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Common words in Bulgarian and Romanian
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Common words in Bulgarian and Romanian



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  • BS. Read this as something funny only.
    Some of them are true, but as a whole is terrible wrong.
    French - Romanian and then Bulgarian, for neologisme and i would like to mention this word only: cireasa, pl. cirese ( romanian word and in latin is cerasea) is ...Bulgarian?! Really?! You dont know your own language?! Your language , bulgarian, has thousands of words from Romanian or French, Greek etc VIA Romanian, so from Romanian. you kidding me??
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  • 1. In 1990 Prof. Dr. Otto Kronsteiner from Austria wrote: "OldBulgarian language became a cultural language of allOrthodox Slavs. It is the first public literary language inmedieval Europe long before the occurrence of Europeanliterary languages ​​like German, French, Italian, English,Russian.“ In time Romanians accept the Cyrillic alphabet and use ituntil the mid-nineteenth century, when adopting Latin.Thats why there are so many Bulgarian words in Romanianlanguage.
  • 2. About 14% of Romanian wordsare of Slavic origin. This is dueto the migration of Slavic tribeswho traversed the territory ofpresent-day Romania during theearly evolution of the language.Such a large percentage of thesame words in two not quiteclosely related language is reallyextraordinary.Two types of Slavic borrowingscan be distinguished inRomanian. First came everydaywords describing animals andemotional states, as well asgrammatical features appearingin spoken and writtenRomanian.
  • 3.  чорапи – ciorapi билет - bilet панталони – pantaloni гара - gară блуза – bluză колега - colega гума – gumă фотьойл - fotoliul градина – grădină канапе - canapea капак – capac етаж - etaj маса – masă душ - duș телевизор – televizor гараж - garaj дулап – dulap музей - muzeu магазин – magazin кош - coș
  • 4.  храна – hrană спанак - spanac картофи – cartofi сланина - slănină моркови – morcovi кашкавал - cașcaval баклава – baklava ананас – ananas захар – zahăr портокал – portocala череши - cireșe бостан - bostan
  • 5. сила – silaвина – vinăслава – slavăдраг – dragнадежда – nădejdeмилостив – milostivболнав – bolnăvвесел – veselбогат – bogatжал - jale