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  • 1. Lesson 2Reasons for work
  • 2. What people want from work Expectations – Job security – Fair treatment – Safe Working – Good Conditions of Employment Satisfaction – Nature of work – Pay – Work relationships – boss and other staff
  • 3. What people want from work Motivation – Money – Recognition – Advancement – Opportunities LETS DISCUSS THESE AND COMPARE THEM TO YOUR EXPERIENCE
  • 4. Why People Work Many people work for Motivation However, there is a difference between a persons ability, motivation and the working conditions. Motivation Theories – Maslow hierarchy of Needs (Google Maslow and read about him)
  • 5. Why People Work FROM MASLOW – hierarchy of needs Physiological – Pay SAFETY – Job Security – Life Insurance – Superannuation Social Needs  Feeling of belonging  Acceptance from others Esteem Needs Self Actualisation  Growth and Development
  • 6. Other Considerations It is the task of the HR manager to determine why people work and how to motivate these people in the job role, so that they can remain with the company. Thus many HR managers will follow certain motivation theories.
  • 7. Cognitive TheoriesThese are separate to the motivation theories It attempts to isolate the thinking patterns used in decidingwhether or not to behave in a certain way.5. EQUITY THEORY – We prefer balance or equity6. EXPECTANCY THEORY – This is where the worker works out what he/she will get rather then what they may giveWHICH IS BETTER:MOTIVATION THEORIES OR COGNITIVE THEORIES
  • 8. Individual Questions How do you think Maslow’s theory relates to the function of the Human Resource Manager? Using the Hierarchy of Needs model, come up with some of your own needs for each section of the model. Explain the impact on an individual within an organisation if their motivation fails or becomes discontented with the company they work for.