Project evaluation questionnaire


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Project evaluation questionnaire

  1. 1. Performance evaluation questionnaire project bilateral Comenius-LLP:All the world,s a stageThis questionnaire was applied to a total number of 100 students from Școala Gimnazială”Gheorghe Țițeica”, Craiova. They were already informed about the project and theseactivities.Question 1: Respondents gender?a. Male -48%b. Female-52%Question 2: Respondents age?1. 12 years-21 students2. 13 years-45 students3. 14 years-34 students4. 15 years-0 students5. 16 years-0 students6. 17 years-0 students46%47%48%49%50%51%52%male female010203040501 2 3 4 5 6
  2. 2. Question 3: Tick the reasons that made you take part in the project.1. I am interested in the topic of the project-58 students2. I love doing new things-34 students3. I want to communicate with students for other countries-63 students4. I want to be involved in activities different from the usual school work-72 students5. I want to practice my English-67 studentsQuestion 4: How did you take part in the project activities?1. I made presentations/films, posters, brochures-54 students2. I took part in school activities-82 students3. I took part in the presentation-35 students4. I took part in the video-conferences-42 studens5. I was a host/a guest of a foreign student-10 students010203040506070801 2 3 4 501020304050607080901 2 3 4 5
  3. 3. Question 5: Please evaluate the project using the numbers from 1 /thelowest/to 5 /the highest?a. The project is important for me:1. 24 students have ticked 42. 76 have tiched 5b. I have learnt new and intersting things:1. 67 students have ticked 52. 22 students have tiched 43. 11- students have tiched 3124%276%67%22%11%
  4. 4. c. I used my own ideas in the projects:1. 61 students have ticked 52. 29 students have tiched 43. 10- students have tiched 3d. I have enjoyed working on the project:1. 88 students have ticked 52. 12 students have tiched 461%29%10%88%12%
  5. 5. e. I communicated with students from other countries:1. All students have ticked 5Question 6: Tick the suitable answer. During the project...I have learnt new information:a. Not at all-15 studentsb. A little-7 studentsc. A lot-78 students0204060801001
  6. 6. I learnt about the school life of our parteners:a. Not at all-3 studentsb. A little-6 studentsc. A lot-91 studentsI learnt more about our partener country/holidays, food, games, etc:a. Not at all- 0 studentsb. A little-8 studentsc. A lot-92 students0%5%95%Not at all A little A lot0%5%95%Not at all A little A lot
  7. 7. I improved my English:a. Not at all- 0 studentsb. A little-5 studentsc. A lot-95 students0%5%95%Not at all A little A lot0%5%95%Not at all A little A lot