Free Tools in the Classroom


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Great technology tools to use in your classroom

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Free Tools in the Classroom

  1. 1. Let’s Dig Into Some Free Tech Tools If you don't have a QR Code Reader on your smart phone, download I-Nigma. We will use it later in the session! Presented by Patti Oakley Kentucky Academy of Technology Education Murray State University
  2. 2. Reasons for Digital Technology Bloom’s Taxonomy
  3. 3. AutoCollage • Photo collages • Field trips • Book reports • Family • Presentations • Easy!
  4. 4. Glogster Examples: om/qr-codes-in-education/ /photostory/
  5. 5. Photosynth Microsoft Photosynth lets anyone reconstruct a 3D experience from flat photographs and offers both detailed synths and panorama experiences. With a synth, you take numerous pictures of a single item from different angles to create a 3D reality experience. With a panorama, you create an immersive view of a particular place. Examples: Bali, Indonesia Gene’s Can Collection Murray State University
  6. 6. QR Codes Activity: Get into a group of 3-4 people and use a smart phone with a QR Code Reader on it. As a group, go around the room and read the codes. Do what it says to do! You must do 3 different activities! Try it now!! A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional or 2D bar code which can be interpreted by any computer with camera capabilities. Ways to Create: Google URL Shortener creates QR Code with the shortened link Kaywa QR Generator Readers: i-Nigma (also a generator) – apps for most phones Kaywa
  7. 7. QR Codes Examples: • QR Codes on lockers or in bathrooms to advertise to students • Create QR Codes with a famous quotes from books the students have read during the year. Students read the QR Code and answer by telling the name of the book and the author. • Have students do a book review and record it in an audio format. • Attach a QR Code to a worksheet that links to an online tutorial, like Khan Academy or something created by other students or teachers. • QR Code Reader for webcam: • Check out this resource page!
  8. 8. Digital Storytelling The practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories Examples: • • • • • Animoto ( StoryBird Photo Story 3 Story Jumper Little Bird Tales (record audio) Copyright Info: http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.ed u/copyright.html
  9. 9. Screen Casting Examples: • Educreations • Website & iPad app • ShowMe • Website •Screencast Video Recorder • Android app • Jing • Explain Everything • iPad app • Screenr 9/screencasting-apps-for-the-ipad/
  10. 10. Mind Mapping Examples: • • • • iMindMap Basic popplet Idea Sketch MindMeister
  11. 11. Podcasting Software: • • • • Audacity GarageBand PodBean Cinch (Can also record from phone.) Ideas: • • • • • • • Our City Weekly classroom news broadcast Document a field trip Record a class discussion Share book reviews Conduct interviews Review curricular content Do not be tempted to save audio files you are working on in MP3 format, as every time you open and resave them you will lose audio quality. Save your files in uncompressed WAV format and only convert them to a compressed format like MP3 at the very last moment. Recording a podcast tutorial for Windows
  12. 12. Presentions Software: • • • • • Prezi PowerPoint SlideRocket PhotoPeach XtraNormal
  13. 13. Video Editing Software: • • • • • PhotoStory MovieMaker iMovie Animoto SonicPics
  14. 14. For Teachers Teacher Resources: • • • • KATE TICK ShareMyLesson Teacher’s First
  15. 15. Conclusion Article: 100 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About Questions?
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