CYFAR meets Exergaming


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CYFAR meets Exergaming:
New Research Project and Initiative

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CYFAR meets Exergaming

  1. 1. CYFAR meets Exergaming New Research Project and Initiative
  2. 2. CONTACTS • Dr. Barbara Chamberlin, • Dr. Jeanne Gleason, • Pamela N. Martinez,
  3. 3. CYFAR? Children Youth and Families At Risk Funded by the (CSREES) Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service (USDA). Supports more than 600 communities in every state and territory. New Mexico State University
  4. 4. ANTI-OBESITY GRANT • 4 year project (Start Date May 2008) • Multi-state, multidisciplinary team • At-risk, low income groups • National 4-H audiences New Mexico State University
  5. 5. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 1. Better understand impacts of exergames on obesity prevention, including physical, psychosocial and familial effects, through valid, documented, replicable research. Objectives: a. Research physical impacts of exergames through measuring calorie expenditure, heart rate, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production of gamers playing commercially available exergames. b. Research psychosocial effects of exergames, including self- esteem, increased interest in other physical activities, and role of families. 2. Using research-based recommendations, integrate exergames appropriately within nutrition education and obesity prevention programs for at-risk audiences. New Mexico State University
  6. 6. NMSU PROJECT TEAM LEAD INSTITUTION Barbara Chamberlin, PhD Project Role: Project Director Director, Learning Games Lab, New Mexico State University Jeanne Gleason, EdD Project Role: Project Co-Director, Instructional Designer Director, Media Productions Department, New Mexico State University Ann Bock, PhD, RD, LD Project Role: Nutrition Advisor Professor Human Nutrition, New Mexico State University Pamela Martinez,  Director of Multimedia Project Role: Director of Multimedia Head – Multimedia Unit,  NMSU New Mexico State University
  7. 7. CO-INVESTIGATING TEAM Xrtainment Zone Ernie Medina Jr., DrPH, CHFI Project Role: Develop Practical Implementation for inclusion of Families Preventative Care Specialist, Xrtainment Zone Exergames-Based Gym California State University — San Bernadino Bryan Haddock, DrPH Project Role: Lead Researcher on Physical Impact of Games Department of Kinesiology, CSU Maine Medical Center Ann Maloney, MD Project Role: Lead Researcher of Family Impacts and Lead Evaluation Designer Department of Psychiatry, Maine Medical Center West Virginia University Emily Murphy, (PhD, ABD) Project Role: Lead Researcher on Social and Self-Esteem Impacts of Exergames Faculty Research Instructor, Pediatrics Department, West Virginia University New Mexico State University
  8. 8. NMSU MEDIA PRODUCTIONS Current Online Games and Curriculum New Mexico State University Because this project officially started on May 1, 2008 we have no project related research as of yet. Although, members have been doing their own exergaming research for a few years now. I will take you through work that NMSU has completed or is currently working on to show you our development capabilities. All work is available online and is free. (Flash Based Games)
  9. 9. EAT, MOVE, LEARN New Mexico State University
  10. 10. NUTRITION DECISION New Mexico State University
  11. 11. FOOD DETECTIVES New Mexico State University
  12. 12. SCIENCE PIRATES New Mexico State University
  13. 13. LEARNING GAMES LAB New Mexico State University 1. Research space for assessing, evaluating and understanding game play mechanics and the potential for education, as well as characteristics of a wide variety of game players. 2. Development environment for students to learn through programming and design of games, exposure to potential careers, and the math, science and art of game design.
  14. 14. STAKEHOLDERS CYFAR program leaders and field workers who will potentially use the web based resources to integrate exergames into their programs; CYFAR program participants involved in programs utilizing exergames; Researchers and academic leaders with national exergame and games for health specialties. New Mexico State University
  15. 15. EXERGAMES AND CYFAR •Over four years: • Research exergames (physiological, social, psychosocial). • Design nutrition component which ties game-based caloric expenditures to consumption. • Develop exergame design guidelines. • Create online resource for using exergames in CYFAR programs. New Mexico State University
  16. 16. WHAT DO WE NEED TO USE EXERGAMES IN OUR PROGRAMS? evaluation funding models guidelines for use game reviews research updates barrier busters model and... programs New Mexico State University
  17. 17. EXERGAMES ADVISORY NETWORK New Mexico State University We are asking for anyone interesting in Exergaming Research and Development to join the network the network page will be redesigned for a more commercial look that won’t necessarily be tied to the university. This is a start page only.
  18. 18. CONTACTS • Dr. Barbara Chamberlin, • Dr. Jeanne Gleason, • Pamela N. Martinez,