Imaginary boyfriend
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  • 1. Imaginary Boyfriend Okay, this was getting downright ridiculous. Of all the annoying arguments she had with Kathie this was surely the worst. ,,Ugh, Kathie I told you already that I don’t need your help!” The red-haired,18-year-old girl groaned as she massaged the bridge of her nose. She gave her blonde best friend a death glare before turning her attention back to the principal, who was giving a speech. It was their first day of senior year and Jessica Smith was already having a bad day. How could she not? Her alarm clock broke and she had to finish her daily routine for less than five minutes. Yeah, that had to be a new record. Then her car just had to break, and she had to wait for the bus, and it had to rain today, and her best friend Kathie Elbert just HAD to start her pestering on “the case”. Yup. Worst. DAY. EVER! ,,Come ON, Jess! You’re a senior now! You’re missing half of your life! So stop being such a bookworm and let me help you find a boyfriend!” Kathie said in a whisper. It wasn’t really that much of a surprise that they took a seat at the very back. That way they wouldn’t attract attention to themselves. ,,Hey! I’m not a bookworm!” Jess hissed back.”We’re seniors. We should be more focused on our studies!,, ,,At this rate you’ll grow up into a single old cat-lady. Come on, even Tom was able to get into a relationship before you did! And this is Tom we’re talking about! Tom! That guy wouldn’t recognize love even if it smacked him in the face!” Kathie reasoned, resisting the urge to throw her hands up in frustration.
  • 2. Jess sighed as she massaged her temples. “You’re wrong, Kat. How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t need any of the guys you plan to set-up for me because I already have a boyfriend?!,, The blonde blue-eyed girl snorted at this. “You’ve been saying that for two years, Jess. You should really change that excuse of yours because, this time, I’m not letting you off the hook.” “It’s not an excuse!,, Jess almost yelled due to irritation. Luckily, she had enough control to keep her voice down despite her short temper. “Yeah, sure….you’ve been saying that since freshman year but we still haven’t met this ‘imaginary boyfriend’ of yours.” Jess at that moment didn’t know which one to do: pull her own hair our pull Kat’s. The latter was very tempting. However, at that time, the meeting ended and everyone stood up to go to their classrooms. Jess jumped to her feet and left her friend. Since the start of high school Kathie had been annoying her to get a guy already. She didn’t get why it was so important to be in a relationship so she always told Kathie that she didn’t want to be in one. But her lack of romantic relationships didn’t have to do anything with her appearance. In fact, with her smooth skin, sparkling emerald eyes and straight, waist-length red hair she was one of the prettiest girls in school. Despite this she still refused to be involved with anyone. However, sometime during freshman year, Kathie became persistent. Very persistent. So one day Jess just had enough and she blurted out that she had a boyfriend that’s studying in another school. She fooled Kathie for some time, but as time passed the blonde became convinced that she was just making up her ‘imaginary boyfriend’.
  • 3. Jess sighed in relief when lunch time came. She was starving and she needed to eat. Now. When she came and sat down by a lunch table she found her group of friends sitting there and already eating. Well let the introduction begin! First is Tom. He had brown hair and light brown eyes that shone with happiness. He was the loudest and most stupid of their group and absolutely adored sweet things. Next is Rika, Tom’s girlfriend. How did they get together was a wonder to everyone. Rika had waist-length midnight-blue hair and pale gray eyes, almost white. She was the most shy of the group. After that is Kathie’s boyfriend Eliot. Another wonder. He’s…well…there are only two things that describe him perfectly: LAZY and SMART. A strange combination don’t you think? If that guy did not have to eat and study he would ALWAYS sleep. ALWAYS. Well until Kathie wakes him with a smack behind the head. They sat at the table and Kathie started to talk about a new transfer student. “Oh my god guys! He was so cool! Well not as cool as my Eliot, but still cool. He got half of the female population on his first day! Isn’t that amazing?” Kathie started again. The occupants of their table groaned.”Please make her stop!” Whined Tom as Rika agreed with him.”You know as much as I do that she won’t stop when she’s gushing about a supposed-cool guy. This is Kathie we’re talking about.” Jess pointed out. “What’s that supposed to mean, Jess?” Asked Kat. “It means what you want it to mean, Kat” “At least I show interest in guys. If I did not know any better, I’d say you swing that way.” Kat said. At this some of the people coughed in shock. “Holy’s not like that, is it Jess?” Asked Tom.
  • 4. “What?! Of course it’s not like that! I told you guys that I have a boyfriend!” Jess yelled. “And he’s not imaginary!” Confirmed Jess. The group calmed down after that, and of course Kat continued with her story about the new student. “Well also his name is-“ But before Kathie could finish her statement, several deafening screams interrupted her. All of the people looked at the café doors. There stood a handsome boy with black hair and very mesmerizing obsidian eyes. “Well that’s him alright. His name’s Alex Moon. So, what do you think, Jess?” Kat turned only to find an empty seat. “What the hell?” Kat asked. “ALEX!!!” Jess shouted as she hugged the surprised, but happy boy. “Hey Jess! Long time, no see. So, how’s my beautiful girlfriend been doing?” Asked Alex. “GIRLFRIEND!!!!” Shouted the whole group. “Yeah, Alex’s my boyfriend! See! I told you he’s not imaginary!” Said a grinning Alex. Kathie was never going to doubt her best friend again. NEVER. End