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REFLECTION INN333 Information Programs
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REFLECTION INN333 Information Programs


REFLECT: Week 13 …

REFLECT: Week 13
INN333 Information Programs 2013
Queensland University of Technology

Published in Education
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  • 1. REFLECTION Week 13 INN333 Information Programs 2013 @phamnim
  • 2. pyjamas live conference
  • 3. User experience is about arranging the elements of a product or service to optimise how people will interact with it. (Schmidt, 2010, p. 28)
  • 4. Library 2.0 is a change in interaction between users and libraries in a culture of participation catalysed by social web technologies. (Holmberg, Huvila, Kronqvist-Berg, & Widén-Wulff, 2009, p. 677)
  • 5. explore
  • 6. takeaway #1 Librarian 2.0 is being in a learning process while being an expert. (Huvila, Holmberg, Kronqvist-Berg, Nivakoski, & Widén, 2013, p. 203)
  • 7. takeaway #2 Tools
  • 8. takeaway #3 My community of practice
  • 9. takeaway #4 Build myself online
  • 10. references Holmberg, K., Huvila, I., Kronqvist-Berg, M., & Widén-Wulff, G. (2009). What is library 2.0? Journal of Documentation, 65(4), 668-681. Huvila, I., Holmberg, K., Kronqvist-Berg, M., Nivakoski, O., & Widén, G. (2013). What is librarian 2.0? Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 45(3), 198-205. Schmidt, A. (2010). The user experience. Library Journal, 135(1), 28.
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