Poderopedia at SXSW 2012


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Poderopedia keynote at Knight Innovation Fair at SXSW Interactive 2012. Presentación de Poderopedia en la Feria de Innovación Knight durante el festival SXSW Interactive 2012.

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Poderopedia at SXSW 2012

  1. 1. PODEROPEDIAwho is who in business and politics in Chile Poderopedia is thankful for the generous support of the
  2. 2. Poderopedia is an editorial andcrowdsourced database websitethat shows you who is who inChile
  3. 3. a Wikipedia on speed
  4. 4. Poderopedia keeps track of thecivic, business and politicalleaders of Chile
  5. 5. Poderopedia maps the OnePercent`s connections andshows you how they are linkedto each other
  6. 6. Poderopedia is for journalist,media, academics, NGO’s andcitizens
  7. 7. Poderopedia is free to use andentirely open source
  8. 8. ataminers right outit`s made by chilean dthe capsule
  9. 9. Poderopedia aims to promote transparency anddemocracy by sheding light on any conflicts ofinterest so you can understand why things happen
  10. 10. Poderopedia`s way-We filter information from public sources and crowdsourcing-Scrape data from open gov and private databases-Users help us by showing connections and unknown facts, report mistakesand info that is not updated-We write newsworthy profiles-We connect the dots bewteen people, organizations and comapanies-We show you the sources-Provide you the code and documentation
  11. 11. Poderopedia is about Entities and Relations good well-structured data Custom Ontology (FOAF + Our own language) Linked data + RDF + Triple Stores automatic info scraping and filtering (50% goal) so our journalist and users can create the best profiles The result is the PROFILEEditorial overview + Hard data sheet of an entity + Relationship map + Sources/ Footnotes + Related documents
  12. 12. a nd this is a typical day atPodero pedia
  13. 13. Hey! Let`s check out President Piñera`s links?
  14. 14. Who`sthis guy?
  15. 15. Andrés Navarro owns a helicopter with Piñera President`s buddy businessman government tech provider campaign funding for this guy& studied with Polo Piñera(the President`s brother)
  16. 16. In Universidad Católica
  17. 17. like Piñeraand 16 of his 22 ministers
  18. 18. only4 went to Harvardnone to the MIT:(
  19. 19. Verbo Divino:Piñera`s school2 ministersmany congressman& businessman
  20. 20. like his cousinHerman Chadwick appointed by Piñera as chairman of the National Television Council
  21. 21. (by the way: over the last 35 yearsthere`s been a Chadwick in everychilean government) right wing senator social democrat director The Clinic former government (chilean The Onion) official
  22. 22. 50% top execs & CEO`scome from 5 schoolsPiñera`s school is in 2 place3 of 15 richest families studied therealumni = Chile`s 18,5% GNPUS$ 30 billion*Forbes 2008
  23. 23. Half love this team!
  24. 24. So Piñera b ought it and named this guy undersecretary of sports (they were forced to sell by public opinion) they earned US$ 9 million
  25. 25. Same w ith LAN
  26. 26. and a TV channel
  27. 27. where the President`s buddywas a chairman
  28. 28. before Piñera decided tosell the airline and tvstation because of thepeople`s pressure
  29. 29. this is a tiny tiny taste of Poderopediathanks!suscribe for updates atPoderopedia.commore at@poderopediapoderopedia.tumblr.comfacebook.com/poderopediaslideshare.net/poderopediagithub.com/poderopedia Poderopedia is thankful for the generous support of the