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10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
10 mobile gaming trends (2010)
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10 mobile gaming trends (2010)


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Presentation given to mobile operators and aggregators as part of GameHouse Summer Scholl 2010.

Presentation given to mobile operators and aggregators as part of GameHouse Summer Scholl 2010.

Published in: Business
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  • 1.   Key trends and opportunities in  the mobile games business jon jordan editor,
  • 2. 1. App discovery
      • Apple's App Store is too competitive with 250,000 apps, including 47,624 games
      • App stores aren't good for discovery
      • Only brands can maintain premium price and drive volumes
      • Weak communication between developers, audience and press 
      • Rise of social/viral solutions such as OpenFeint, Plus+ and FreeAppADay
  • 3. 2. Cross platform (1)
      • Huge opportunity – 230k iOS, 200k Android, 260k Nokia and 143k RIM sold daily
      • Using Apple App Store for branding then take to Java, Brew, Android, Ovi
      • Doodle Jump (Real) , Pocket God (Capcom), Flight Control (Namco)
      • Massive upwards price differential
      • Current push onto Android with OpenFeint acting as an aggregator ( Fruit Ninja, MiniSquadron, Flick Kick Football etc)
  • 4. 3. Cross platform (2)
      • Supporting as many mobile platforms as possible is vital for freemium social games trying to create the Facebook effect on mobile as they need the largest audience
      • Driven by social networks such as Plus+, Scoreloop and OpenFeint
      • Also Namco’s Unite, Gameloft LIVE
      • Eventually links into PC and console gaming i.e. Guild Wars 2 Extended Exp.
  • 5. 4. Android
      • Like peeing your pants for warmth according to Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki
      • Free for all for OEMs, ODMs, operators and consumer brands
      • Java versus native gaming
      • Highly fragmented - tablets?
      • Weak market and purchasing
      • The Wild West of mobile so hard to monetise but fortunes will be made and lost
      • Eventually, law and order will be enforced
  • 6. 5. Volume(s)
      • Linked to discovery in terms of the ability to drive download volumes in a short space of time to gain chart visibility i.e. discovery
      • Releasing a large volume of games enables cross promotion cf Backflip Studios' 50 million iOS downloads drive 4 million downloads for each new title
      • Gameloft released 55 iOS games in mid 2008-2009. Plans 60 in 2010
  • 7. 6. App pricing
      • Competition and discovery issues on App Store have been deflationary
      • Best selling Angry Birds' revenue 'only' $4.5 million net to publisher/developer
      • When will we see the first $10 million game from app store(s)
      • Social ARPU estimated at $1-2/month has driven mobile freemium i.e. ngmoco
  • 8. 7. Billing
      • Fine for Apple with its 150 million iTunes accounts but credit cards aren’t scalable
      • 200 million PayPal accounts, now including integration with Android Market
      • Need to have much more flexibility cf Zygna gift cards in 12,800 US stores.  
      • Nokia says operator billing gives 13x increase in sales on Ovi Store
      • Key opportunity for operators cf Vodafone and subscription models
  • 9. 8. Application stores
      • Depending on your philosophy, there are too many app stores or not enough
      • Rise of GetJar, PocketGear, Mobango
      • Operators’ walled gardens (still)
      • Ones that work will be simple in terms of finding, downloading and buying something you enjoy
      • Difference between on-device and web based
  • 10. 9. Marketing
      • Amazing how different the smartphone era is to the Java/Brew market
      • Consumer marketing is mainly from developers and piecemeal
      • Big mobile publishers have backed off
      • Demonstrates the immaturity of the market and will have to change
      • Perhaps the biggest opportunity for operators
  • 11. 10. Game quality
      • This drives the entire market
      • Two years on from Apple's App Store launch, we're finally seeing console quality content
      • 200MB size, OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics such as Modern Combat and N.O.V.A.
      • Highly viral online, cross platform games like We Rule, GodFinger and Pocket Frogs
      • Casual time killers such as Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja and Flight Control