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Usenet videos blogspot_com Usenet videos blogspot_com Presentation Transcript

  • Usenet Videos search JUN Encoding and decoding Usenet images 16 Up until the early 1990s surfers posted picture files with uuencoding, a binary-to-text encoding formula that made use of the Unix platform. Images should be converted to binary data prior to transfer. In early picture trading times, the Unix-to-Unix Copy (UUCP) system was used. The term "uuencoding" stands for "Unix-to-Unix encoding". When a image is received by a users computer, it goes through a decoding process, and the program of uudecode changes the process back by recreating the file just as it was before the transfer. The process of uuencoding binaries has been replaced by yEnc (short for yEncode), a binary-to-text encoding formula that reduces computational overhead, and MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), an email format extension that supports non-text attachments such as binaries (attachments). Early images traded on within newsgroups were usually in the GIF format (Graphic Interchange Format), this format is still popular until today but, the JPEG format (Joint Photographic Experts Group)remains the most popular with more efficient image compression system that can support 24-bit data. More pictures can be posted and downloaded and take up less drive space to encode and decode the same image. The Usenet nowadays supports many compression formats. Many are used for video compression. Images remain a simple compression format unless you would like to compress a folder of images. Then one of the video compression formats would be used. Posted 16th June by grggfks Send feedbackopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • JUN The most popular Usenet groups 14 Usenet was developed by collegiate enthusiasts to communicate among themselves, it grew into a massive entity whose main traffic comprised of of videos. This function of Usenet prompted Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to limit, and to end, Usenet access for their members because higher cost and upkeep of websites. Regardless, this paved the way for groups to setup business and show a wide variety of newsgroups showing video content in their Usenet website. The massive size of video files on Usenet weighed heavily on the proliferation of Usenet service providers and Usenet readers. Most of the videos found on newsgroups can be accessed in the alt.binaries section because of the pornographic nature of a large number of Usenet videos. It is said that 99% of all Usenet traffic is used by binary content, and since a standard-length video could be a few hundred megabytes, most of the newsgroups content is dedicated to videos. This translates to around 9.29TB of daily Usenet traffic according to The top newsgroups on Giganews put alt.binaries section well in all the 30 top spots, and 27 of these are dedicated to videos. Most of the top ranking newsgroups are video newsgroups. Top Usenet groups by activity: 1. alt.binaries.multimedia.babylon5 2. alt.binaries.beatles 3. alt.binaries.cbts 4. alt.binaries.movies.divx 5. alt.binaries.multimedia.chineseopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • 6. alt.binaries.goonies 7. 8. alt.binaries.emulators.mame 9. alt.binaries.amp 10. Top Usenet groups by articles posted: 1. alt.binaries.dvd 2. alt.binaries.dvdr 3. 4. 5. alt.binaries.multimedia 6. 7. alt.binaries.ftn 8. alt.binaries.misc 9. alt.binaries.cores 10. alt.binaries.svcd Top Usenet groups by total storage: 1. alt.binaries.boneless 2. alt.binaries.hdtv 3. 4. alt.binaries.erotica 5. alt.binaries.hdtv.x264 6. alt.binaries.dvd 7. 8. alt.binaries.cores 9. alt.binaries.ath 10. alt.binaries.x In the aforementioned rankings, six out of ten or seven out of ten are newsgroups dedicated to in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API View slide
  • Posted 14th June by grggfks JUN Sex videos on the Usenet 1 by JV Valdez Adult content on the Internet abound, with most of them found on websites catering to the general adult Internet users. However, the Usenet, the precursor of everything we see on the web today has been buzzing with activity where sex videos are a staple and rewards the more resourceful users with hours of entertainment. While critics say that the Usenet is expiring, alongside this decline is the strong resolve of newsgroups to continuously patronize Usenet sex videos. There are no exact statistics for Usenet adult content, but there is no denying that sex videos on Usenet is one of the life force among newsgroups. According to, daily Usenet volume in January 2012 was 9.29 terabytes. With an estimated 80% of all Usenet traffic devoted to adult content, it would be safe to say that this activity also equates to proliferation of sex video sharing. Such percentage translates to 7,610 terabytes of adult binaries shared over newsgroups each day. The huge file sizes of sex videos make it the prime commodity among adult binaries on the Usenet. These are found in more than 100,000 articles posted daily in newsgroups. Compare this with the 25,000 total for the rest of the Big Eight hierarchies, and you will realize how big of a following adult content has on the Usenet. While the Usenet seems like the ultimate treasure trove of adult content, its esoteric nature hasopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API View slide
  • turned off millions of potential users. One needs to select a Usenet service, choose a client, and configure it before he could download the elusive title of that sex video. The World Wide Web, of course, does not pose this issue. This medium has been the haunt of many sex video searchers due to its ease of use. Register and download, thats it, and sometimes, it is just plain downloading. This road has to be the well-trodden path of newsgroups and Usenet services hosting Usenet sex videos if they hope to continue to survive and perhaps get a slice of the lucrative online sex content industry. For the meantime, hundreds of newsgroups devoted to sex videos still exist on the Usenet. is a subgroup under the alt.* hierarchy that is devoted to adult content in the Usenet. Under this subgrouping are many other subgroups or specific newsgroups. became popular in the 1990s, and during its heyday a global survey was conducted in October 1993 that revealed an estimated 3.3 million readers or 8% of the total Usenet audience, with 67% of all Usenet servers hosting the group. A simple scan of Usenet groups with the words videos, adult movies, adult videos, and adult binaries gives away their content which is mostly sex videos. These are further categorized into various topics such as Asian, fetish, erotica, amateur, anime, male and Playboy. Examples of adult newsgroups that host sex videos are alt.binaries.dvd.erotica and alt.binaries.erotica.vcd for full ripped versions. Many sex video patrons prefer to gain direct access to their favorite titles but the Usenet poses a rigorous process to obtain them. As a result, Usenet search services are now offered by newsgroup service providers (NSPs) such as Binnews, Newzleech and Binsearch. In these search clients, users type keywords according to the desired sex video content. An .nzb file is generated which is then entered in a compatible news reader that tells the user where the particular file can be downloaded. Nzb files are xml files that contain the file name and the Usenet group in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • Posted 1st June by grggfks MAY Cell phone imaging of the solar system 29 This was just the coolest news article in Nov. 2011 astronomy magazine. All astronomers, amateur and up have stuck a digital camera to their scope to try and make one of those incredible images made by some of those popular telescopes, on both land and in space. Assuming that we have all tried it, you know its quite difficult. There are so many variables and if you are using film, these increase exponentially. Im sure Im just like everybody else, sometimes, you just dont want to carry all that equipment. So, i usually opt for the smaller refractor and leave the 150 lbs goto tripod at home. I read the article and thought about it for a while but, I really wasnt sold on it. Its a cellphone.... Come on? I tried this technique with my digital camera, just for a quick test one day and it did not work. So, how is it supposed to work on a cheap cell phone. Well, as it turns out, the lens on the mobil camera is just the right diameter to work in conjunction with the focal length and eye relief. It works so much better than you could imagine. Next time your out looking at that great candy bar in the sky remember, your cell phone for those quick catch em shots of the in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • alt.binaries.astronomy Posted 29th May by grggfks MAY How I got started on Usenet sewing 29 My very first memory is of a sewing needle pricking my little tush in Sunday school. I remember that day vividly I danced and twirled in my early 90s puff dress my grandmother made me. I felt like royalty. Our Sundays were always the same, it started with church service followed by a all you can eat buffet at Ryans steak house then Texas canasta at my Grandmothers house that lasted on into the evenings. It wasnt uncommon to find sewing needles in my Sunday dresses; I eventually started scanning the outfits before donning them, it never helped though. I remember feeling like those little guys were out toopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • get me personally. I got a new dress to wear every sunday each one different colors and styles but they all had the big puffy 90s theme going on, which allowed me to dance and twirl like royalty. I cherish those Sundays spent with my family but mostly the precious time with my grandma and those loved dresses. With the years to come the dresses stopped. Grandma was diabetic and fought pneumonia for years, with the treatments for kidney failure and the many other complications she didnt have the time or the steady patience it took for my weekly dresses. She did teach me a few things like how to work my way around a Singer but unfortunately not as much as Id like. My niece is 5 now and I wanted to pass on the same Sunday dress tradition with her. The only problem was i didnt know enough about sewing patterns, its been a hobby that Ive wanted to pick up doing but never made the time I guess I have the perfect excuse now. I went to the craft store and bought a pattern including the fabric it called for but I was confused on where to start. Back in college I used a newsgroup for my business classes, I found that it was rich resource where I could ask questions and also seek out problems on the world wide Usenet. So I once again went in search for sewing help. It took no time at all to find Rec.crafts.sewing under crafts on the Usenet I found my pattern help along with other problems i encountered like thread recommendations along with machine help ( I was a little rusty after all those years) now Im off to the fabric store to pick up things I need for my little Madisons Sunday attire. Posted 29th May by grggfks MAY Torrents and Usenet compaired 26open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • 26 Download speed: The first thing to consider when comparing these two, is the download speed. With Torrents, in order to download faster, there must be plenty of seeders. the more seeders the faster your download and having fewer seeders will cause your download speed to decrease. File Availability: Online distribution governs the availability of both torrents and Usenet. The majority of the content gets uploaded on the Usenet first and then is spread to other files sharing entities. This is just the way it works and will probably not change in the near future. Both Torrents and Usenet post have a life span. Usenet relies on the retention of the Usenet servers and a Torrent relies on its seeders. You get some observable benefits from Usenets low price when you take into account all the dedicated servers and seedboxes around to make Torrents possible. Price: You will probably be disappointed with download speeds from Torrents. Another place Torrents fail is security. So, if you can afford 15-25$ per month for Usenet, its the choice to make. Conclusion: Usenet has been around since the beginning of the digital age. It continues to expand but, not at the rate it once did before the world wide web. Nowadays, Usenet content has been made available through the world wide web via your browser by web based Usenet suppliers. This is a combination of the two best worlds. The ease and availability of the internet and the vast content stored on the Usenet. Posted 26th May by grggfksopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • MAY Selecting your Usenet Provider 26 Many factors should be considered when searching for a Usenet service provider. They are: 1. Number of connections - Anytime you download from the internet multiple connections multiply your bandwidth. To save time when downloading, simultaneous connections are a must. For Usenet, this is even more important. Huge binary files are split into parts and you will have to download many parts hopefully, all at the same time, if you have enough connections. Most of the time, a Usenet ISP will give you more connections than you can handle. 2. Retention time - Text messages are always stored for a long time. Plus, the use of an archiving service can extend the retention even farther. The retention of binary groups such as videos, games and mp3s that is the most important concern. Most Usenet providers offer more than 200 days of binary retention. The major providers will give you more than 1000 days. 3. Monthly allowance - also called monthly bandwidth. This is measured in gigabytes and is the amount given to you by your Usenet server per month. Unlimited downloads is common for premium memberships. Most offer plans than range from 5 to 100 gigabytes. 4. Customer support - There will be occasions when you will need help. However, it gives you some sort of comfort that there will be someone with experience who will give you some help and double check that you have configured everything correctly. 5. Security - One thing about Usenet is that it is invisible from the eyes of authorities but, your connection to the Internet may become attractive to hackers so a secure SSL connection will make you feel more comfortable. You must have data encryption between you and your Usenet provideropen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • 6. Trial period - face with so many choices, you should kick the tires a bit before actually paying. Make sure the provider lives up to all they say they are. It is not recommended to prepay for a period of, say a year. This is just one of the many steps necessary to get "hooked up" with Usenet. Complete this step and now you are ready to install your newsgroup client and get it configured. Your one step closer. Yeah! You know, you could just forget about all these complicated steps and fees and just navigate over to the Usenet Tube and watch binary newsgroups for free. Right here in your browser. As easily accessible as the world wide web. Watch Usenet videos on the Usenet tube. Posted 26th May by grggfks MAY Self help from Usenet newsgroups 24 With all the negative news surrounding Usenet these days: ISPs have discontinued their hosting of Usenet due to the inability of Usenet to control posting of child pornography. Warez newsgroups have has also thrown a dark shadow over newsgroups due to copyright issues. The list goes on and on, Its about time a positive aspect concerning this discussion board was brought into light. Over and over we hear about the next immoral upheaval the Usenet has brought to the internet. On a constant basis, I have argued that great things are stored in the many Usenet servers around the world and any step that leads towards Usenets demise is a great loss to humanity. Analogous to the bookopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • burnings of yesteryear. Why destroy a vast knowledge base due to a few black sheep, bad apples... rotten few. Would you not go back to the grocery store and buy milk because last week you mistakenly bought a sour gallon? So, to demonstrate my point I would like to tell a story. A true one and a useful one. A secretary at the place of my employment, discovered she had a debilitating disease called muscular dystrophy, made popular by the all-night telethon hosted by a popular American comedian. Although, she is not a child, the disease has had detrimental effects physically and mentally on her body. We live in a small town and a specialist for such diseases is an afternoons drive away. Making frequent trips to the doctor out of the question and for sure, no one else in this town has this disease. Although, scientific support for the fact that a positive mental attitude is a recipe for survival cannot be supported. I dont think that anyone could disagree that for any life threatening illness such as Muscular Dystrophy and Cancers, that a positive mental attitude can be as important as your medicine regiment. After a few short visits with her I could see that depression was setting in. Being the owner of a Usenet server, I knew of many support groups for all kinds of ailments. I immediately went home hoping a search for muscular dystrophy on the Usenet would turn up some results. Well, I wasnt to surprised to find alt.binaries.musc-dys and because the Usenet is truly a discussion board about anything and everything. Now, I have noticed a great improvements in attitude and actual physical attributes, due directly to her ability to communicate around the world with others that have her disease. They share medicines, both pharmaceutical and home remedies and daily exercises but, I truly believe, that the majority of her improvements are directly related to the ability to share and converse with others with her same affliction. A connection that could not be had by any other means. Many times in our lives, we make decisions on what to keep and what to discard. The best way I have found to make good choices is to weigh the good against the bad. They say that all it takes is one insultopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • to negate twenty compliments but, when looking at this story of a Usenet triumph, I say, this outweighs many, many bads. Next time Im at the grocery store, I will check the date on my milk. Long live Usenet. Posted 24th May by grggfks MAY 16open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • Visit these other usenet newsgroups alt.binaries.erotica alt.binaries.usenet-pictures alt.binaries.usenet-porn alt.binaries.nude-webcams alt.binaries.usenet-blogs alt.binaries.bookmarks alt.binaries.usenet-images alt.binaries.breast alt.binaries.upskirt alt.binaries.candid-beach alt.binaries.boobs alt.binaries.amber-big-butt alt.binaries.interracial alt.binaries.facials alt.binaries.usenet-search alt.binaries.image-search Posted 16th May by grggfksopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • MAY Binary usenet at home or on the go. Thousands of usenet images updated daily, 16 free usenet pics, free usenet pictures and usenet videos and nude cams all on the usenet tube. Come and view some hilarious videos in alt.binaries.humor-skewed flying lawnmower Posted 16th May by grggfksopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  • open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API