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SMRC LOI/MOU Addendums

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  1. 1. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 1 of 58 Phillip R. Nakata Aaron S. Nakata Scott Bruce JPD Zahr April, 2014 Available on Slideshare: Download copy at Dba SMRC : Addendums SMRC MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING Changing the Social Web… FOR GOOD Bringing together charities, celebrities, personal and corporate social responsibility, social organizations (media, networks & ‘societies’), multi-player online gaming, social media analytics, social process reengineering services, the dynamics of the social web and the most popular forms of supporting charity, to finance the spectrum of humanitarian causes as a by-invitation-only passive social credit awards & 501(c)3 social impact rating service. Addendums A-J / supplements to SMRC LOI/MOU and/or Partner Terms/Financing: 0: The Market Problems that Social Market Research for Charity Will Solve pg. 3 A: Mission, Articles of Manifesto, SMRC Process – Sponsor- Member Flyers pg 4-8 B: Exec. Summary, 3 yr. income projections, Business Plan, Launch Budget, BIOS pg. 9-16 C: Technical, Business & Stakeholder Overviews & Profiles pg. 17-25 D: Technology – Feature, Function & Value; Application Modules/Interface map pg. 26-32 E: Overview of the On-line Charity Application Space pg. 32-33 F: SMRC Vision and Value pg. 34-36 G: Charity Market Report pg. 37-42 H: Charity & Social Media reference pg. 43-44 I: CSR References/ samples pg. 45-46 J: SMRC’s Go To Market Plan pg. 47-48 K: SMRC’s Behavioral Analytics, Research & Workflow pg. 49-53 L: Everyting you need to know about identity security & privacy pg, 54-58.
  2. 2. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 2 of 58 CONFIDENTIAL Notice The information contained in this document represents the current view of Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) on the issues discussed as of the date of publication. SMRC cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented after the date of publication and it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of SMRC. This Memorandum of Understanding is for informational purposes only. SMRC MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS DOCUMENT. It is the responsibility of the recipient to comply with all applicable copyright laws. Without limiting the rights under copyright, no part of this document may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise), or for any purpose, without the express written permission of SMRC. SMRC may have patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights covering subject matter in this document. Except as expressly provided in a written license agreement from SMRC, the furnishing of this document does not give any reader or recipient any license to these patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Copyright © 2011 dba SMRC. All rights reserved. NOTE: Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to arrange an ad-hoc walk-thru demonstration of the latest implementation of SMRC. Contact: Phillip Nakata Chief Business Officer & Founder, SMRC 355 S. 38th Street Boulder, CO 80305 Tel. <720.590.7430>
  3. 3. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 3 of 58 Re: Seed company w/Extreme growth/value potential. Launch@10 MM+ followers; Grow @1 MM+ followers /mo.; $2.6 BB+ social /sponsor research 1stYR, Grow to $149 BB+ in 3 years; 92%+ to charity +rewards The problems /opportunities /mission that SMRC will solve include, but are not limited to: 1. Generosity: 80%+ of people are interested in philanthropy being a part of all transactions or exchanges of any type (including research, the biggest component of the web). SMRC will allow people (everyone) to create donations +equal rewards for their content, and for responding to research, w/o requiring purchase. Creating value from their everyday social content gives everyone a reason to have a charity profile. 2. Social Cognitive Surplus – revealing the hidden patterns and anomalies: People will be able to generate value for themselves, their sponsors, and their charities from every bit of their everyday social content, feedback & sponsor interaction, aggregated over time time to: (a) See the patterns and anomalies of each person’s greatest interests, (b) Enrich / understand their precise relationship ‎‎/influence with others (based on the common themes of favorite interests and dislikes they share), and (c) Find‎new‎material‎they‎each‎“WILL-LIKE”, from any new interests, of each person’s‎anonymous‎social‎doppelgangers (authenticated, trusted strangers). 3. The Most Valuable content: As content and research are the biggest and most valuable assets on the net, developing a system that knows: how many people know about something (from all their interests), as well as how much each of those people want it – will generate the most valuable content in the world (when applied to tens of millions of people). 4. Monetizing from precise matching: Current content monetization strategies do not know precisely what each person 'will-like', nor do they map the number of common related themes of interest that each person shares with each of their friends and followers. As a result, most advertising today is invasive, based on what sponsors think people want, or want them to like. 5. All content and traffic monetization strategies should be founded on documented, un-bias (e.g. no surveys – based only what people say or notice), market profiling and interactive audience research - that is relevant, educational, emotionally engaging and never invasive. 6. Noninvasive: 46%+ of the on-line community hates invasive advertising and rarely responds. Offering 2X + the response, noninvasive 100% personalized promotion (precisely matched to each persons’ interests and self-qualified by each sponsor’s requirements), would incentivize sponsors to not use invasive practices. 7. Most advertising today only generates a small response as people are so inundated with ads that aren’t 100% personalized to each person’s current, qualified interests. 8. Loyalty based on support for each customer’s favorite charity(s) /cause(s): 60%+ of people will change brand loyalty, in exchange for vendors who support their personal favorite charity. 9. Too many charities: It’s not that there aren’t enough people who want to support charity – there are just too many charities that don’t generate real social impact (for the end beneficiaries). 10. A politically-neutral offering, to boost any economy: As corporate social responsibility, or the “people’s self-tax”. 11. This will allow each person, in their own way, to improve society, based on their everyday social interaction with others; and for responding to sponsors offering preview opportunities precisely matching each person’s interests (WILL-LIKES), without any purchase required to receive rewards (Delivered noninvasively as a 100% personalized, on-demand report). SMRC is the most productive, noninvasive, in-depth anonymous market study, monetization and realization of social- emotional patterns, anomalies and social ‎influences ever conceived, based on society’s public social content, and qualified sponsor research - for humanity, our economy and individual self-fulfillment  (A) ‎Launching with 10+ million sponsor followers; (B) Targeting 147 million subscribers within 3 years to generate: (C) $137 BB+ ‎per year ($2 BB+ 1st year) from research for charity +rewards, (D) $11 BB+ in share- holder research revenue and (E) ‎Stimulate $2+ Trillion in sponsor cause marketing research 'conversions' (commerce).‎
  4. 4. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 4 of 58 Social Market Research for Charity - Mission Statement Mission: Bringing together charities, celebrities, personal and corporate social responsibility, social organizations (including multi-player online gaming), social media analytics, social process reengineering services and the dynamics of the social web to finance the spectrum of only productive humanitarian causes as a by-invitation-only "social rewards service model for charity" (A Passive Social Rewards Service & 501(c)3 Social Impact Rating Service creating donations and member rewards for social content, social market/media research, feedback or sales) Goals:  Capture & analyze the web’s everyday social conversation (& persona profiles), to (1) create a ‘social credit’ system, (2) broad/deep collective social wisdom, (3) an economy of charity to (4) finance the spectrum of only productive humanitarian causes as a by-invitation- only social credit-generating web service for charity... while also supporting the market and un- bias value of our most treasured social capital 1. Empowering the social web's "Follower" markets 2. Creating donations and valuable social/tax member rewards 3. Stimulating 200%+ free and honest feedback 4. A 20% minimum increase in loyalty, more and new business for non-501(c)3 sponsors 5. 200%+ in sponsor goodwill reinforced on a daily basis 6. A 100%+ increase in new supporters for each 501(c)3 7. While promoting worthy 501(c)3 charities, w/un-bias profiling & social impact reporting 8. Creating Social Intelligence 9. Offer $0.03/ profile noninvasive personal advertising – the next ‘google’ for advertising INVESTOR CAPITALIZATION RETURN / IRR: From (1) Grants, Donations, and High Interest 1 Year Loans (at Prime +7%), that include, Triple (3X) the value of the monies granted, donated or loaned, as Annual donations (and credit) to the Grant, Donations or Loan Originator’s Favorite 501-c3’s, or at (2) $3, $25 & $100 million investment rounds - SMRC will generate:  $210 million in (pre-tax value, after expenses) revenues:  Use of $2 Million Funding is for: o Marketing (2/3 – to target 15-20 million members, 500+ charities, 1000+ sponsors & go public w/6 months) o 1/3 for the up-scaled cloud based services to retain (as business intelligence) the on-going 2 yrs+ social/emotional web activity history of 20+ million.  Upon Launch, SMRC will be self-supporting; Thereafter, 25% is to be reinvested [Net $55 million/year] as facility - development - resource funds. SMRC INTERNAL RETURN Direct Percentage of 8% processing/mgmt. overhead: (processing, storing, analyzing/reporting, accounting/credit & 2nd services)  Creating the most competitive edge for Charities  7+ million prospective subscribers in the pipeline w/major charities  $2.2 billion for charity & member rewards (based on the social content before research & commerce revenues)  $220 million from Awards of donations & rewards for public good (1/2 issued by sponsors)  $110 million in sponsor donations and sponsor rewards (deductions)  Stimulating $20-40+ billion for the USA economy (at 15-20X the value of charity)  Alternate Funding Opportunity: For the $2M Partner-Investor, w/45% equity in Founder Shares, this will generate a (35%) $606,000 annual dividend, while increasing the market value of your investment by $69 Million per year, if SMRC doesn’t go Public before that.
  5. 5. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 5 of 58 SMRC Addendum A (con’t) The SMRC Manifesto: Article I. We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all human beings are essentially good; that we are endowed by our biological and cultural ancestors with certain altruistic instincts; that among these are the predispositions to save those in danger, to help those in need, and to give gifts. Article II. The scientific ground for global human solidarity is universally encoded and unambiguously expressed in the library of our species’ DNA and manifests in the common physiology and functionality that foretoken our common teleology. Article III. Ours is an age of unprecedented surplus. Not only are material productivity and prosperity at historical high- points, an abundance of information is at our fingertips like no other time in memory. Whosoever is inclined may reach forth her hand to claim this abundance, due in large part to the transformative technology of the worldwide web. Increased surplus begets increased charity. Article IV. This unprecedented surplus demands unprecedented transparency. Transparency produces trust. Those who mean no harm have nothing to hide. Article V. Ours is an age of ever-expanding, evermore-comprehensive global ecology and global economy. More than ever today, the fate of each is bound to the fate of all. Increased connectedness engenders evermore- common teleology. Article VI. This unprecedented connectedness requires unprecedented trust. Mutual trust ensures unity and enables free interaction. Article VII. Universal solidarity is grounds for universal democracy. Increasingly, world-citizens are realizing the potential of the worldwide web as an environment where free expression and self-organization can thrive. Our solidarity and surplus, coupled with trust and transparency, afford new opportunities to save, help, and benefit each other. Article VIII. Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) steps forward to empower this vision of humanity. Our community represents a fundamentally democratic online environment whose policy is mutual trust and full transparency. We channel our world’s unprecedented connectedness into universal solidarity. We transform our world’s surplus into surplus into unprecedented generosity. All is charity.
  6. 6. Member creates everyday social content, on any public media1 they authorize. (posts, tweets, likes, feedback, etc.) Creates Custom Search Themes from historical and current social activity, tied to member’s charities. Determining what each member WILL like: SMRC non-invasively analyzes public, historical (2yrs), and current social activity, associated with member’s registered favorite charities. No Identity Revealed. Sponsors in every social topic & keyword theme. (add qualifications**) Monetized for member’s/ host’s charities & rewards as compensation for participation & research. Member’s Opportunity Report - database listing rewarding research game opportunities & **requirements. (only in topics they will like based on what they talk about, and the feedback received.) 25 sponsors/day purchasing @ $0.03/member profile = $0.60/day/member($219/yr.). (after service fee, host benefits., and awards. Hosts receive 4% of invitee’s value for their content & research (see below). Syndicated Social Sponsor’s website or storefront Interactive HTML5 Mobile Video compatible. Justifiable Value for Every Marketing $: Promotes goodwill, loyalty, traffic, brand acceptance, retention & hard behavioral research. Determines opportunities related to member’s Custom Search Themes & then non-invasively (encouraging 2x response from the 46% who never respond) promotes opportunities to: Analyzed by: sentiment linguistics, conversational/media topic, likes/ dislikes (how much and why), related to topical trends across multiple media/ similar members. This creates precise custom themes for every social topic / keyword in each person’s everyday public social & sponsor media. ***61% of people will try a new brand when co-branded. 80% will switch brands. 83% want more cause marketing. Study sample size: 248M. (Cone 2010) Inspired by: *All monies in the system are donations w/ trade rewards. All humanitarian 501-c3’s can be registered & receive donations. * Authority website OEM: AdWords / AdSense/ OpenX 4% of the on-going donations’ & rewards’ value of hosted sponsors/members. Minimum of $10.95/year/invitee. Open Source In-line Video alternative to Mobile Flash. Analogies: Amazon or Pandora’s suggestions, on steroids (except in all topics, not just music). **100’s of parameters. More diverse, and accurate than any on the market. 1 Scope: All social media formats are supported.
  7. 7. SPONSORSHIP ADVANTAGES:SPONSORSHIP ADVANTAGES:SPONSORSHIP ADVANTAGES: Maximizing market response, while turning your media into a force for social good. Target 100% qualified leads while co-branding with their personal charities* to promote loyalty, research, and response. Optimized by: Conversational Sentiment Analysis, Measured Social Influence, Trends In Social Doppelgangers, Emotion, all the usual suspects, +100’s more. *61% of American’s say they will try a NEW brand if the brand matches their charity. 80% will switch brands. (Cone Inc, 2010.) $0.03 per anonymous lead/research registration. This purchase monetizes target member’s social content, fulfilling part of our membership offer. Comparing SMRC to AdWords:  AdWord’s $1-$40+, invasive, conversion only advertising, with no goodwill, research, loyalty, education or incentives. Vs.  SMRC’s $0.03/highly qualified target, non-invasive, ~$1-2, incrementally rewarding opportunities that promotes (& documents) retention, loyalty, & goodwill.  Social based, sentiment targeting that deter- mine what your market likes & will like, by analyzing multiple parameters, across our member’s correlated social identities (incl. hobby forums); revealing future markets.  Much higher, incentivized conversion rates.  Documented brand education that only costs relative to your target’s proven retention.  Supplementary to all promotions, across all medias (internet, mobile, print, TV, radio, etc.), by simply implementing a logo.  92% of all moneys in SMRC goes to charity (8% service upkeep, unlike AdWord’s ~32%, with no direct social impact). Additional Benefits: Content Monetization (the incentive for social identity correlation):  In order to incentivize up to date analytics from social interaction, SMRC creates donations & rewards, at ‘day rates’ (awarding min $0.60/day, of $0.75 total), for every piece of authorized, anonymous, public social content, for our members, (and sponsors). (No cost. Funded by sponsors acquiring leads for $0.03/profile.) Networking Rewards:  Have a following? Every member you invite awards you 4% of all their total participation value (4% of min. $0.75/day), as donations to your charities, and your deductible rewards. (Awarding a minimum $10.95/yr./invitee. No cost.) Increased Feedback:  Increased feedback to your content (Facebook, Twitter, website, store-front, etc.), incentivized from our altruistic and personally rewarding content monetization. (No cost. Funded by other sponsors purchasing lead targeting, for $0.03/profile.) Crowd-sourced Traffic:  Massive, crowd-sourced traffic to your media, from people looking to leave you feedback, and convert brand stimulating research for impact +rewards. (No cost.) Increased Testimonials & More:  Our selfless incentive system can be applied to acquire non-bias testimonials, product demonstrations, & post purchase reviews; creating brand champions. Mobility:  Completely compatible with all mobile devices, allowing for on-the-go response to in-store demos (hint, hint), billboards, fliers, QR Codes, etc. SMRC provides complete instructions for full mobile enablement. (No cost.) Educate Your Audience w/ Powerful Incentives: SMRC’s “Where’s Waldo/Trivial Pursuit-like” research game stimulates and incrementally rewards your audience for their proven attention and retention to the details of any of your promotions. Why Register Now? Increase Conversions 100%+ with Powerful Audience Incentives: No longer are ads invasive (a nuisance). Now they are opportunities for incremental altruistic, and personal rewards for documented research & promotional attention/recall; opening up new business from the 46% of people who never respond to advertising. If you were awarded ~$1-2 to your favorite local charity (+equal rewards), would you play an engaging attention game? How much more loyal,* & educated would you be to that brand? *85% of USA says ‘a lot more.’ (Cone Inc. 2010) Inspired By: Additional Research Benefits:  Gauge, and document the effectiveness and absorption of your promotions.  Stimulate massive goodwill and loyalty through selfless, powerful rewards for increased attention; incentivizing brand commitment.  Game structure creates competition amongst friends, increasing referrals to your promotions.  Positively benefit your audience by educating them on the products/ services they wanted anyways. Double Your Rewards for Life!: Since the service is currently in development, pre-registered sponsors & members receive double their donations & rewards for life (but hurry, we are launching soon)! Receive Rewards for 2 Yrs. of Past Social Content: Our system functions the best when we can accurately analyze trends in data. Since SMRC compensates everyone for everything they do, it’s only natural we’d reward for this too. Help Enable Billions of Dollars/Year to Charity: SMRC currently has a pre-registration pipeline of 7 million members. Their content revenues (in order to build their opportunities) will produce a minimum of $219/year/member (of $273.75 total) to their favorite charities per member. Registering today will allow you to influence your follower’s value to your supported charities. Think progress. (720) 204 –3569 SMRC User-Member’s: 1 2 3
  8. 8. 1.) Discover Your Social Doppelgangers; Explore New Interests. Without revealing anyone’s identity. Are you interested in Ferret Legging a.k.a. stuffing a ferret down your trousers (it’s a real sport, look it up)? Well, you’re not alone: there is some- one else in the world just as unique as you! Look! They also happen to be into competitive Worm Charming too! (it’s real too, trust us.) Who knows? Maybe they might be able to introduce you to a new thing or two. 2.) Utilize Your ‘Counter-Part to Personal Search’; Blow Open Your Existence. We give you your own social media trending A.I. which finds you up to date information on all of your current and discovered interests. For instance, if you are talking about that especially wily marmot at last week- ends showdown, we keep you informed with all the news you’d ever need about taming that furry beast. 3.) Have a Tough Decision to Make? Wouldn’t it be convenient to have your own personal A.I. Avatar which can determine the potential outcomes of your queried social scenarios? How valuable would it be to know, without revealing anyone’s identity, what your friends, and society thought about stuffing rodents down their pants? 4.) Monetizing Your Voice for Humanity (and yourself): In order to create sustainable impact through your “Counterpart to Search,” SMRC monetizes any of (every post, like, share, conversation, upvote, star, etc.) your authorized, anonymous, public social content (from Facebook to hobby forums, and beyond) for your personal social causes, plus the equal amount in trade-able rewards, which are as good as cash*. Imagine taking the revenues from our identity free content market research, and instead of distributing it to special interests and ourselves (like most companies do), we distribute it to you and your causes. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it**? Heck, maybe you can save some poor ferrets from some suspecting trousers. Man, they have to hate that… Where does the value come from? Please visit *The purchase of the ability to promote to you non-invasively, and without revealing your identity, consequently monetizes your social content. 5.) Impact Society With Your Market Response; Help Destroy Invasive Advertising. Imagine a world where advertising isn’t a nuisance, but rather a stimulus for society. Instead of invasive, irrelevant advertising, SMRC uses the same “search*” to find you sponsored offers that are directly related to your interests; non- invasively published separately off page. If you choose to respond, you can create significantly more impact and rewards simply by playing a “where’s Waldo/trivial pursuit- like” research game, which tests, and rewards, your attention to the details of your environment. Rates of Social Monetization: As donations and equal rewards. At $219+/yr. ($0.60/day) minimum from any of your authorized, public social media interaction/content. The more you communicate, the more social value you create. The sky’s the limit here. At $2+ average/instance for perfect response to the research games. At $5/testimonial and/or 5% total purchase value back on optional purchases from SMRC sponsors after answering a Post-Purchase Review. Invite Your Friends, Followers, and Colleagues to Create More Social Impact! 4% of invited follower’s total value** (minimum $10.95/year), while enabling them to monetize their voice for their causes. At $0.438/yr. per invited follower’s invited follower to your impact and rewards. (4% of 4%. Know anyone big?) **Total (100%) minimum value created daily is $0.75/day from content alone, assuming no research participation, and little social interaction. 80% goes towards your causes, with 4% to hosting rewards, and 8% to your gift-able charitable awards to your friend’s causes. Only 8% of total value goes to SMRC for service upkeep. 92% of all revenues go to charity. FIVEFIVEFIVE NO COST MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS:NO COST MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS:NO COST MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Saving the world by giving true action and value to your voice.
  9. 9. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 9 of 58 Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) Executive Summary (Cause Marketing the ‘Followers’ markets as a ‘by-invitation- only’ Passive Social Member Awards & 501-C3 Rating Service) In the new business climate of today’s technology, from time to time, an investor/sponsor gets a chance to participate in a paradigm shift in an industry. SMRC is poised to change the world for the better by providing a unique funding vehicle for every qualifying 501-c3 charity. We have developed a means of passive funding for the charities, by empowering (at a minimum $219/yr.) the social market of sponsor 'followers' (10-1000X larger than each sponsor's direct members and supporters), each as a new supporter of five (5) worthy 501- c3's (the latter three typically being local).  Social media trending data (EVERY Tweet, Facebook or blog post, SMS, comment, etc.) is sold to cause marketing of this charity 'follower' market, into a program that matches each party's charity profile (ranging from popular national to the smaller, locally popular 501-c3’s, which have MUCH higher acceptance & loyalty rates) with sponsors wiling to offer:  A 5% donation and equal social credit member rewards with any purchase (or a smaller donation and social credit member rewards for just giving feedback).  An alternately offer, a small donation and rewards for answering a research game of attention and recall (@$0.06-$2)  Rewards for any sponsor interaction, that increase ad penetration with full attention 500%+  Sponsor POS (in store) promotions (as compared to ONLINE ads, that use social media research), offer a 5% donation to any qualified 501-c3 along with social credit member rewards, for purchase; with local, smaller charities being more popular.  Similarly, feedback and testimonials to sampling, in-store trials and demos creates donations & rewards ($1-$10)  Along with a recommended rates of 7-10%+ of the price for purchase related to on-site demonstrations, the combinations of incentives for reviews & testimonials (not requiring purchase) create a powerful incentive to attend  Downstream and ethical 3rd party referrals are supported by 501-c3 social impact rating reports, and through enticing incentives, the service will launch week one with over 4 2 million members. By redirecting the research, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and advertising revenue streams for the benefit of charities, stimulating a 200%+ increase in feedback and a 20% increase in business/membership for each sponsor, this service will generate $2+ billion for the 501(c)3 market, and grow annually thereafter (creating 100%++ increase in funding for all WORTHY 501-c3’s). Financials: SMRC’ financial model will create: a) $0.60 to $1.80 min/day/member for charity and social/financial rewards, from revenues generated of $0.75 to $2.25 min/day/member, for the value from social content (content sales)  $0.75 is created from social content (501(c)3 followers media schedules) – based on 25 of 1000 sponsors acquiring each member's profile at $0.03/profile (compare to market profiles @ $0.10-$0.25 each) and is paid out as follows: o $0.60/day each, to the member's favorite 501(c)3 AND to the member's social/tax credit rewards ($219/yr) o $0.03/day each, to the member's hosts' favorite 501(c)3 AND to the hosts' social/tax credit rewards ($10.95/yr) o $0.06/day to SMRC's social credit award programs ($21.90/yr.) o $0.06/day/member to SMRC service ($21.90/yr.) b) Market (Attention) Research, Reviews, Recommendations and Testimonials (via multiple ad/promotion delivery channels)  Quizzes of attention and recall to online presentations (alternate to purchase at $0.06 - $2)  Reviews and Testimonials to in-store sampling, trials (@ $1-$2) & demonstrations (@ $2-$10)  Using standard SEM/AdSense-like channels (Google, Yahoo, Bing), Social media and alternative Ad delivery channels c) 5% of the value of sponsor participation and/or sales of sponsors’ products and/or services (as more from donations & social credit) - i.e. 5% of all sponsor product/service sales to SMRC members using social market research and media schedules. NOTE: 5% for purchase 'packages' to sponsors - not included in the business projections.  Social credit: good for prizes, games, awards of tax receipts, trade for discounts, or exchange w/for-profits  NOTE: 35% of the revenue value generated as social credit is taxable if the social credit is traded or converted to cash value - thus the donation goes through, but the social credit value is taxable income to the recipient. Markets:
  10. 10. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 10 of 58 a) SMRC and SMRC Sponsors invite other sponsors (Celebrities, Charities, Businesses and Social Organizations - media, network & societies). SMRC sponsors invite their members, employees, social followers and other sponsors b) SMRC Sponsors seek to increase the penetration of their promotion with full audience attention 500%+ c) Charities are influenced by sponsors; Sponsors respond to their charities Marketing: includes (1) Sponsor to sponsor, (2) Sponsor to member, (3) Member to member, (4) SMRC to 501(c)3, and (5) SMRC to other sponsors (not 501(c)3s). Marketing activity pre-registration, launch, and on-going promotions will be focused on the simple but powerful member to member message:  Message: (3 cents per follower per day for life – for charity and rewards; the ultimate social rewards program; SMRC offers Social credit for content/feedback, networking, purchases, awards - good for prizes, games, awards of tax receipts, trade for discounts, or exchange w/for-profits o SMRC creating the greatest social impact by promoting 501(c)3’s (focus: on smaller, more social 501-c3, , local to both supporters & SMRC sponsors, creating the biggest social impact) o Social credit can be exchanged for prizes, games, awards of tax receipts, trade for discounts, or exchanged with for profit companies.  Sponsors: Sponsors receive donations and social/tax credit for their social content and feedback. They also receive 5% of the on-going social credit generated by new members who join based on their invitation; other benefits include (1) the most valuable social market game of attention and recall and (2) a SMRC assimilation strategy (validating a prospective sponsor’s charity’s social impact rating). Services (Operations):  Creating/managing donations and social credit for: o Social content and feedback creating charity- media schedules and social intelligence reports o Networking (at 5% on-going to each member's host) o Market Research quizzes of attention & Recall o Reviews and Testimonials to coupons for sampling, in-store trials and on-site demonstrations o Purchases (donations and social credit w/all sponsored participation)- i.e. effective discounts on everyday items o Awards – i.e. recognition for volunteering, events  Administration of social media and charity profiles  Redemption/exchange of social credit points (prizes, events/contests, awards incl. tax receipts)  501(c)3 mission profiling and social impact rating service  Free Access to charity-media schedules of each sponsor's members  Cause Marketing (with social credit) to the charity ‘follower’ market (60-80%+ from non-501(c)3 sponsors): o Program of media schedules and "donation & social credit" packages o Proven 20%+ increase in business (more and new) o Average 5% increase in margin offsetting 5% CSR expense for donations & social credit 'package')  Social Intelligence reports (what people are saying)  The most powerful implementation of "Goodwill" o Points, Follower's points continuously updated, Sponsor/Host name displayed on taskbar  Free access & intercommunications between all users  AI Avatars tapping into SMRC "social intelligence" systems and external search Development:  Best Practices implementation of Drupal 7 with PostgreSQL on cloud servers, internationalized (World's leading Open Source Content Management specialized in supporting social medias)  Sponsor and member profiling (Social Media and Charity profiles)  501(c)3 mission profiling and social impact rating reports  Passive social credit award service (content, networking, purchases, awards)  Market packaging: Followers of charity media schedule(s) and (donations & social credit) bonus 'packages'  SMRC taskbar, administration and redemption/exchange pages  Social Intelligence reports (what people are saying)  Free access and intercommunications between all users  Artificial Intelligence Avatars tapping into SMRC "social intelligence" systems and external search Management:  Former leading IBM Chief Technology Officer (and 1st report to IBM Intellectual Capital); SME in mobile, web, 2.0-4.0, Enterprise, commerce, wireless & social technologies and business strategy, planning and management.  A team of trained promoting ‘hosts’ who find offering donations and social credit to their clients creates a significant brand (competitive) advantage, while providing clients recurring donations for their social content.
  11. 11. B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U 2 Social Market Research for Charity ­ Income (and Cash Flow) Statement Projections ­ Year One (3 month build, first 9 months of Revenues, then 2nd year by quarters, & third year summary ) 3 All cells have formulas except for those in blue 4 5 Entities To Date Month1 Month2 Month3 Month4 Month5 Month6 Month7 Month8 Month9 Month10 Month11 Month12 Yr 2 Q1 Y2 Q2 Y2 Q3 Y2 Q4 Yr3 6 Members 7,000,000 7,500,000 8,000,000 9,000,000 10,000,000 11,000,000 12,000,000 13,000,000 14,000,000 15,000,000 16,000,000 17,000,000 18,000,000 30,000,000 42,000,000 54,000,000 66,000,000 182,000,000 7 Sponsors (incl. charities) 12 100 250 400 500 800 900 1,000 1,100 1,200 1,300 1,400 1,500 2,700 3,900 5,100 6,300 15,900 8 Charities 8 150 275 350 425 500 575 650 725 800 875 950 1,025 1,925 2,825 3,725 4,625 11,825 9 SMRC Staff 8 20 23 26 29 32 35 38 41 44 47 50 53 75 115 160 200 400 10 11 Income: Month1 Month2 Month3 Month4 Month5 Month6 Month7 Month8 Month9 Month10 Month11 Month12 Yr 2 Q1 Y2 Q2 Y2 Q3 Y2 Q4 Yr3 12 Content Sales $0 $0 $0 $75,750,000 $166,815,000 $272,700,000 $295,425,000 $318,150,000 $340,875,000 $363,600,000 $386,325,000 $409,050,000 $2,047,275,000 $2,866,185,000 $3,685,095,000 $4,504,005,000 $49,680,540,000 13 Research Income $0 $0 $0 $75,750,000 $166,815,000 $272,700,000 $295,425,000 $318,150,000 $340,875,000 $363,600,000 $386,325,000 $409,050,000 $2,047,275,000 $2,866,185,000 $3,685,095,000 $4,504,005,000 $49,680,540,000 14 Commerce Research Income at 5% of purchases $0 $0 $0 $75,750,000 $166,815,000 $272,700,000 $295,425,000 $318,150,000 $340,875,000 $363,600,000 $386,325,000 $409,050,000 $2,047,275,000 $2,866,185,000 $3,685,095,000 $4,504,005,000 $49,680,540,000 15 Professional Services ­ Cause Marketing, web & Mobile Technologies $20,000 $50,000 $80,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $1,200,000 $1,200,000 $1,200,000 $1,200,000 $9,600,000 16 Research Income Sub­Total $20,000 $50,000 $80,000 $227,350,000 $500,545,000 $818,200,000 $886,375,000 $954,550,000 $1,022,725,000 $1,090,900,000 $1,159,075,000 $1,227,250,000 $6,143,025,000 $8,599,755,000 $11,056,485,000 $13,513,215,000 $149,051,220,000 17 Investment Income $666,666 $666,666 $666,666 $333,333 $333,333 $333,333 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 18 Gross Income Sub­Total $686,666 $716,666 $746,666 $227,683,333 $500,878,333 $818,533,333 $886,375,000 $954,550,000 $1,022,725,000 $1,090,900,000 $1,159,075,000 $1,227,250,000 $6,143,025,000 $8,599,755,000 $11,056,485,000 $13,513,215,000 $149,051,220,000 19 2021 22 23 24 25 26 Cost of Goods Month1 Month2 Month3 Month4 Month5 Month6 Month7 Month8 Month9 Month10 Month11 Month12 Yr 2 Q1 Y2 Q2 Y2 Q3 Y2 Q4 Yr3 27 Donations & Rewards ­ 80% of content, research, commerce $0 $0 $0 $181,800,000 $400,356,000 $654,480,000 $709,020,000 $763,560,000 $818,100,000 $872,640,000 $927,180,000 $981,720,000 $4,913,460,000 $6,878,844,000 $8,844,228,000 $10,809,612,000 $119,233,296,000 28 Donations & Rewards ­ 4% of content, research, commerce to follower or sponsor's host $0 $0 $0 $9,090,000 $20,017,800 $32,724,000 $35,451,000 $38,178,000 $40,905,000 $43,632,000 $46,359,000 $49,086,000 $245,673,000 $343,942,200 $442,211,400 $540,480,600 $5,961,664,800 29 Donations & Rewards ­ 4% of content, research, commerce to Awards Program by Sponsors $0 $0 $0 $9,090,000 $20,017,800 $32,724,000 $35,451,000 $38,178,000 $40,905,000 $43,632,000 $46,359,000 $49,086,000 $245,673,000 $343,942,200 $442,211,400 $540,480,600 $5,961,664,800 30 Donations & Rewards ­ 4% of content, research, commerce to Awards Program by SMRC $0 $0 $0 $9,090,000 $20,017,800 $32,724,000 $35,451,000 $38,178,000 $40,905,000 $43,632,000 $46,359,000 $49,086,000 $245,673,000 $343,942,200 $442,211,400 $540,480,600 $5,961,664,800 31 32 Pre­Launch Technical Development $222,222 $222,222 $222,222 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 33 34 Computers for Development ­ lease at $300 per month/per ($3,600) ($3,600) ($3,600) $4,200 $5,100 $6,000 $6,300 $6,600 $6,900 $7,200 $7,500 $7,500 $39,600 $56,700 $73,800 $90,000 $720,000 35 Data storage (at total of 10 mgb per person per year): Cloud ($125,000) ($133,333) ($150,000) $166,667 $183,333 $200,000 $216,667 $233,333 $250,000 $266,667 $283,333 $300,000 $1,500,000 $2,100,000 $2,700,000 $3,300,000 $36,400,000 36 Data bandwidth Costs ($25,000) ($26,666) ($30,000) $33,333 $36,667 $40,000 $43,333 $46,667 $50,000 $53,333 $56,667 $60,000 $300,000 $420,000 $540,000 $660,000 $7,280,000 37 Data Storage Acquisition cost for Reports (commerce & monthly) ($125,000) ($133,333) ($150,000) $166,667 $183,333 $200,000 $216,667 $233,333 $250,000 $266,667 $283,333 $300,000 $1,500,000 $2,100,000 $2,700,000 $3,300,000 $36,400,000 38 Technical Development (on­going related to revenue streams) / avg. $7,085 / mo./dev. $0 $0 ($35,425) $49,595 $63,765 $70,850 $70,850 $70,850 $70,850 $70,850 $70,850 $70,850 $361,335 $510,120 $680,160 $850,200 $6,801,600 39 Support Services (on­going related to revenue streams) avg $5,415/mo./person $0 $0 ($37,912) $37,905 $43,320 $54,150 $59,565 $64,980 $70,395 $75,810 $81,225 $81,240 $438,615 $633,555 $812,250 $974,700 $7,797,600 40 Employee Benefit Program ­ at 33% of salaries $0 ($24,201) $29,164 $35,691 $41,663 $43,467 $45,272 $47,077 $48,882 $50,687 $50,692 $266,623 $381,187 $497,420 $608,239 $4,865,913 41 Total SMRC Manpower related to on­going COG ­ Dev:Support Ratio 5:7 7:7 9:8 10:10 10:11 10:12 10:13 10:14 10:15 10:15 17:27 24:39 32:50 40:60 80:120 42 43 Gross COG Sub­Total $222,222 $222,222 $222,222 $209,557,530 $460,960,610 $753,264,663 $816,029,849 $878,795,035 $941,560,222 $1,004,325,408 $1,067,090,595 $1,129,848,282 $5,654,885,173 $7,916,872,162 $10,178,865,830 $12,440,836,939 $137,218,555,513 44 45 46 47 Operating Costs Month1 Month2 Month3 Month4 Month5 Month6 Month7 Month8 Month9 Month10 Month11 Month12 Yr 2 Q1 Y2 Q2 Y2 Q3 Y2 Q4 Yr3 48 Pre­Launch Marketing Development $444,444 $444,444 $444,444 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 49 Laptop Computers for Mktg on lease at $200/mo/person ($2,000) ($3,400) ($5,000) $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $6,000 $30,000 $45,000 $60,000 $72,000 $576,000 50 Marketing Staff Budget ($83,333) ($141,666) ($208,333) $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $1,250,000 $1,875,000 $2,500,000 $3,000,000 $24,000,000 51 Marketing Expenses ($166,000) ($280,000) ($410,000) $500,000 $500,000 $500,000 $500,000 $500,000 $500,000 $500,000 $500,000 $500,000 $2,500,000 $3,750,000 $5,000,000 $6,000,000 $48,000,000 52 Marketing Commissions (if receiving a salary or retainer) ($0) ($0) ($0) $360,000 $396,000 $432,000 $468,000 $504,000 $540,000 $576,000 $612,000 $648,000 $3,240,000 $4,536,000 $5,832,000 $7,128,000 $12,960,000 53 Legal & Financial ($10,000) $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $240,000 $240,000 $240,000 $240,000 $1,920,000 54 Company Benefits ($25,000) ($42,500) ($62,500) $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $375,000 $562,500 $750,000 $900,000 $7,200,000 55 Office Rent ($0) ($10,000) ($10,000) $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $160,000 $160,000 $160,000 $160,000 $1,280,000 56 Phones and Utilities ($0) ($5,000) ($5,000) $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $80,000 $80,000 $80,000 $80,000 $640,000 57 Total SMRC ­ Admin and Mktg. Manpower 10 17 25 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 50 75 100 120 240 58 59 Gross Operating Costs Sub­Total $444,444 $444,444 $444,444 $1,226,000 $1,262,000 $1,298,000 $1,334,000 $1,370,000 $1,406,000 $1,442,000 $1,478,000 $1,514,000 $7,875,000 $11,248,500 $14,622,000 $17,580,000 $96,576,000 60 61 62 Launch 63 Month1 Month2 Month3 Month4 Month5 Month6 Month7 Month8 Month9 Month10 Month11 Month12 64 Cost Totals COG and Operating Costs $666,666 $666,666 $666,666 $210,783,530 $462,222,610 $754,562,662 $817,363,849 $880,165,035 $942,966,222 $1,005,767,408 $1,068,568,595 $1,131,362,282 $5,662,760,173 $7,928,120,662 $10,193,487,830 $12,458,416,939 $137,315,131,513 65 Pre­Tax Profit and Cash Flow Gross Profit (income ­ costs) $20,000 $50,000 $80,000 $16,899,803 $38,655,723 $63,970,671 $69,011,151 $74,384,965 $79,758,778 $85,132,592 $90,506,405 $95,887,718 $480,264,827 $671,634,338 $862,997,170 $1,054,798,061 $11,736,088,487 66 Cash Flow CashFlow 686,666 716,666 746,666 227,683,333 500,878,333 818,533,333 886,375,000 954,550,000 1,022,725,000 1,090,900,000 1,159,075,000 1,227,250,000 6,143,025,000 8,599,755,000 11,056,485,000 13,513,215,000 149,051,220,000 67 68 69 70 71 72 NOTE1: The average value (in donations w/rewards) per social content asset per person per day is $0.01 ­ $0.02 (at 30­60 pieces per day). The values(as donations w/rewards) modeled for [1] sponsored research quizzes, [2] post­purchase reviews & [3] user testimonials, at the same rate (per day, month or year) as for each person's everyday daily social content (generated by the cause marketing sponsors acquiring the content @ $0.03 per anonymous profile, while registering their opportunity to generate a minimum of $0.75 total [$0.60 for the mmber] per day per member in value) are EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE. The contribution from the sponsored rewarding research opportunities should be much greater than for the content. NOTE2: A Large pecentage of the revenues generated from social content and the rewarding sponsored research is TOTALLLY NEW BUSINESS ­ e.g ­ the 46% of the on­line population that normally never responds to classical invasive 'advertising'. The next largest audiences includes everyone who didn't think they could afford to donate (ex: public radio fans), as well as everyone who wants to know the social impact of their contributions. NOTE3: SMRC creates a paradigm shift for the advertising industry ­ turning the perception of 'advertising' into 'personal opportunity' (for generating social good with no purchase required), while turning anyone into a philanthropist (based on sharing their content and respoonding to sponsor's research), interacting with sponsors who share the same social/philanthropic profiles as each member. The three strategic elements of SMRC's offering are (1) technology that accurately assesses the emotional character of social content, (2) the creation of a charity profile for every person for the value of their everyday social content, and (3) the enablement of interactive mobile video ­ turning cellphones into the new social portals for social good. With SMRC, every sponsored mobile and web application, generates donations with rewards for usage that includes feedback. Social Market Research for Charity's Growth, Income, Cost of Goods and Operating Cost Models NOTE: The greyed out sections above represent either placeholder references to human resource allocations in the launch budget, or data/content cost calculations for what it would cost if the cloud storage services were "live" based on the number of members. NOTE: The greyed out sections above represent placeholder human resource allocations or other sub­itemization of the pre­launch budget. NOTE: Because we don't have upfront costs for the content, SMRC's cash flow is the same as SMRC's Gross Income
  12. 12. 73 Growth & Income 74 75 Cost of Goods 76 77 Operating Costs 78 79 80 Reference A copy of the Excel Spreadsheet is located at 81 Year 1: From content (day rates) and rewarding research offers (min. same rate), based on (1) a 3 month pre­launch (marketing & development), (2) revenue escalation during the first 3 months after launch ($0.20 ­ $0.60/day each to member of $0.25 ­ $0.50 ­ $0.75 per day generated from member's content & research), (3) 10 million people & 500 sponsors to start, (4) growing at a minimum rate of 1 million more members and 75 new sponsors per month initially from (a) a SMRC partner's call center (serving as a special sponsor, co­owned by our major partners so all marketing expenses are absorbed by that sponsor in return for the on­going benefits of being a SMRC host, and (b) After the first 3 months following launch, reducing the partner call center (above) by 50%, with new sponsors being 'invited' by SMRC's base of growing sponsors. SMRC can make these projections, as our member profiles to start, will include 2+ years of activity records per person. Year 2 and 3: > Year 2: Growth rate of 4 Millions more members per month, and 400 more sponsors per month, and 300 more charities per month, projected by quarter > Year 3: Growth rate of 8 Million more members per month, and 800 more sponsors per month, and 600 more charities per month, projected by year > NOTE: SMRC is projected to go Public, year 1­3, but by the end of the third year, it will achieve market saturation. Unfriendly Competition is eliminated by creating an offering, which makes it disadvantageous to be an unfriendly competitor, as compared to an external business partner (sharing the market). Investments: over the first six months (3 month pre­launch To 3 months after launch), $3 Million ($2 million over 3 month pre­launch, and $1 during 3 month post­launch) Pre­launch Technical Development (at 1/4 to 1/3 of 3 month launch budget) ­ or $166,666 to $222,222 (budget) per month Pre­launch Marketing Development (at 2/3 ­ 3/4 of 3 month launch budget) ­ or $444,444 (budget) to $500,000 per month Data Storage (Cloud based, 10 Mgb per person per year, all coded data; $1­2 M per year per 10 million members ­ or $0.008333 ­ $0.016666 per month per member) >>> Main costs of research revenues: 80% of revenues to sponsor and follower donations and rewards 4% to follower or sponsor's host 4% to social awards programs by sponsors 4% to social awards programs by SMRC promoters 8% to SMRC business and technology services (INDIRECTLY presented as Revenues before Gross Profits) > Data Acquisition [for reports] Costs (returning only aggegate summaries by charity) for rewarding research registration reports; $2 to $5 M per year per 10 million members ­ or $0.016666 to $0.041666 per member per month ­ cost start after launch. > On­going Technical Development ­ at an average rate of $7085 per month per developer (to equate to a target rate of $0.15 per member per year), 5 people growing to staff of 10 in first year, budget starts after launch. > On­going Support (directly related to marketing rewarding services) ­ at an average rate of $5415 per month per support personnel (to equate to a target rate of $0.15 per member per year), 7 people to start, growing to 15 in first year. > Employee benefits to equate to a 33% cost of salaries.74:74 NOTE: 95% of all marketing is focused on identifying, contacting and registering new sponsors (partner or other sponsors as hosts), and/or registering sponsor's rewarding research offers, and/or giving out 4% of all rewards to charity. Cost Categories: > Laptop Computers for SMRC distinguished promoters/co­founders > Marketing staff budget at $100K per rep average ­ starting with 10, growing to 25 > Marketing Expenses (supporting partner & sponsor marketing and services) > Marketing commissions (20% of standard sponsor benefits if on salary) > Legal and Financials > office rent: 2 offices at $5k each per month > phones & utiliites: at half the office rent rate > Employee benefits to equate to a 30% cost of salaries.
  13. 13. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 13 of 58 SMRC Business Plan – Marketing, Operations, Development, Financials/Budget and Management SMRC Marketing:  15 full-time startup SMRC promoters to contact 6000 sponsors in 3 months/ target 1000 to start; 50% as celebrity, business & social organization sponsors for cause marketing. All Major Celebrity, Charity, Business and Social organization sub- classes identified, and assigned  SMRC's Brand of Cause Marketing: o Media Schedules free to each charities on their followers, or at $0.03 per profile to other sponsors - for Use ONLY in matching offers to the charity's extended follower base for that charity o Quizzes and Feedback questions per program at $0.10-$10 per response (not pre-paid); Form as automated codes for online, coupons for in- store/POS feedback and/or sales o Purchase integration as coded $0 cost entry with receipts and/or SMRC marketing coded coupons  Creating the most valuable social market research (penetration of the promotion with the guarantee of the full attention of the audience – via a game- like, no-cheating interface of questions in the style of “Trivial Pursuit”  SMRC’s Sponsor Assimilation Strategy: o Promoting invitations through sponsor (influencing the member’s initial charity profile) along with the on-going 5% of their rewards o Assimilating sponsors via a due diligence process that includes:  Qualifying sponsors based on their follower number and charities  Qualifying/verifying charities-sponsor relations, initial Social Impact rating, Charity follower numbers, Alternative sponsors/celebrities and projections followed by reference call to original prospective sponsor or celebrities  Leveraged sponsor follow-up call with all of sponsor’s interested parties  Current prospective sponsors ready to begin pre-registration: St. Jude Hospital, Arts for LA Ctr., Military chaplains, NFL, US Green chamber of Commerce, Booster Clubs of America, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, .... to name a few  Target 10+ million members to start; each with 1.5 years of historical social content/schedules (from original projection of 2 million to start)  To grow to 4 extended teams of 6 SMRC extended service reps promoting new sponsors and creating social impact rating reports SMRC Operations:  Monitoring social member reward and donation assignments from (a) everyday social content and feedback, (b) inviting others to register as their host, (c) social and syndicated media quizzes and/or purchase, (d) in-store feedback and/or purchase and (e) Awards by SMRC promoters and sponsors in recognition/incentive of worthy public service/contribution/potential  Developing 501-C3 social impact rating reports on all 501-C3; supporting adjustments for small charities reflecting fixed overhead costs for all sizes in any class and industry.  Scanning all members' profile every few minutes for member updates (new or feedback) in social / interactive-syndicated media AND all members similar social activity profiles that have that member as their host - assigning social credit member reward (and related donations) for each piece of new or updated social content  Quizzes and opinion Feedback for attention to online interactive presentations, sampling, and demonstrations; At recommended standards or: o Value of $______ for quizzes and online feedback o Value of $______ for sampling o Value of $______ for demonstration  Managing additional (95% automated) assignment of social member rewards and donations to each member's favorite charities for ( a. Purchases (member or new, regular or demo), b. Inviting others, or c. From awards of social member rewards in recognition of public service impact, At the recommended rates or: o Value of $______ per specific instance (code) o via either automatic coded process assignment or codes or coupons  All donations associated with SMRC social member rewards are deposited into a charitable trusts' sub- accounts, where all charities receiving those donations become authorized administrators of the monies deposited for their 501-C3. There is no charge for this service that represents 80% of the
  14. 14. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 14 of 58 value of the member's social credit (the balance at 4% to the member's host, 8% to social awards & 8% to SMRC)  Generating anonymous member (to member) social media and sponsor market research that funds charity and social member rewards, while maintaining invaluable free social market research (exposing only what people are talking about)  With only minimal interface requirements, best practice design, an enterprise class DB and the world's leading Open Source content management service specializing in all social mediums, an on- going maintenance and development technical staff of 5-7 members. Have teams of out-sourced, off- shore programming teams in addition to Aaron Nakata, SMRC's VP of Technology  Managing the SMRC Sponsor Assimilation Strategy: o Pre-Assessing prospective partner’s social profile  Followers, Sponsor’s favorite charities and Business-Social initiatives for SMRC social market research, reviews/testimonials or ecommerce  Sponsor’s charities: o Relationship o Statements for SMRC’s Social Impact Rating Reports o Follower numbers of charity o Other Celebrity or other sponsors for each charity o Projections of charity’s realistic potential o Request reference call to initial prospective sponsor or alternate celebrity sponsor  Contact prospective sponsor (if the sponsors does not contact 1st ) o Sponsor assimilation from findings of pre-assessment above Development & Support:  Technical and Infrastructure: All design completed; Pilots on similar designs; 1/3 of market launch budget is implement object/service coding for social credit assignment, taskbar, edit for charity and social media profiles, ecommerce function of SMRC redemption/exchange pages and QA stress testing. To be deployed on Level 3 Cloud services.  SMRC Marketing Feedback codes integrate (A) the assignment of SMRC member rewards (recommended value or open at $_______), (B) assigned to the member's general charity profile, (C) responding to specific (custom) sponsor offerings, (D) each with an associated product or service 'Quizzes' that validates attention and complete readership / feedback and the emotional reception of the member  SMRC Donations for purchase codes: o For ONLINE purchases integrate offers related to a. Specific classes or product/service specifics with b. A donation at the recommended rates or by exception at $____ per instance, to c. A specific 501-C3 charity, named ______________. targeted for members with that charity as one of the favorites in their charity profile. o For IN-STORE purchases integrate offers related to a. RECOMMENDED POLICY GUIDELINES or product/service specifics with b. A donation at the recommended rates or by exception at $____ per instance, to c. The member's GENERAL 501-C3 charity profile. SMRC Financials:  Pre-Registration generates an average 2 year history of social activity for each member. At 10 million such histories this makes the minimal cost, social media schedules by charity of immediate value for generating media research (for only sponsors making offers matching a member's favorite charities) -- Day ONE of SMRC's market launch  Per 10 million members and 500 celebrity, business, social organization and charity sponsors (1/2 - 2/3 as non-501-c3 sponsors) that will generate 1st year, before accounting for charity incentivized cause marketing:  Per 10 million members that will generate 1st yr.: o $2.19 Billion for the 501-c3 industry and the same in social member rewards; Stimulating/incentivizing o $20-$40 Billion for the US Economy, along with o $110 million for SMRC sponsors, as donations to the sponsor's favorite charities and sponsor member rewards o $220 million in awarded social member rewards (by SMRC and SMRC Sponsors) and $220 million for SMRC's member rewards management and 501-c3 rating service
  15. 15. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 15 of 58  Up from our original estimates to launch with 2 million members, current prospective sponsor interest is seeking to pre-register 6 million of their followers. Current sponsors include some of the most popular children's medicine, youth clubs, sports, social and religious 501-c3's as well as supporting the classical 'arts' (music, film, etc.).  Seeking a minimum $800K, $350 for marketing to launch, $150K for completion of technical infrastructure, stress testing, production, infrastructure, extreme storage and bandwidth, full dedicated multi-domain service for 3-5 dedicated IPs, and $300 for accelerated marketing, start-up social credit for first two weeks, and shell corporation acquisition.  Seeking up to $2 million (in exchange for 45% of SMRC’s Executive (founder’s) shares. The increased budget is for: o An escalated marketing program to double the initial number of sponsors, charities and members to 15-20 million members to start, 1000 plus sponsors and 1000 plus charities o Funds and Infrastructure to go Public as early as 6 months o Increased hardware and software facilitation o Overhead to manage the re-investment of $55 million first year for facilities, development and resource investments Launch Budget: Architecture: $416,000 Subscriptions processing systems Rewards tracking systems Activity & gaming point systems SMRC profile development / content tracking Hosting/member donation entry/logging System multi-server XML synchronization VirtuALLY User Interfaces/Mobile Apps Labor (4 Mo. X 25 people, 2/3:mktg) $804,000 Phillip Nakata - information systems architect Aaron Nakata - gaming/coding liaison TBD - human systems architect Joel Doerfel - charity/celebrity liaison TBD - presentation guru/ head maverick Promotion: $227,500 Communications Travel & Lodging Presentation Materials (hardware) Events Co-Sponsorship Penny Program (See Addendum X) $209,625 g₁ = i₀ * 18.28% g₂ = g₁ * 1.618 g₃ = g₂ * 1.618 g₄ = g₃ * 1.618 Graphic Design $95,000 Branding $95,875 Registrations & Trademarking Celebrity Affiliations/Associations Philanthropic Affiliations/Associations Viral Content Legal & Miscellany $152,000 Insurance Legal Miscellany Totals: $2,000,000
  16. 16. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 16 of 58 Founder BIOS:  Phillip Nakata is SMRC’s Chief Business Officer and our Digital Social Systems Architect. Phil is/was a Managing Partner of Strategic Rating, Inc (SRI), a strategic business planning and market- development firm that implements world-changing business, technology and social-intelligence applications and programs—including sales & marketing automation, business process re- engineering, eBusiness & best practices frameworks and green technologies. CV HERE or at  Aaron Nakata is SMRC’s Chief Technology Officer, in charge of Human systems & game design, and is our Chief Coder. Aaron is an up-and-coming coding phenom and has earned highest respect amongst the gaming development and open-source coding communities to which he is a regular contributor. Aaron’s long-standing interest in learning and interacting through gaming and social metaphors and models has evolved into a keen understanding of object-oriented thought- and behavior-patterns. For details see his bios HERE  Scott Bruce is SMRC prospective CEO, while actively holding 2 Vice President roles, one with Institutional Energy Products and the other with Greenwave Technology, which was how Scott met Phil two years ago – while introducing an earlier version of SMRC to a dozen local charities centered around San Diego CA.  Joel Doerfel is SMRC’s Chief Celebrity Liaison. An analyst, visionary and communicator of the highest caliber, Joel has taught university-level courses in Business Ethics, Philosophy, Comparative Mythology, Corporate Social Responsibility and Logics for over ten years. Management & Promoter BIOS:  Chris Shea: Semi-ProAM Disc Golf Professional Promoter with family history in the Arts and Philanthropy. Chris has been associated with Aaron and Phil Nakata since 2ndQ 2009, related to SGS360, the social media project to save the Rain Forests of Indonesia  Clem Palmer: Association to Phil: 2.5 years; 25 year developer of Energy and social initiative programs (including ‘Save Our Canopy’ and a consortium of charities supporting injured / disabled professional sports players)  J.P. Zahr: Association to Phil: 2 years; Developer of content aggregation, publication, industry topic profiling and advertising services; Former market developer: green surveys and Scan-My-Food (a major IPhone app linked to analysis of additives to health)  Paul Hindman: Paul Hindman is an active social advocate and is a contributing editor to the Organization. He holds his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa. He is a published author, whose most successful works are his children’s books.  Lance Woody: Musician and Spiritual/Christian Consultant, seeking to become a semi ProAM Disc Golf promoter.  Alex Berryhill: Musician, Music Recording Industry Promotions Consultant. Alex believes that music, and even art in general is the one human commodity that will never depreciate. As long as there is life, there will be creativity in this world.  Brandon Bos: Association to Phil: 2 years; Seattle Green Energy and Talent Consultant  Robert Storch: Developer of social/business application and content publication services  Bryan Graves: Developer of free social/religious content management services  Kendrick Coulter: Independent “Green” consultant promoting SMRC-style social reward programs as the incentive to bring the most productive green technologies to mass market adoption (as Donations to Local Charity & Green Technology, along with valuable deductibles – for his customer’s everyday social content, sponsor’s market attention research and/or double bonus rewards for commerce)
  17. 17. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 17 of 58 SMRC Addendum C: Extended Technical Overview  Business & Social Technological Expertise and Qualifications  Infrastructure Technologies  Social Process and Management Science Technologies  Business and Social Technologies Expertise & Qualifications  Technologies – Feature, Function & Value  Subscriber Profiles (for Behavioral Content Analysis)  Overview of the SMRC Experience: Subscriber - Entrance and Experiences 1. Business & Social Technological Expertise and Qualifications: The SMRC executive business and social technology team has the following core competencies. Our broad experience in these overlapping technological domains will allow us to design, develop and rapidly prototype the SMRC social networking infrastructure and API  Social Media, Social Networking  Internet Marketing & SEO  Artificial Intelligence Systems  Configurator Technology (Blending AI, Logic and Decision Sciences)  Cognition, Intellect, Personality Testing and Design  Learning Management Systems  Collective & Predictive Social Intelligence and Analytics  Open Source Development  High Performance Computing Design  Software Development Life Cycle Design & Strategy  Distributed Computing Benchmarking and Optimization  Expert Systems (Integrated logic, analysis and recommendations)  Java, PHP, XML (Platform Independent)  Single Sign-on Development  General Purpose GPU Cluster Design  Services oriented architecture and computing  Multi-media, 3D and Presentation Services  Indexing (spidering, ant-agents and worms) and Taxonomy  Inter-Application Messaging and Queuing Services  Security - from objects to borders  API development  Project Management Best Practices and Rapid Prototyping  AJAX  Object-oriented databases  Common Services  Cloud Computing and Cloud Archival Services  Enterprise (integrated components, services and objects) Architecture  Application Service Architecture  Procurement through distribution and Logistics  Virtualization and Virtualized Computing Frameworks  Social Analytics (emotion and influence plus deep profiling)  Text/Data Mining/Warehousing  Business Intelligence  NLP (natural language/linguistics processing)  Internationalization  Intellectual Capital  Re-Engineering  Pervasive (Wireless + Hardware and Sensory- Interactive)  Bluetooth & RFID development (warehousing applications, security, avatar marketing)  Modeling and Decision Science  System Analysis and Quality Assurance (Impact and Recommendation Reports) 2. SMRC Social Content Infrastructure – High Speed, secure, scalable, best practice based, dynamic social monitoring The prototype working model represents roughly 3,000 man-hours developing transferable software assets, along with another 2,000 hours of re-design, valued at $325,000 – $400,000, based on a net cost of roughly $125,000, includingbutnot limitedto:
  18. 18. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 18 of 58 a. Systemupgradestoinfrastructure: I. PostgreSQLasafasterandscalableobjectorienteddatabasevs.MySQL II. The development of a social media monetization framework with psychometrically-verified elementsofgamemechanicsandatestedcompetitionmodel. III. Virtualized,distribuedoperating infrastructure/hardware,enterpriseapp,e.gClouddesign b. A custom content, research & networking monetization & redemption system extending DRUPAL's authenticated accounts with memberships. This system is extended to provide accounting for any and all charitabledonationsappliedtoeachmembership. The servicesaretoinclude: i. Adminfor eachmember’scharitiesandsocialmediascreennames ii. Creditforallsocialcontentandfeedback(member’sdonations+rewards)andNetworking iii. Analysisofeachperson’sLIKEStoallcontenttopic,correlatedwithsocio-demographic profiling iv. Analysis of each person’s ‘WILL LIKES’(common themes across& between other objects and people) v. Sale of anonymous content (no identity), along with socio-demographic profile. Cost to include database listing of matching opportunity, qualified by multiple parameters of group profile. Targetingbyprospect’scharityaffiliation vi. On-goingcreationofeachperson’sdailyopportunityreport vii. Researchservercollectinganswersfor8-10 questionschallengingprospect’sattentionandrecall. viii. Admin(billingfor rewardingresearch); Issuanceofacquiredresearchtosponsor ix. Adminfor member’sredemption ofsocialcreditpoints x. Researchandpublicationof501-c3socialimpact ratingreports c. A wide variety of Content Objectsincluding mixed video playlists (featuring 10:1 dynamic compression and localized storage), slideshow/storybook support including parent/child relationship to nine (9) levels of depthandweb d. Application of best practices in design though synchronizing resources and selecting from multiple patterns to initiate new design. Such action streamlines future upgrades, optimizes new markets opportunities (e.g. I-POD, HTML5, MP4) and structures maintenance/troubleshooting. Significantly, this means the code programming principles are easy for new and experienced object programmers to assimilate. e. Over500DRUPALcontentnodesrepresentingindividualmulti-mediacontentposts,aswellasnavigational and presentation frameworks, including but not limited to sample e-book, slideshow/theme menus and groupportals) 3. SMRCAppliedSocialProcessTechnologies: A. Intuitive-Predictive Algorythmics: SMRC develops and configures powerful “socially aware” intuitive-predictive algorithms (algorythmics).1 With a nod to Web 4.0, SMRC’s state-of-the-art algorythmics are adaptive and dynamic, evolving in real-time and in-step with our membership’s ever- shifting social context content and online behavior. The power and potential of SMRC’s algorhythmics are functions of the width breadth and depth of the participation (input-actions) of SMRC’s membership. The flexibility accuracy and precision of SMRC’s algorhythmics come from its ability to 1 See Addendum: Intuitive-Predictive Algorithm
  19. 19. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 19 of 58 permute tens of thousands of objects and values against tens of thousands of axes in less than a second. SMRC’s algorythmics source data sets and user behavior dimensions which include: 1. existing social web ‘clouds’ (e.g. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.) 2. commercial websites (e.g. purchasing trends: e.g. Amazon, Ebay, Overstock, etc.) 3. existing personality profile meta-data 4. gaming profile meta-data (e.g. Xbox live) 5. additional corpus archives: a. message & update archive b. written-word archive (e.g. commentary, blogs, reviews, etc.) c. image & video archives d. network connectedness and interactiveness maps (spheres of solidarity) 6. browsing & search habits (e.g. keyword & combinatorics analysis) 7. additional personal analytics: a. scheduling and calendaring b. geo-tagging and geo-tracking c. biometrics d. life-streaming, life-casting SMRC's innovative Spheres of Solidarity (SoS) algorithm evaluates the strength of connections in each member's social network, identifying and tracking the evolution of key influencers. SMRC’s SoS algorithm follows three simple rules: 1. Track analyze & collate member-actions (60%) 2. Track analyze & collate the (re)actions of member’s first-degree connections (30%) prioritized by: a. Frequency/volume of interaction b. Duration/quality of connection (signal strength = words become flesh) c. Caliber d. Modality - (wall post, blog post, comment, etc.) 3. Track analyze & collate the actions of first degree with the wider web (10%) similarly prioritized. B. High Performance Computing: SMRC aggregates an increasing volume of social media analytics data and employs a number of high-performance computing techniques to aid in the optimization, correlation and processing of social meta-data. Drawing from successes in the Business Intelligence (BI) sector and their evaluation and identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to intelligently manage and predict data, our analytics-based approach could be described as Network Intelligence, or as many within the analytics community have called it, “Sentiment Analytics.” Categorizing, correlating and predicting something as subjective as a sentiment or opinion is precisely the key indicator SMRC has been designed to produce. The number of variables required to achieve a scientifically valid and statistically significant prediction value is between 100-150 discrete data points. SMRC CBO, Phil Nakata, has over twenty years high-level experience developing advanced expert systems capable of synthesizing social media across three data domains:  Public Social Media Data  Private SMRC-member Meta-data  Derived Data (Composite SMRC Data-points)
  20. 20. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 20 of 58 Public Social Media Data includes aggregate social media available on the public internet and contained within public meta-data aggregators and data warehouses (e.g. Nielson) Private SMRC-member Meta-data comes in the form of SMRC profile data and requested permission to access SMRC-members’ third-party social media accounts. Certain social media sites, for example LinkedIn, differentiate between public and private published data. SMRC members have the ability to include these “private feeds” in order to increase their data’s net worth. Derived Data includes social media specific data which has been processed to decipher meaning from groups of text, audio, video, etc. An example would be natural language processing of status updates into a discrete (composite) value which is then tied to a larger process or algorithm. (e.g. SAS) Exponential Data Growth Strategies As SMRC’s membership grows, the amount of member-generated content and the possible configurations of these behavioral data sets grow exponentially… data has no expiration date. The amount of computational processing power required to synthesize data from all domains will require a novel distributed-computing model. SMRC’s Founders have decades of experience in the high performance computing space and have targeted the following HPC technologies in our development work:  CPU and GPU-based high performance clusters  Distributed computing platforms and APIs (CUDA, OpenCL, MPI)  User-based distributed computing models (e.g. SETI, Folding@Home) Each HPC technology addresses the manner in which the data will be processed or how a data-point is ‘bound’ to a restraint. For example, certain data points are bound by mathematical computation as in the case of simple keyword extraction or frequency analysis – and such computation is easily parallelizable in a CPU-based cluster. Google used affordable Linux clusters (CPU-based) in its early years to do the heavy lifting of its algorithms. However, the increasing amount of variables and behavior-mapping quickly exhausts traditional mathematical models and enters a non-polynomial space that the financial modeling sector operates, where variables are bound by dimensions which include: times, momentums, rates of change, proximities, and vectors which have yet to be defined. SMRC works with hedge fund quantitative mathematicians to tighten our computational model C. VirtuALLY: Where Facebook users connect to other users as “friends” and “fans,” SMRC members connect to other members as “allies” and “admirers.” Every member’s first ally is the member who invited him/her. Every member’s second ally in the quest for Charity is VirtuALLY, a personal A.I. avatar. VirtuALLY is half personal assistant/half alter-ego – a reflection of the member’s charitable/behavioral/social/personal profile and an animated encyclopedia of the “wisdom of the crowds”… wisdom representing the power of SMRC’s intuitive-predictive algorythmic and crowds representing the collective socio-behavioral data SMRC identifies and configures. VirtuALLY assists SMRC’s members by: 1. Placing the aggregate intelligence of the network at the member’s fingertips 2. Guiding him/her how he/she more efficiently can drive benefits to his/her causes 3. Identifying and recommending “allies” to further his/her causes or projects 4. Integrating the analytics represented in Addenda X & Y
  21. 21. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 21 of 58 D. Security: Security is one of SMRC’s core values. In order to cultivate consummate trust among our members, SMRC makes member security an upfront and explicit priority. SMRC ensures secure logon to third-party social media sites on behalf of its members. Our members will entrust SMRC with their account credentials and SMRC will deploy rigorous security methods to protect these credentials. SMRC accomplishes these security practices and industry standard encryption within our content management system (CMS) framework DRUPAL. DRUPAL ensures best practice design methods, maintaining the security of the individual passwords, and private data, along with a tightly managed system of content authorization. The DRUPAL security core maintains criticality levels and mitigates CMS-related vulnerabilities. They have preventative measures against Denial of Service, OpenID impersonation, SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, Access bypass and Session fixation. ( In addition, the SMRC architecture maintains the latest standards for Internet security (external, internal hardware/software, modular and inter-process programming security) as well as adding features such as the programming analysis routines designed to ‘cleanse’ any submissions by subscribers, and multi- levels of content management per content type. E. Decision Support Technologies (Decision Matrixes & Configurators – The most productive technologies): 1.Starting with decision sciences, linear programming, AI and proposal generators in 1990; this science has evolved into (over 20 years – as a specialty AI and/or eventually merging into the fabric of the enterprise experience/infrastructure):  Decision matrixes (simple direct comparison - science of making decisions)  'Configurators' - to create optimum mixes (strategy) of multiple decisions (complex decision packaging) 2.The AI Logic behind the Programming Models:  Attributes, features, options (constraints limits options)  Decisions (rules, models, formulas) and exceptions  Legacy Trilogy/Calico => DecisionOne, experlogix 3.Capabilities - Deliverables:  Captureexpertise/skillsRiskAssessment,Advisories,Performanceimprovement  Complywithregulations,policies,laws,legislation  Automateprocessorchestration:navigation,back-endflow,datainterchange 4.Example: SMRC’sCharity-PhilanthropicConfigurator(SMRC’sentrancescript):  Establishthe bestbenefittocostratios thatare expressedbyanalyzing the factors andfinances of the investment’sinput-output-impact-valuecreationcycle.  Applied across configurator factors, parameterized as degree of interest, such as domestic vs. foreign, the meta to basic categories of charity, to the various contributing enablement channels (such as celebrites,businesses,onlineprograms,personalinitiatives,integratedevents,etc.)  Process: Resources & Investments ('as-is' state) + Objectives (incl. timeline and amounts) => strategy config(target'to-be'); periodicallyre-adjustagainstphilanthropicinvestmentprofile
  22. 22. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 22 of 58  Subscriber Profile A:  Resources & Current Investment (Time, Money, Skills, Contacts, Personal Initiatives)  Objectives (incl. costs & timeline)  Investor preferences…Ex:  local, national, multi-national (interest level 1-3)  R&D, Design, Implementation, Advocacy (Participation or interest)  Charity/Philanthropy Meta to Basic classes (interest level)  Most Influencing Charities - to your causes  Most Influencing Celebrities - to your causes  Most Influencing Online programs - to your causes  Most Influencing businesses - to your causes  Charity/CSR Program Profile B:  Background, Scope, Resources, Objectives, Preferences  Resources include related celebrities, businesses and online/offline programs associated  Inputs  Outputs  Impact  Value Creation  Benefit to Cost ratios  Program Performance
  23. 23. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 23 of 58 4. Subscriber Profile (for behavioral content analysis & reports): o Social conversation (shared experience) & dialogue, images, etc. Integrating new and re-posted articles, shows, posts or other media (All Time/Location indexed)  Content/Topic/Category Tagged o Games + o Social Media (sub-categories by social, environmental and classes) o News (“”) o Charities, o Celebrities, o Social Industry Portals,  Strength, Sentiment, Passion, Reach (Influences) as repeat/tweets, length/visit, etc., AIDA, etc. o Subscriber by: Social-Techno Psychographics & Standard Demographics  Type: Creator, Collector, Critic, Joiner, Spectator  Tech: User-Gen, People, Collaboration, Rating/Reviews, Tagging/Sharing (incl. photo), RSS/Feeds  ID / API access to range of networks (and subscriber inter-activity) for each subscriber  Demographics  General  Detailed Social Interaction Tracking (SMRC) o Charity:  Subscribers charity profile  History Profile  Subscription  Point History (components and redemption) o Subscriber’s Lifestyle profile/preferences: (lists of response to 5-10 sub-categories each:)  Conversational o Startup, Default, Greetings, Goodbye, LOL, Impressed, Insults)  Online- Current-Now o What's New, (How are you, New?, Plans, Busy  Basics o Name, gender, age, sign, location, email, im  More o Marital, pets, smoke, drink, sports  Looks o General, build, hair, eyes, body art, dress  Personality o General, other people, serious, out-going, humor  Favorites o Interests, Activities, Color, Bands, Songs, TV Shows, Movies, Movie Stars, Sports, Authors, Books, Foods, Friends, Political Views, Religion  Professional o Educ., Schools, Major, Occupation, Skills o Personality Profile(s) (Lifenaut) - 100's of mapped points  Their basic analysis covers o 47 basic personality profile traits,  Their Psychology 'guided' conversations cover
  24. 24. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 24 of 58 o Social Network Index:12 questions o Big 5 Test: 100 questions o Interpersonal Support Evaluation Test: 40 questions o Perceived Stress Scale: 14 questions  Their General Profile: o Twenty-seven (27) questions  Their Relationships Profile: o Seventeen (17) questions  Their Family Profile: o Thirteen (13) questions  They also include 'teaching' modules interacting with Three Lifenaut avatars...covering in the end hundreds of questions and dialogs that they are expecting you to repeat multiple times to continually tweak and readjust the bots’ personality to most closely represent each subscriber  They also have an simple text learning module o Learn - attach emotional tag o Digital Artifacts Profile (Lifenaut) with emotion/reference tags i. Supporting All media types (video, Sound, Images, Documents) ii. Supporting All major Social media and Networking sites iii. All Commonly tagged with Location and Time iv. Cross-linked to o Keywords/Tags, o Associated People, o Emotion (Angry, Annoyed, Ecstatic, Happy, Neutral, Pleased, Sad, Scared, Surprised), o Date/Time, o Location (mapping support) and o Type/Beme (Attitude, Belief, Feeling, Mannerism, Personality, Recollection, Value) 5. Subscriber Experience Overview: I. Foundation-class Subscribers: A. Citizen Members (from social networks or charity) * Entrance: by invitation (existing member/subscriber) * Services and Experiences: - Invite members - Earn Points 1. Choose your causes 2. Create & Customize Your Profile 3. Personalize your space 4. Play your games 5. Play and Work with your VirtuALLY 6. Read & bookmark your news and blogs 7. Create, define, join and interact with your groups 8. Take part in contests, quizzes, surveys, polls & activities 9. Create your own unique content & mashups 10. Review and recommend favored (or un-favored) interests 11. Add your friends 12. Organize or volunteer in local charitable operations 13. Share your spare computer time and/or WIFI bandwidth 14. Acquire SMRC points awarded external to SMRC by SMRC
  25. 25. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 25 of 58 II. Enterprise-class Subscribers: A. Charity Members:  Entrance: Charities enter our community through nomination by existing members or by application on the website. Once approved, Charity members become active in SMRC’s community by alerting their own networks of donors/subscribers to their new partnership with SMRC. Unlike most current online funding-mechanisms, SMRC is not merely a passive click- through donations portal. SMRC actively collaborates with its charity members to drive more benefits and funds to them.  Services and Experiences: - Supercharges their funding * Direct donation * Donation augmentation - Hones their process * Content migration * Up to the minute information * Optimization of Operations through social media analytics * Extend their reach * Earn points: similar methods (as above) B.Corporate Members:  Entrance: Corporations enter our community through nomination by existing members. Corporate members become active in SMRC’s community by posting their CSR statement (vision statement, mission statement). Unlike traditional consulting, advertising, or marketing models, SMRC embodies the emerging megatrend of social media analytics as a service of enormous value to corporations, placing them in more immediate contact with users of their products and services. SMRC blends this analytic with emerging megatrends in Corporate Social Responsibility to actively coordinate dialogue between its corporate and citizen members.  Services and Experiences: - Publish their CSR vision - CSR / SPR Services (Social Process Re-engineering) - Earn Points: activities and networking for real world CSR impact C.Celebrity Members:  Entrance: Celebrities enter our community through direct invitation from SMRC, through nomination by existing members, or through application. Celebrities become active in SMRC’s community by naming the causes and/or charities they wish to represent, and by alerting their fans to their new relationship with SMRC.  Services and Experiences: - Champion Causes - PSR (Personal Social Responsibility)/CSR Services - Earn Points: activities and networking for real world CSR impact
  26. 26. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 26 of 58 SMRC Addendum D: Technology Overview – Features, Functions & Value Table 1 outlines the key technology components of SMRC’s web platform and organizes the technology into the following categories which serve to answer the following:  Features: identifies the components  Functions: describes what the components do  Value: synopsizes the benefit of the components SMRC makes extensive use of the latest open-source and commercial building blocks in order to build a technical architecture capable of sustaining ~50,000,000 unique users. Our executive leadership has over forty years experience developing and implementing expert system, configurator, Web 2.0, interactive and media applications for business and for pleasure. SMRC’s choice of open-source has ideological as well as pragmatic justification. SMRC’s Founders admire and celebrate the principles and democratic ethos of Open-Source. Feature Function Value Architecture LAMP Architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP-Perl) Standard of the Internet and Web 2.0 design Low Cost Powerful servers and integration Server-side computing Design Best Practices Design -oriented architecture, and system visual design metaphors design -use of technology Virtual Online OS Virtualized Cloud Server Hardware independent Run App on mini/Linux/Unix High Performance Low Cost Virtual Online Mass Storage Cloud (ex : Amazon) Low Cost Upload and storage High cost Download Low cost mass storage Low Cost of data retrieval as reports are aggregate summaries as compared to individual records Extracted Syndicated Content Gigalerts Pre-programming searches services and outsourced XML extractions – combined with CSS/JS processing/ rendering subscribers to alternately use to create reviews of these content Google blog/video extended searches iCopyright Social Mention Feed43 / RSS / Feed2JS Extracted Social Content DRUPAL All leading social media form Formats supported Calculation of social credit for content – includes social media profiles Extracted Sponsor Content DRUPAL Web template mod. For extracting text/content Calculation of social credit for content
  27. 27. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 27 of 58 Content Management (Social Media) DRUPAL Leading Open Source Content Management System for Social Network Best integration with social networks ad authorization support Broad market acceptance -source bank of contributed content objects (ex Strong support from open source community Lots of programmers Best Practice Design – leveraging quality and standard methods of toolkit -list objects, Version 7 in beta => IPhone market (XHTML, MP4) Database PostgreSQL -class database replacing MySQL in standard LAMP architecture – via inheritance of the design – 50X as scalable: By contrast MySQL requires a 2 nd server instance (software) for each simultaneous user Emotional analysis Aggregate sentiment = strength, sentiment, passion, reach context-based linguistics / integrated w/ special configurators search/taxonomy datamine for anomolies Develop precise mapping of content sub-categories as an instance compared to socio- demographic classes Develop from correlations bw. and across categories, along with social influences to know what they WILL LIKE. To be combined with socio- demographic profiles, stripped of any identity content. Acquired by cause marketing sponsors for $0.03 per profile, for listing in SMRC opportunity database with appropriate qualification requirements for this opportunity OEM Google AdSense & AdWords OpenX Provides monetization of a sponsor’s traffic & content offering same features of Google’s search marketing Reduces overhead ~60% on average Allows for external placement related ads With SMRC – members only received personalized promo Custom Authority Sites Top ranking in search based on focused content Provides focus on industry or location All listing become prospective advertisers Enormous response Lower cost to advertise More traffic that brings business Better ad revenues With SMRC – members only received personalized promo Menus and Dynamic Code jQuery (AJAX) and Dynamic menus integrated with taxonomy sub-menu category listing for any article/social media Maximum ‘top of page’ exposure for any article under multiple sub-category listing structures create dynamic menus Provides up to nine (9) levels of menu support Interactive Mobile Video HTML5, CSS3, HTML5 Video (MP4, WebM, & OGG) Provides video codec replacement for Mobile Flash (that is no longer supported) Turns cell phones into the next social portal for social good – notification & participation.
  28. 28. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 28 of 58 Security Secure forms and content interaction All code/content submitted by subscribers is run through special ‘cleansing’/code sanitization routines – potentially malicious code is removed Although many people think that hacking a secure (128-256 bit) certificate is now hackers get in… but in fact, the majority of hacks are because of poor security in the common Internet “Form” BananaScreen, KeyLemon and/or Luxand Blink Login and Periodic re- validation of machine user’s identity Secures identity of user to SMRC application security User identity Identity of User to other SMRC members (authentication) VPNs & Proxies HandyCafe Filter Manager TOR EasyVPN LANOnInternet (LANoi) Hamachi (Logmein) Content Filtering (HandyCafe Filter) TCP/DNS Proxy (TOR) Secure Free VPN High Speed Remote Access Cross-platform remote access Secure, High-speed access Subscriber privacy Bandwidth on Distribution Video Compression & High Availability Supported for packaged YouTube video, as well as supporting the upload/compression, storage, and the processing of a faster, high quality Flash video format from most other video types Lost cost storage for big videos Fast response (upload and/or downloads) Version Control Version Control Built-in standard functionality of a good content management system Any updates (versus creating new content ) to any content allow the user to archive the cache (what the document looked liked before edits) as a replaceable copy based on a single keystroke Content Objects Expanded set of content objects Ratings, Comments, Video, Image, Slideshow, Polls/Surveys, Book- Chapters and sections (to 9 levels), Blog, Tracker, Portals, User pages, content menus (within), Forums and custom templates (News, Games, Social Media, Celebrities, Charity templates) and secure forms Easy, self-service environment for building or interacting with social content. Virtual Companion Integrated Technologies Verbot and their many knowledge-bases Verbot – Online (Lifestyle) Verbot – Desktop – – Reflective Intelligence intelligent avatar for either/or subscriber’s knowledge (question/answer and multi-level dialogs)
  29. 29. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 29 of 58 Knowledge bases – Detailed Personality Simulations Can learn – be taught easily personal companion to: – at SGS or the broader web space content Add-on intelligence for expert systems, etc. (TBD) Design Tools Mockup Screens, Firefox, Mindmapper Wire-framing Better and more standardized designs Firebug and other CSS support Better supportive justification and planning Mind/Idea mapping Conversation & Information Tools Conversation Data- Mining Tools & Strategy Information Processing Tools Text Processing Extracting behavioral content Human Analysis Status and Trends Natural Language Problems and Opportunities Seeking sentiment, influence, etc. Support Tools Optimized, Dynamic Support Tools Decision matrix Better analysis, profiling and monitoring applied against larger data sets “Surplus Sharing for Charity” Wireless (WIFI) sharing by all Win7 Virtual Router Manager WLANController HandyCafe – WIFI Cafe Free WIFI access to all members when mobile => largest Wide Area Wireless MESH network Sharing WIFI for Ethernet options for all other Win, Mac machines SMRC ‘points’ paid to all members who share their WIFI Points translate to more money to charity Sub-nets w/area caching are more independent, responsive and flexible Membership in – Parallel processing millions of computers daily Members share non- productive computer time to philanthropic/ scientific projects Examples: SETI, Protein- folding for medicine, Environmental studies Screensavers show data reports Major contribution of computer power to worthy projects Members earn SMRC ‘points’ for sharing their surplus computing power for charity
  30. 30. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 30 of 58 Person to Person and Person to Group communications Group video conferences to 12 cams and 400 users Free, dynamic or scheduled one-on-one video phone Free, dynamic one-on-one video chat/phone Free Video Email Quick message – snapyap Long message - mailvu Video Email message IPChat Chat for ad-hoc networking Chat for ad-hoc networking Secure Personal and Group Sharing Evernotes g Always online sync Mobiles devices – cloud based Tonido 2Peer Mobiles – PLUS Relay around Firewalls (Tonido) Windows & Mac only – similar to Tonido but w/o relay works around firewalls and is for all devices BadBlue Personal Media Server Similar to both Tonido and 2Peer – but focuses on most common filetypes – spreadsheets, ppts, graphics, music, word docs Well designed to share these types Behind firewall w/o VPN then requires port forwarding WebWeaver Personal web/ftp w/VPN requires port forwarding if behind a firewall Simple support for sharing in disconnected Ad-Hoc networking Utilities InternetOWL Tracks changes to any URL (webpage), integrated with DIFF-type functionality Akin to an intelligent RSS a. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector b. HeatMapper c. inSSIDer a. Proximity by signal strength with vocal as signal increases b. Site Survey (3-4) points triangulates other SSID c. General sensitive strength meter and switcher WIFI Analysis Tools WakeOnStandby Wake from Hibernation, or Standby and run task Reset network connection, run batch, wait, etc. CamSpace Game Controller Cam tracks object with image tag like application of controls and distance from the screen Turns any non-transparent object into a controller (sensor watches and triangulates movements
  31. 31. Social Market Research for Charity – 355 S. 38th Street – Boulder – CO - 80305 Page 31 of 58