tackle tasks rang- FOR RECENT 22% for from design to testing. AQUIRERS ROSE These upticks in sales led to An- droid making significant in-roads DEVELOPMENT COSTS FROM 6% IN Q4 in the percentage of all cell phone AND TIMEFRAME 2009 TO 17% IN Q1 subscribers tied to Android phones. The figure rose from 4%Developing native apps for Win- 2010 TO 27% IN in the fourth quarter of 2009 todows Phone 7 costs roughly the 9% in the first quarter of 2010 Q2 2010. to 13% in the second quarter of Contact PointAbout at 202.391.0347, or visit for more information.
  3. 3. 2010, according to Nielsen. “Working with PointAbout has EACH WINDOWS been a terrific experience,” said Paul Berry, Chief Technology Of- WHAT’S INSIDE? PHONE HANDSET ficer of The Huffington Post. “AsEvery Windows Phone 7 comes WILL CARRY (AT a company that prides itself on innovative content delivery withequipped with a Qualcomm 1GHzSnapdragon application proces- LEAST) A 1GHZ a unique voice, HuffPost seeks partners that have both strategicsor. The Snapdragon processor SNAPDRAGON vision and technical abilities -includes 3D graphics functions,support for high-megapixel cam- PROCESSOR, both of which PointAbout offers.”eras, power optimization, and richmultimedia features, including SPECIFICALLY The Huffington Post’s app was one of the very first to be approved byHD video recording and playback DESIGNED FOR A Microsoft for consumption on theabilities. NEW BREED OF WP7 platform.The Snapdragon processor wascreated to power a new genera- SMARTPHONES. PointAbout’s VP of Professionaltion of smartphones and tablets. ketplace akin to the iTunes App Services, Pete Johnson, said, “We Store or the Android Marketplace. are thrilled to be one of the first mobile application developers to DEVICES AND CARRIERS Like the iTunes App Store, purvey- gain expertise in developing for ors of apps in the Windows Phone Windows Phone. Windows PhoneAT&T and T-Mobile are the exclu- Marketplace keep 70% of profits 7 is showing a lot of promise as asive carriers of Windows Phone 7 made from app sales. Payouts to strong platform for the enterprise,to date. Verizon will reportedly be developers for downloaded ap- and we are prepared to guideadded as a service provider early plications will begin in February companies in the strategy andin 2011. 2011. The Windows Marketplace development necessary for large- includes reporting tools that let scale mobile implementations.”A variety of handsets - nine to publishers and developers knowbe precise - have been available how well their apps are perform-since launch, from Samsung, LG, ing.HTC, and Dell. Each has its owndistinctive feature(s), ranging fromslide-out vertical and horizontal THE HUFFINGTON POSTkeyboards to a built-in kickstand FOR WINDOWS PHONE 7for hands-free use to a 4.3-inchdisplay. PointAbout had the opportunity to develop the Windows Phone 7 WINDOWS PHONE app for the Huffington Post, one MARKETPLACE of the world’s leading providers of up-to-the-minute commentary and coverage.Windows Phone 7 apps are dis-tributed through a central mar- Contact PointAbout at 202.391.0347, or visit for more information.