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Stress Relief Stress Relief Document Transcript

  • Tips for Stress Relief. Simply the best proven tips and tricks to eliminate stress, anxiety and depression - orthodox and natural methods What is the quickest and best ways to remove stress fast? Which tips for stress relief are best for you? Knowledge is the key to health and stress relief... Using stress relief techniques designed for you is one of the best tips for stress relief I can suggest. Learning which is best for you is the key... The problem is that a stress management tip for you may work quickly. It may not be the best stress relief tip for for the next person. Stress is individual in many ways… • how much stress you have • how you cope or deal with stress • the types of stress affecting you • how good your health is All these determine what is best for you. Tips for stress relief need to suit you as an individual. The secret is this ... the best ways to eliminate stress are the simplest! To work out the best ways to remove and prevent stress, you need to look at all the possible techniques and work out the… best tips for stress relief for you. In my opinion (this comes from treating thousands who are stressed to the max) you need to use more than one technique. You also need techniques that … • remove and prevent stress • improve health and energy levels • can be used anywhere and anytime • are simple, easy and very fast in action I can hear you screaming ... don't worry here they are! the best, simplest and proven tips for stress relief are finally revealed...
  • To learn how to manage your stress better, there are five smart tips for stress relief… 1. Know what stresses you o This can be hard as we tend to only look at immediate stresses. There are many stresses that are hidden or we don’t realize that they cause problems o If you can identify your biggest stress and can change it … do it. You need to still cope with all stress and learn techniques to balance all areas of stress. 2. Make a plan o Time and stress management is the process of making a commitment to change. Change should be easy and fun, or habits will be hard to form. o Plan everything though … work, leisure, home. Plan to have fun and relieve stress. 3. Take care of your body o A healthy body allows you to handle stress better. Eat well, and exercise as these help in our ability to deal with stress. o Learn ways to improve all your health. Diet and exercise helps, but they don’t make you healthy. Use techniques to improve all functions of your body and mind. 4. Take care of your feelings o Learn to take a break, say no, have fun and express your emotions. This can be hard for men especially. If you can at least start on this, you will notice huge benefits. o Men struggle in this area. They need to use stress relief techniques that remove stress quickly. Once stress eases and health improves, men tend to express themselves better. 5. Ask for help o If stresses are high and your health is suffering, see someone. Don’t leave stress too long and never leave it too late. o In times of lesser stresses, talk to friends and family. Ask for advice and support. Remember, everyone is stressed, it is not just you. You will be surprised of how many others feel the same. Thank You ... in advance Fast Stress Relief strives to give you all the most valuable information
  • on stress relief. To help keep our site progressing towards being the best stress relief internet site, we need your help. Any donation you can give helps to keep our site continually improving. And as a big thank you we will give you a free copy of our "Easy Guide to Stress Relief". Remember, any donation you feel appropriate is appreciated. Many thanks ... Dr Graeme Teague. please click on the button Start your life again ... make it easier, stress free and full of energy. There are many ways to relieve stress, there are countless tips for stress relief. All you ever need is techniques that are best for you. I can guarantee you didn't know all of those techniques.. but wait this is just a drop in the ocean - there are better proven ancient ways yet to be revealed... You will see lists of tips for stress relief on the internet that say they help to reduce stress. The list is huge and many times not very practical. Below is a list of simple tips and tricks you can do to start you reducing your stress levels. See which you identify with and which ones you can use to help drop your stress levels. • Have fun o Look at the funny side of life. Subscribe to daily jokes, cartoons etc. Start a work social club. Each day plan to have a laugh. • Laugh more o Spend time with the office clown. The person or people who make you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. • Learn to say no o If it is appropriate, say no. look after yourself first. Put yourself first and a lot of pressures and stresses fade. • Simplify your life o If you can, live closer to work. Remove some chores from your day. Delegate certain tasks.
  • • Learn to relax o Breathe, meditate, stretch, Tai Chi, Yoga and other relaxation techniques. Used regularly they can make a big difference. • Time management o Break down tasks into simple and easy to achieve time slots. Rome wasn’t built in a day; it took one brick at a time though. • Spend time with your family o Children are a great stress relief. They look at life from a better angle. They play and have fun regularly. Spending time with your children creates a fun attitude in you. • Exercise regularly o Walk, run, cycle, swim, golf or whatever. A bit of exercise a few times a week can clear the head and bring a new perspective. • Change your career o If you look at your career and can see no joy or benefits staying. Plan to leave. Start looking at better job prospects or training to achieve this. • Think positively o Hard when you are stressed. Tell yourself over and over, use an affirmation. Fake it until you make it. • Plan to become healthy o See a natural health practitioner. They will help to address imbalances in your body. Your medical practitioner is there for crises. Plan to improve your health to prevent needing medical care. and the practical tips are... The practical tips for stress relief can be the hardest to do at times. They do require you to change a few habits - habits do die hard at times don't they. But try the following and see the many benefits. • Dump the cell phone and pager
  • o If they ring a lot, have some time in the day where you turn them off. • Have less after school activities for the children o Encourage more play time at home. Less running around. • Have some down time away from computers or television. • Commune with nature o go to a park, river, lake or just outside and relax Finally the secrets are revealed, the revolution has started ... There are many ways to relieve stress. The tips for stress relief that will help you best - are best for only for you! Combine the 5 most powerful, proven and effective techniques together. Mix these with hundreds of orthodox and natural ways to eliminate stress and you get ... X--Stress ... Choose techniques that suit your needs and lifestyle. There are many other techniques that help. Techniques that are practical and combine ancient old techniques , to remove stress and improve health. The best tips for stress relief are those that work. This entire site is dedicated to researching the best and easiest ways to relieve stress … yes the best tips for stress relief. We have researched all the best techniques there are and made them easy to use and understand. Stress relief can be easy ... it can be simple ... and most of all it should be highly effective. Tips for stress relief are now at your finger tips, just read through the many pages at Fast Stress for the best tips for stress relief.
  • Return to Section Three: The solutions to stress are easy if they "fit" you ... Return to Section Three and find out more ways to eliminate stress: Stress Solutions ... The best tips for stress relief are revealed here ... Get your name out there with our logo items! We offer tons of wacky stress relievers and custom koozies with your logo! Hand out personalized pens and your name will not be forgotten! Return to our Home page Search Engine Web Directory categorized by subject. eSearchLogic is a directory focused on family friendly results in our directory listings. Visit one of our partners dedicated to eliminating stress. The Happy Guy web site is your place of laughter and stress relief. Just click here ... The Happy Guy The Sharpest UK Directory
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