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Social Market Research for Charity - member invitation

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  • Hola, soy Kate Zamba por su nombre, nunca una mujer se ha casado, he visto alots de perfiles, pero soy muy selectiva, usted es uno de mi selección, por favor conmigo en mi dirección de correo electrónico privada escribir amablemente, ( para que yo pueda enviar algunas de mis fotos e introducir mi mismo para usted
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  1. 1. SMRC Sample Sponsor’s Member/Follower Introduction/InvitationRe: The Supplemental, Non-Invasive, Media Monetization & Brand Research service that [1] continuously pays to learn precisely what you ‘WILL like’ from [the custom theme(s) that link] what you [have REALLY Liked &] share in the PUBLIC social/ web media, matched [2] w/ REWARDING opportunities to learn more no purchase required.Dear [sponsor-name] subscriber/visitor ,Welcome to your by invitation only, no cost, user centric, media monetization opportunity, to progress humanity, your way, withyour everyday voice, and interaction. By registering, you will start generating a minimum of $0.60/day in value (or $1.20, if youregister now), from all of your: (1) authorized, totally anonymous, public side media interaction & content, along withparticipation in (2) interactive brand research; as donations to the 5+ humanitarian causes that you care the most about,whether that be in your local community, or abroad (all humanitarian 501-c3’s can be registered). Along with the donations,whose amount is only limted by your interaction; comes the equal value in trade-able member rewards, which are as good ascash. This exchange of value will provide you incredible insights into your interests (in every social topic), whilematching you up with sponsors, who are interested in bidding for your response (rewarding $1-$2+ avg, or much more),to engaging, incrementally rewarding behavioral research; ONLY in topics, that are related to what you are talking about;viewed on demand, non-invasively, in your free time. Register now! Participation requires no change in your everyday routine, and depending on how much you participate, you could easily generate $5-10/ hour (or more) in value, in your free time, to the benefit of a wide variety of humanitarian causes (charities) - with equal, trade-able member rewards for you. Please register today, and join our 7 million members (whose sponsors currently include major universities, major childrens health centers, national youth ‎ roups, and community churches), and whose synergy will g generate a minimum of $2 Billion per year to civic progress, and much more to our sponsor’s economies, the first year. Changing the world by giving more action and value to your voice, only takes 5 minutes. Registering only requires your social media accounts (no passwords, please), and your top 5 favorite humanitarian charities (501-c3’s), along with your invite code (or sign-up link), to pre- register – register now, and get double the donations & rewards for life.Social Market Research For Charity (SMRC), is a supplemental, noninvasive, USER-centric, media monetization & co-branding research platform, that makes everyday public social and sponsor content valuable by analyzing & profiling all“public” media content formats for its’ emotional (what people like/ dislike & how much), socio-demographic & philanthropic character.This anonymously fuels a totally noninvasive social opportunity exchange/ listing service that continuously learns the topicsand precise themes that each person really likes (over a 2+ yr. history), as well as their favorite charities/ causes, and matcheseach person’s custom opportunity search themes & favorite charities -- with sponsor promotions whose topic, themes andpromoted favorite charities exactly match. Responding to your custom opportunities in your free time, will generate more donationsto your favorite charities (with equal value rewards) & sponsor goodwill, without requiring purchase. Please take 10 minutes andreview our stories, that will save the world, one byte at a time:  See / review our 1 page SMRC Process (How it Works) flyer:  (SMRC video & site, also on Slideshare w/ TED videos on page 14).  Or our 1 page sponsor flyer: (please view the smrc process doc above first)1. SMRC monetizes every bit of your everyday public social/online interaction (scanned every few minutes, as original content or feedback, e.g. tweet, like comment, etc.), in (a) your sponsor’s media, (b) your everyday personal social media, or (c) on another SMRC sponsors social, mobile or web media, by volume, at "day rates". This generates a minimum of $0.60/day in donations with rewards for all content and feedback, with incremental awards for increased everyday interaction, that includes giving equal value in the system for positive or negative feedback (just no hate content).  SMRC indexes every topic ‎ keyword objects, for example, the name of a book), in all formats of social content or ( feedback, (a) assigning an emotion (tag) to each topic keyword (via context based linguistics, AI & social influences), (b) the time, along with (c) the charities and (d) socio-demographics of the contributor (you).‎ Compared to social media that captures your likes/stars, this service learns precisely WHAT and HOW MUCH you like (or dislike) anything, as well as learning what you WILL like, passively, and publically accessed, across all authorized, registered medias. All of this is done completely anonymously, with members contact information never being sold, or revealed.  How? SMRC finds the common themes (e.g. the set of features) between SMRCs emotionally rated keyword objects in a class (similar to the likes/star tags in social content) - as examples : (i) Whats common between 4 of 7 of your favorite books, or (ii) whats common between your favorite sports car, and your favorite restaurant and, (iii) what are the common themes and favorites matched to your favorite friends?  Using a 2 year history of your anonymous authorized public side social activity, SMRC analyzes the most common themes you will/should like, which are based on your history of interests as well as your active social discussions. And thus similar to Amazon (yet far superior), other readers who have 5 or more books as their favorites, that match exactly others five favorite books, it would be 5X as likely that the person would be interested in those other readers latest purchase, based on the common themes that are associated across those book’s topics.
  2. 2. SMRC Sample Sponsor’s Member/Follower Introduction/Invitation Using only your anonymous, authorized, public data, SMRC creates an incrementally rewarding social game where sponsors register opportunities in an on-demand opportunity database, to preview content & promotions whose themes precisely match (by multiple registrations) your personal favorite search themes (what you will like from the common features shared between what you have liked and what you are currently talking about). By publishing sponsor preview opportunities in a database, precisely matched to each person’s on-going opportunity search (by themes), SMRC removes the need for invasive ads. Responding to these social matching games (below), rewards you with increasing levels of custom donations & with the equal value in rewards, for responding to quizzes after the promotion, that tests your attention and recall, but does not require a purchase.  Sponsors select audiences, (a) co-branding with the audiences charity (realizing 61% of people will switch to brands that support their favorite charity), registering their promotional preview opportunities with their (b) relevant themes (that match the audiences top search themes), along with (c) the size of the sponsors opportunity rewards.  The opportunity registration cost (per preview opportunity), of $0.03 per anonymous member profile, registers the opportunity listing so that it will be found and prioritized, by each SMRC members on-going search/ report for opportunities - that matches what they each person will like (by their historical themes of interest, and what they are talking about, sorted by the size of the rewards).  Targeting each person per day by at least 25 SMRC cause marketing sponsors, these $0.03 pieces (generating on average a 50%+ conversion) fuel the minimum "day rate" ($0.60 /day) for everyones everyday social content.2. Respond in your free time, to sponsors offering audience research opportunities (found in your real-time daily opportunity report) that precisely matches your custom ‘themes of interest’ (from your emotionally rated history and current discussions) - for larger donations to your favorite charities, and the equal value in rewards, based on your attention and recall, with no purchase required. SMRC matches up each member’s documented interests (as compared to what people tag they like), over time, with a sponsor’s matched relevant offering - unlike what sponsors think they want, or want them to “Like”.  These sponsored preview opportunities consist of a video presentation and 8-10 “trivial pursuit-like” multiple choice questions, that do not survey for opinions (which do not have a right or wrong answer for a score), but rather only tests a persons attention and recall to primary and secondary detail of a presentation (subsequently increasing your perceptual intelligence).  The typical donation/reward for prospects, qualified /1-week prior, is ~$1-2 per instance, rewarded incrementally (as larger custom donations w/ rewards), for ~10 minutes of undivided promotional attention. Special demos, and promotions can reward a lot more, ~$10 in value as donations with rewards.  $5 or 5% of commerce (as donations w/rewards) is awarded for testimonials and post-purchase reviews respectively.‎.3 Invite others to register (at no cost, by-invitation-only): 5You are awarded 4% of the value (min. 10.95/yr/invitee) generated by every invitee (friend, relative, follower, customer, business, celebrity, charity) who is hosted under your invitation/invite-code. This includes: (1) all content/feedback generated at your sponsor’s media, in your personal social medias or in another SMRC sponsor’s social/web/mobile media, (2) responding to personalized sponsor promotional research that matches the member’s interests (based on history and current social content), (3) testimonials and post-purchase reviews (above), (4) Networking (inviting others) and (5) Write-in awards recognizing social good.SMRC Benefit Models (all based on using only your authorized, anonymous, public social content): a. Monetization for sponsors, followers, and host’s (as donations & rewards):  At $219+/yr. minimum ($0.60/day) in goodwill/donations for each follower’s charities + rewards (“day rates”), for everyday interaction.  At $10.95/yr./invitee ( $0.03/day) to host’s charities + equal deductible rewards.  At $0.438/yr./invitee of hosted member’s invitee’s (e.g. follower, of a follower).  At $1-$2 avg./instance for sponsored promotional research; $5/testimonial, 5%/commerce/post-purchase-review, as additional donations + rewards.  For Sponsors: A sustained increase to your sponsor’s, client’s, and/ or your business response by 100%+. b. CSR Integrity: To maintain integrity and balance in the platform design: (a) Using only anonymous, authorized public data ( i.e. content that is currently available to the public; not requiring password access); (b) all charities are held accountable for their impact (w/ regular reports); (c) equal value/credit is always awarded for positive or ‎ egative feedback (promoting n credibility/ honesty/ reality check); (d) every bit of profit goes to sponsor & member donations & rewards, and (e) content identity is never compromised (by design).
  3. 3. SMRC Sample Sponsor’s Member/Follower Introduction/Invitation c. Mobility: Via HTML5 Open Source Interactive Mobile Video, SMRC will turn web-enabled cell phones into the new social portals for social good. Then by publishing listings of sponsor preview opportunities (bidding donations & rewards for your time), that dont require purchase, and match precisely with what you will/should like, qualified by their history of common social interaction themes, SMRC creates: d. The ultimate fulfillment opportunity for people to receive custom donations with rewards for previewing opportunities - about what they are definitely interested in (effectively idea/window shopping), e. The ultimate lead generation system attracting only highly qualified prospects by their history of interests and social discussion - all totally noninvasively (i.e. never contacting the prospect directly), f. Goodwill & Loyalty is generated with every sponsor interaction, in a direct and sustainable relationship to the feedback, research, opportunities and increase in response. For the low $0.03 per anonymous profile cost, sponsor compete in their reward offerings, generating a minimum $1-2 value per instance (or much more) for such qualified prospects. Sponsors also acquire (good or bad) testimonials for $5 worth of donations with rewards, or 5%+ (in value as donations w/rewards) for a post-purchase review.Next Steps: Register today for Double Donations Value + Rewards for Life. Our On-line Pre-Registration form is available by clicking HERE. Alternately, you may register with our host code (XXXXX) at www.socialmarketresearchforcharity.orgBest Regards,Phillip R. Nakata, SMRC, CBO, Founder & Director,, 2 (35+yr. profile/portfolio)o Pre-Registering members & sponsors get 2 years of social credit and double donations and rewards for life.‎o ‎ our Charity Profile: Of each person’s 5 minimum charities in their profile (each allocated a minimum of 1%), u nless you have Y some pre-existing preferences, please consider assigning a portion (33%?) of your on-going donations (as compared to the related rewards assigned to each member), donations generated from your content and research response, to “The AAAAAA Foundation”, which is the favorite 501-c3 promoted by your host SMRC’s Secret Sauce: (1) Technology that extracts the emotional character for every topic in all formats of everyday social content, and associates it with the charity of the contributor and non-private socio-demographic data (assigning equal value for positive or negative comments), (2) Using that in-depth profiling to match people with sponsors that support the member’s favorite charity w/rewards, qualified by their history of common interests along with the common interests each person is talking about / sharing with others (as a noninvasive personalized real-time opportunity search/report that people view in their free time), and (3) Enabling interactive mobile video, turning web-enabled cell phones into the new social portals for generating social good (bridging the social on-line and physical worlds). In addition, (4) we keep all charities accountable to report their impact, (5) promote honest responsible feedback/social proof (positive or negative), (6) get everyone’s permission/authorization to use & make their “public” (already available) social content valuable yet anonymous & (7) guarantee privacy/ identity protection. For more information on SMRC – see
  4. 4. Member creates Determining Analyzed by: emotional linguistics, * conversational/media topic, likes/everyday social content, what each dislikes (how much and why), related toon any public media1 they member WILL topical trends across multiple media/ similar members. This creates precise authorize. like: custom themes for every social topic / Inspired by: (posts, tweets, likes, SMRC non-invasively keyword in each person’s everyday analyzes public, public social & sponsor media. feedback, etc.) historical (2yrs), and Analogies: Amazon or Pandora’s current social activity, suggestions, on steroids (except in associated with all topics, not just music). *All monies in the system are donations member’s registered 1 Scope: w/ trade rewards. All humanitarian favorite charities. All social media formats are supported. 501-c3’s can be registered & receive donations. Creates Custom Search Themes from historical No Identity Revealed. Sponsors in everyand current social activity, social topic & tied to member’s charities. Determines opportunities related to member’s keyword theme. Custom Search Themes & then non-invasively (add qualifications**) (encouraging 2x response from the 46% who never respond) promotes opportunities to: Justifiable Value for Every Member’s Opportunity 25 sponsors/day purchasing Marketing $: Report - database listing @ $0.03/member profile = Promotes goodwill, $0.60/day/member ($219/yr.). loyalty, traffic, rewarding research game (after service fee, host benefits., and **100’s of parameters. More brand acceptance, opportunities & diverse, and accurate than any on awards. Hosts receive 4% of invitee’s retention & hard value for their content & research **requirements. the market. (see below). behavioral (only in topics they will like, based on what ***61% of people will try a new brand when co-branded. research. they talk about & the feedback received) 80% will switch brands. 83% want more cause marketing. Study sample size: 248M. Monetized for member’s/ (Cone 2010) host’s charities & rewards as compensation for Sponsor’s AuthoritySyndicated Social website or OEM: participation & research. website AdWords / storefront AdSense/ Interactive HTML5 Mobile Video compatible. OpenX 4% of the on-going donations’ & rewards’ value of Open Source In-line Video alternative to Mobile Flash. hosted sponsors/members. Minimum of $10.95/year/invitee.