2010 Western regional youth event slide show


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2010 Western regional youth event slide show

  1. 1. Western Regional Youth Event “Reaching Beyond the Big Sky”
  2. 2. On the road… … more than <ul><ul><li>28 hours and </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>1700 miles! </li></ul></ul></ul>By the end of the trip we logged…
  3. 3. It was a long drive… z z z z z z z z z
  4. 4. But the breaks were entertaining…
  5. 5. One stop was overrun with squirrels…
  6. 6. 1 st Night - Camp N Sid Sen Relaxing by the lake after a long day of driving
  7. 7. 19 youth from the Pacific NW Conference traveled and attended WRYE together Camp N Sid Sen Getting to know each other
  8. 8. photo of the Student Union Building MSU Billings was our gracious host photo of Petro residence hall
  9. 9. We heard from many talented speakers and performers… Masankho Banda African drummer, singer and story teller.
  10. 10. We heard from many talented speakers and performers… Lost and Found provided music throughout the week.
  11. 11. We heard from many talented speakers… We wrote personal challenges after the Rachel’s Challenge presentation. Rachel, a victim of the Columbine shooting, challenged others to be kind and help others and to see the best in other people – a message her dad relayed to us at WRYE.
  12. 12. We heard from many talented speakers and performers… Amy Roloff Little People Big World
  13. 13. We heard from many talented speakers UCC Speakers included Geoffrey Black <ul><ul><li>President </li></ul></ul>Ann Hanson <ul><ul><li>Minister of Sexuality Education and Justice </li></ul></ul>Mike Schuenemeyer <ul><ul><li>UCC Coalition of LGBT Concerns </li></ul></ul>Darryl Kistler <ul><ul><li>Pastor </li></ul></ul>
  14. 14. Service Projects NUCC Youth spent an afternoon giving back through a variety of service projects including Cleaning up roofing debris from a recent tornado Sorting and hanging donations at the Family Services Center Weeding and cleaning the local zoo
  15. 15. Service Project- Cleaning up roof debris
  16. 16. Service Project – Sorting Donations
  17. 17. Sorting donations resulted in new threads…
  18. 18. Between workshops and activities, we connected with each other…
  19. 19. We made new friends…
  20. 20. …and connected with old friends
  21. 21. Each day, we checked in and shared our experiences
  22. 22. Our meeting room was called BEARTOOTH! BEARTOOTH! BEARTOOTH!
  23. 23. NUCC Youth shared their talents…
  24. 24. All sorts of talents…
  25. 25. We got to be …ourselves
  26. 26. Even our Conference Minister, Rev. Mike Denton got in on the fun!
  27. 27. Last day = fun outings like Rappelling
  28. 28. Rappelling
  29. 29. Pacific Northwest Conference WRYE Participants
  30. 30. Veradale UCC in Spokane hosted us on our way home
  31. 31. Your support helped us get there! THANK YOU!