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Lab Safety in the chemistry lab

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  1. 1. Chemistry Laboratory Safety These Safety Rules Always Apply in the Lab Always wear a lab apron and safety goggles or safety glasses while in lab.
  2. 2. Clothes are expensive and can be damaged by the chemicals used in the lab so you must wear a lab apron in lab.
  3. 3. Never work alone in the laboratory. You should only be working in the lab with your teacher’s supervision.
  4. 4. Wear the right clothing for lab work no dangling jewelry
  5. 5. No open toed shoes Long hair must be tied back Gloves must be worn when required
  6. 6. Only your procedure , a writing instrument, and paper should be taken into the lab.
  7. 7. Please leave purses, backpacks, and everything else in the classroom or in your locker.
  8. 8. Read the entire experiment before entering the lab.
  9. 9. Read chemical labels. Follow the instructions and safety precautions stated on the labels.
  10. 10. Walk carefully in the lab .
  11. 11. Food, beverages, gum, and cosmetics are NEVER allowed in the lab.
  12. 12. Never taste chemicals or touch them with your bare hands.
  13. 13. Do not use the matches given to you to do anything but light your Bunsen burner and do not light your Bunsen burner without your teacher’s permission and direction.
  14. 14. Know the location and operation of the safety shower .
  15. 15. Know the location and operation of the eyewash station .
  16. 16. If you clothes catch on fire, walk to the safety shower , stand under it, and pull the lever to start the shower.
  17. 17. If you get a chemical in your eye , walk immediately over to the eyewash station , turn it on, and lower your head so that your eyes are in the running water. Hold your eyelids open with your thumbs and fingers, and roll your eyeballs around. Flush eyes for 15 minutes. The Results of Poor Eye Washing are on the Next Slide!!
  18. 19. If you have a spill on the floor or lab bench, call your teacher rather than trying to clean it up by yourself.
  19. 20. If you spill a chemical on your skin , wash it off under the sink faucet, and call your teacher .
  20. 21. For all chemicals , take only what you need. If you do take more than you need, NEVER put the used chemical back into the bottle. Ask your teacher what to do with any leftover chemicals.
  21. 22. Always report any accident to your teacher immediately. NEVER take any chemicals out of the lab.
  22. 23. Keep your work area clean and tidy. Always wash your hands with soap and water before you leave the lab.
  23. 24. Chemistry labs are full of possible hazards and hazardous situations. Make sure your behavior does not make you a hazard to yourself and others in lab. No Rough Housing or Horsing Around will be Tolerated!!
  24. 25. Safety Symbols
  25. 26. Just be Smarter put Acid in Water Wrong Right
  26. 27. Never point the test tube at you or anyone else while heating it. WRONG Right
  27. 28. Never directly smell a chemical. Use your hand to waft the vapors toward you. WRONG RIGHT