LOGINN - Logistics Innovation Uptake


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Presentation of the project behind http://logisticsarena.eu

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LOGINN - Logistics Innovation Uptake

  1. 1. 1Per Olof ArnäsChalmers
  2. 2. The EU loves innovation intransport and logistics!155/365  -­‐  Clever  Girl  by    Ramiro  Ramirez  on  Flickr  (CC  BY)  
  3. 3. The EU loves innovation intransport and logistics!Developmentof ICTImprovingefficency,competitivenessand sustainability155/365  -­‐  Clever  Girl  by    Ramiro  Ramirez  on  Flickr  (CC  BY)  Pushed forwardin researchprograms
  4. 4. The EU lovesinnovation intransport andlogistics!155/365  -­‐  Clever  Girl  by    Ramiro  Ramirez  on  Flickr  (CC  BY)  Thetransportindustrydoes notinvest ininnovation!    a  barrier  by  M.G.  KaAas  on  flickr  (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐ND)  Only 1.1% (vs 5-18%)But…
  5. 5. The transport industrydoes not invest ininnovation!  Poor knowledge ofavailable technology Poor visibility ofbenefitsMany SMEs – reducedcapability of investing
  6. 6. ObjectivesEncourage involvmentand acceptanceIdentify acceleratorsand barriersIncrease understandingThe  Rainy  Forest  in  Hakone  by  Trey  Ratcliff  on  flickr  (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐ND  
  7. 7. Logistics Innovation is the implementation of anew or significantly improved organisationalmethod (business model), process (logisticspractice) or technological application within thecontext of planning, implementing, andcontrolling procedures for the efficient andeffective transportation and storage of goodsincluding services, and related information fromthe point of origin to the point of consumptionfor the purpose of conforming to customerrequirements. Council of Supply Chain Management ProfessionalsPrimula  HDR  by  Erik  Söderström  on  flickr  (CC  BY)  
  8. 8. Primula  HDR  by  Erik  Söderström  on  flickr  (CC  BY)  LogisticspracticesBusinessmodelsTech-nologiesHolistic approach needed!WillrequireSMEs indanger ofbeing cut out!3 pillars of innovation
  9. 9. Primula  HDR  by  Erik  Söderström  on  flickr  (CC  BY)  WP 4InnovativelogisticspracticesWP3InnovativebusinessmodelsWP5Innovativetech-nologiesLOGINN content
  10. 10. Primula  HDR  by  Erik  Söderström  on  flickr  (CC  BY)  WP 4InnovativelogisticspracticesWP3InnovativebusinessmodelsWP5Innovativetech-nologiesTasks:1.  Current state2.  Expecteddevlopments3.  PenetrationbottlenecksWP6: Market uptakeaccelerationand disseminationLogisticsInnovationActionPlanLOGINN content
  11. 11. Primula  HDR  by  Erik  Söderström  on  flickr  (CC  BY)  WP2: Stakeholders enrolmentWP 4InnovativelogisticspracticesWP3InnovativebusinessmodelsWP5Innovativetech-nologiesTasks:1.  Current state2.  Expecteddevlopments3.  PenetrationbottlenecksWP6: Market uptakeaccelerationand disseminationLogisticsInnovationActionPlanWP1: Project managementLOGINN content
  12. 12. Target groupsConnected to the three pillars of innovationLSPShippersAuthorities InvestorsICT Providers0776  -­‐  Binovision  by  Bruce  Stokes  on  Flickr  (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA)  
  13. 13. Intermediate Parties
  14. 14. Marzipan  people  by  Mike  Scoltock  on  Flickr  (CC  BY-­‐NC)  Critical mass iscritical
  15. 15. Communities arebuilt bottom-upDiscussion ExchangeTrustValueReturn onEngagementCat  Conspiracy  by  Craig  EllioV  on  Flickr  (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐ND)  
  16. 16. AssociatedPartners GroupDiscussion ExchangeTrustValueReturn onEngagementCat  Conspiracy  by  Craig  EllioV  on  Flickr  (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐ND)  
  17. 17. 17LOGINN  target  groups  LSP  Investors  ICT  Providers  • bold: partner• italics: APGconfirmedpartner (MOU)• normal:partnershipsreachablethrough membercontactsPeople @ LOGINN•  InterEast  Transport  AB  •  GROHE  AG  •  Mercedes  •  DHL  RETAIL  •  CARREFOUR  •  SABECO  (GRUPO  AUCHAN  SIMPLY)  •  PIKOLIN      •  SAICA    Ins1tu1ons   Shippers  Authori[es  •  Bremenports  GmbH  &  Co.  KG  •  Duisburger  Hafen  AG    •  Autorità  Portuale  di  Trieste  •  SDAG  Gorizia  •  ThPA  –  Thessaloniki  Port  Authority  •  CPA  –  Cyprus  Port  Authority  •  Hellenic  Ports  Associa[on  •  Interporto  Bologna  •  Dutch  Tax  and  Customs  Administra[on  •  HM  Revenue  &  Customs  (UK  Customs)  •  ADIF  (MINISTERIO  FOMENTO)  •  PLAZA  ,PLHUS,  TMZ    •  ZARAGOZA    COUNCIL  •  ARAGÓN    GOVERMENT        •  CERTH  •  BIBA  •  ISL  •  Chalmers  University  •  SFC  •  ITA  •  WSP  •  ECM,  Effizienz  Cluster  Management  •  European  Intermodal  Associa5on,  EIA,  N.N.  •  Campus  Cluster  Logis5cs,  FIR  (RWTH  Aachen)    •  Deutsche  GVZ-­‐GesellschaH  mbH  (DGG)    •  CBRA  -­‐  Cross-­‐border  Research  Associa5on    •  LENS  Living  Lab  Interna5onal  living  laboratory  •  CLOSER    •  Interop-­‐VLAB  Interna[onal  virtual  Laboratory  for  Enterprise  Interoperability  •  BVL  Bundesvereinigung  Logis[k    •  AILOG  Italian  Associa[on  of  Logis[cs  and  Supply  Chain  Management  •  ITS  Hellas  •  SETREF  -­‐  South  East  European  Transport  Forum    •  UniMORE  -­‐  Università  di  Modena  -­‐  Reggio  •  REVENUE  ADMINISTRATIVE  AGENCY  Infrastructure  Providers  Intermediate  Par[es  (Associa[ons,  networks,  Research  Ins[tu[ons  etc.)  Impact  •  Insiel  SpA  •  Singular  Logic  •  TREDIT  •  SINTEF  •  Siemens  AG  •  PSI  Logis[cs  GmbH  •  Selex  Sistemi  integra[  S.p.A  •  DBH  Logis[cs  IT  AG  •  EADS  Astrium  •  OHB  Teledata  •  Man[s  SA  •  INES  plaform  ICT,  NESSI  Plaform  ICT  •  CONETIC  ,  TECNARA  (Cluster)  •  ALIA    • Lughansa  Cargo  AG  • Kuehne+Nagel  • TRANSPORTES  CARRERAS    • TRANSPORTES  OCHOA  • BSH    •  Gebrueder  Weiss  Transport  und  Logis5k  GmbH    •  DHL  Supply  Chain  Central  Europe  •  Schenker  Deutschland  AG  •  WM-­‐Logis[k  GmbH  &  Co.  KG    •  BLG  •  Bremen  Ministry  of  Economic  affairs  labour  and  ports  •  Bundesministerium  für  Wirtschag  und  Technology  •  Fraunhofer  Venture  •  EEN  Enterprise  Europe  Network  •  PRAXIS    •  SODIAR  •  SAVIA  •  CDTI    Promo[on  and  Inves[ng  in  Technology  and  Entrepreneurship  
  18. 18. 18Valida[on  and  feedback  process  LOGINN  Virtual  Arena:  On-­‐line  collabora[on  and  consensus  building  plaform  LOGINNInnovation Action PlanLOGINN    Innova1ve  Solu1on    Toolbox  Iden[fied  projects/studies  Iden[fied  barriers  BusinessmodelsTechnologyLogisticsPracticesMembers  of  the  APG  par[cipate  on  the  on-­‐line  plaform  and  provide  feedback  through  the  plaform  LOGINN  APG  LOGINN  Innova1on  Accelerator  •  Augmen[ng  ECITL  (Business  Plan  Session  &  Investors  Forum)  •  On-­‐line  open  innova[on  •  Synergy  with  Intelligent  Cargo  Forum  Valida[on  and  feedback  process  
  19. 19. logisticsarena.eu
  20. 20. PresentinnovativelogisticsTechnologiesBusiness modelsSolutionslogisticsarena.euSuccess storiesObstaclesExpertise Activities
  21. 21. LOGINN not possiblea few years agoMaturity Lack of toolsNo EC interestYesterdays  Call  by  Vincent  van  der  Pas  on  Flickr  (CC  BY)  
  22. 22. ImpactULTIMATE  FACEBALL!!1!  by  Daniel  CaV  on  Flickr  (CC  BY-­‐SA)  VisibilityBridge gapbetween pilotand marketMatchmaking Help SMEs
  23. 23. •  120 participants•  Highly notablekeynote speakers•  Main EU projectsin the logistics field•  22 countries•  86 companies•  2/3 industry–  12 LSP–  4 Shippers–  13 Authorities–  18 ICT Providers–  38 InstitutionsLOGINN  will  organize  and  promote  ECITL  2013  (WP6)    +  involvement  of  investors  and  set  up  of  Business  Plan  Session  &  Investors  Forum  (Innova&on  Accelerator)  
  24. 24. facebook.com/LogisticsArenatinyurl.com/LogisticsArenaLogisticsArena.eutwitter.com/LOGINNProjectThank you!Join the conversation!