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Bulgaria, Romania   what we have in common
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Bulgaria, Romania what we have in common

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  • 1. What do we have in commonBulgaria - Romania
  • 2. Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Romania are countries inEastern Europe.
  • 3. Bulgaria and Romania are situated onthe Balkan peninsula.BulgariaBulgaria is entirely situated onthe peninsula.RomaniaPart of Romania – 9% occupiesthe peninsula.
  • 4. Bulgaria and Romania are neighbour countries – they have 609 kmcommon border - 470 km of them are land frontier.The Danube functions as a border and separates the two countries.
  • 5. The Black Sea is the eastern border of Bulgaria and Romania.Both countries have big seaside towns, ports and resorts.БългарияВарнаРумънияКонстанца
  • 6. Bulgaria Romania
  • 7. The official religion in both countries is Orthodox Christian.The Bulgarians and the Romanians have common holidayswhich follow the Christian calendar.
  • 8. Wallachia used to be a temporary home of many Bulgarianrevolutionaries during the Ottoman yoke. The Bulgarian CentralRevolutionary Committee was established in Bucharest by LyubenKaravelov.
  • 9. Both Bulgaria and Romania gained their independence after theRusso-Turkish War in 1877-1878. Many Romanian soldiers took partin crucial battles for the liberation of Bulgaria on our territory.Bulgaria – 3rd March 1878 Romania – 9th May 1877
  • 10. From 1913 till 1949 South Dobrudza was part of Romania.During that time the residence of Queen Maria of Edinburghwas built in Balchik.
  • 11. The Cyrillic alphabet is used in Bulgaria. Until the middle of the 19thcentury, the time when Wallachia and Moldavia were united, theCyrillic alphabet was also used in Romania. The services in thechurches were performed in Church-Slavonic language.
  • 12. There many similar words in Bulgarian and Romanian.BulgarianмасатухлапортокалливададаскалкутияЗа много годинище не щеRomanianmasătuvlăportocallivadădascălcutieLa mulţi anivrea nu vrea
  • 13. There are similarities in the folk costumes and the customs insome parts of North Bulgaria and South Romania.
  • 14. We have common traditions like wearing “martenitsas” in thebeginning of March.
  • 15. Bulgaria and Romania were part of the Eastern socialist blockbetween 1944 and 1989. There are many examples of thetypical architecture of those times in both countries.България Румъния
  • 16. Both countries joined the European Union on 1.01.2007