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  1. 1. Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC): Something Worth Sharing – World-Changing Social Technology. ‎ Available to everyone 13+ years of age, as followers (compare to just subscribers), invited by, today’s ‎eading social, business, celebrity and l philanthropic/ religious leaders of society - in support of the favorite charities of each of their followers.‎ SAFELY changing every bit of the social web for good, from every byte of (a) Everyday authorized PUBLIC social ‎ inter-personal-social) content and ( (b) Sponsor interaction (matched fulfillment, education, research, advocacy & ‎ onversions) - working in symbiotic harmony for social good.‎ c - This is your invitation to be part of the most productive, noninvasive, in-depth anonymous market study, monetization andrealization of social-emotional patterns, anomalies and social ‎nfluences ever conceived, based on society’s i 1PUBLIC social content, and qualified sponsor research - for humanity, our economy and individual self-fulfillment: ‎ 1) KNOWING/ LEARNING precisely what eac h pe rson "WILL -LIKE”, us ing context -based lingui st ics, NL P ‎( natu ral l anguage pr ocessing), and advan ced sentiment ana lysis (mu lti -l ogic featu re/as pect from s ocial ‎c ontent), facto ring in each person’s social followers IND IVIDU AL L Y - each simil arly modeled f or thei r ‎m atching common themes of interest and respective degree of influence .‎ 2) To delive r $ 137BB to Hu manity within 3 yea rs ( $2BB+ yea r one ), depl oy ing Web 3.0 - 4. 0 – Mobile – Video ‎C loud Col labo rative Servic es Technology: SAFELY moneti zing ( a) y our * follower’s everyday PUBLIC -social ‎c ontent and ( b) their PRECIS ELY ‘ma tched’ , spo n sor researc h fo r mo re custom 50 1 -c3 donatio ns +r ewards , without requ iring a purchase .‎ 3) Destined to become the most valuable supp or t app/model on the market; Outpe rfo rming ev ery user side and enterp rise side ‎b ased app – E stablis hing an EXPLO SIVE ‎c ause ma rketpl ace of * spon sor s ( fr om the an alyzed co ntent) knowi ng, matc hing, qu alifying an d p recisely fulfill ing each per son ’s ‎“WILL -LIKES” – co -b ran ded w ith cu sto m ch arity , promoting noninvasive , o n- demand listings of research, p recisely matche d per per son, that o ffe rs pa rticipation rewa rds .Join u s in this most worthy serv ice fo r hum a nity, spon sor s and f ollo wers; made p ossi ble b y ‎evolving‎s ocial technology , into a n oninvasive su stain able cycle that mat ches people’s in terest s ‎p r ecisely, co -bran ded with their favo rite chari ty, and without req uiring p urc hase , as ‎c ompared t o ‎invasivepromotio n based on what spons ors th ink peop le want, or want them to like. ‎• SMRC has 7+ million people in the pipeline (to grow at one million new sponsored followers per month), including major universities, major childrens health centers, national ‎ outh ‎ roups, and community churches, whose content alone will deliver y g $2BB+ in charity & rewards, year one.• Projected to easily deliver over $137 Billion per year within 3 years - to 501-c3 charities and member rewards, we ‎ re a currently entertaining prospective partner start-up funding at $3, $25 and $100 MM rounds. Complete details for qualified ‎ ponsor and partner candidates can be found at the link above.‎ s And this all is just the tip of the iceberg. Please feel free to contact us anytime.1 Social media content that is available by URL un-restricted (e.g. password not required), or by authorized request for group access. Members register, generate everyday content & feedback, respond to precisely matched promotions, and invite others to register.
  2. 2. Inspired By: A Paradigm Shift for Marketing & Funding Charity; Turning Anyone Into a Philanthropist and Advertising into a Personal Opportunity—Socially, Personally, & Pervasively. Target your actual audience (no guesswork) by co-branding Additional Research your brand to your audiences Increase Conversions Benefits: personal charities*, intelligently. 100%+ with Powerful  Gauge the effectiveness and Audience Incentives: absorption of your promotions. Optimized by: No longer are ads invasive Context Based, Conversational Sen- (a nuisance). Now they are  Stimulate massive timent Analysis, City, Time, Media opportunities for incremental goodwill and loyalty through altruistic Location, +100’s more. donations, and personal rewards for increased rewards for documented attention; incentivizing *61% of American’s say they will try a Educate Your NEW brand if the brand matches their promotional attention/recall; brand commitment. charity. 80% will switch brands. opening up new business from Audience w/ Incentives:  Game structure creates (Cone Inc, 2010. Sample: 248M Americans) the 46% of people who never competition amongst $0.03 per anonymous profile for ad / respond to advertising. SMRC’s “trivial pursuit-like” friends, increasing research registration (purchase research game stimulates and referrals to your monetizes target member’s content.) If you were awarded $1-2+ to incrementally rewards your promotions. your favorite local charity audience for the attention and  Positively benefit your (plus rewards), would you pay retention to the details of anyComparing SMRC to AdWords: audience by stimulating, attention to an ad/play a game? of your promotions. rewarding and improving How much more loyal* would their awareness & perceptual intelligence. 92% of all moneys in the system goes to Additional Benefits: you be to that brand? *85% of Americans say a lot more. Why Register Now? charity (8% service upkeep, unlike AdWords ~32%). Networking Rewards: AdWord’s $1-$40+, INVASIVE, bid  Every member you invite awards you 4% of all their participation value, as structured advertising with no goodwill, donations to your charities, and your deductible rewards. Double Your Rewards for Life!: research, loyalty or incentives. (Minimum $10.95/yr./invitee. No cost.). Since the service is currently in development, pre-registered Content Monetization: sponsors & members receive double their donations & Vs.  In order to incentivize up to date analytics from social interaction, SMRC creates rewards for life (but hurry, we are launching soon)! donations & rewards, at “day rates,” (min $0.60/day) for every piece of authorized, SMRC’s $0.03/highly qualified target, anonymous, public content, produced by, and for our members, and sponsors. Receive Rewards for 2 Yrs. of Past Social Content: non-invasive rewarding advertising (No cost. Funded by sponsors acquiring targeting, for $0.03/profile.) Our system functions the best when we can accurately opportunities with $1-2+ research that Feedback: analyze trends in data. Since SMRC compensates everyone for promotes loyalty & goodwill.  Increased feedback to your content (Facebook, Twitter, website, store-front, etc.), everything they do, it’s only natural we’d reward for this too. incentivized from our altruistic and personally rewarding content monetization. Much higher conversion rates. (No cost. Funded by other sponsors targeting, for $0.03/profile). Help Enable Billions of Dollars/Year to Charity: Documented brand education & behavioral Traffic: SMRC currently has a pre-registration pipeline of 7 million research, through powerful research games.  Massive, crowdsourced traffic to your media, from people looking to leave you prospective members. Their content revenues (in order to build feedback, and convert research for charity +rewards (No cost). their opportunities) will produce a minimum of $219/year/ Supplementary to all promotions, across all Testimonials & More: member to their favorite charities per member. Registering today medias (internet, mobile, print, TV, radio, will allow you to influence your follower’s value to your  Incentive system can be applied to acquire non bias testimonials, product - businesses charities . Think progress. etc.), incl. AdWords. Logo Implemented demonstrations, and post purchase reviews; creating brand champions. Context based, sentiment analytics which Mobility: - determine what your market will like, by  Completely compatible with all mobile devices, allowing for - the go response on - (720) 204 –3569 analyzing multiple parameters, across to-in store demos (hint, hint), billboards, fliers, QR Codes, etc. SMRC provides Sample Member Invite: multiple media; revealing future markets. complete instructions for full mobile enablement. (No cost.)
  3. 3. From: Phillip R. Nakata, CBO & Founder, dba SMRC c/o 1009 Tantra Park Circle, Boulder, CO 80305Re: ‎ he most productive, noninvasive, in-depth anonymous market study (process & T fulfillment), of social-‎ motional patterns, ‎ nomalies and social influences, ever conceived. e aAs educated in market strategy as you are, it should come as a surprise that nobody has done this before. ‎ MRC was Sdeveloped by the same IBM CTO/WW Business Auditor ( who was the lead evangelist ‎business Enterprise (architect) on the migration from a hardware-based business model, to a service-based one; ‎ ersonally introducing Open pSource, Java, and XML (e-business object processes), which quickly turned into one of the ‎ ost successful business mtechnology ventures in existence.This is your invitation (and high-level guide) to a by-invitation-only service for humanitycalled ‎ ocial Market Research for Charity (SMRC): A non-invasive, supplemental, user- Scentric, and simple-to-implement, media monetizing research service ( (1) pays to learn ‎ RECISELY what people ‘WILL like, from their PUBLIC ‎ ocial media, P s(2) matched and qualified to (3) rewarding ‎ pportunities to learn more, no purchase orequired (see the process at 1) Content: SMRC KNOWS/ LEARNS ‎ recisely what each person "WILL-LIKE” using (a) context-based linguistics, (b) p NLP (natural language processing), and (c) sentiment analysis (feature/aspect), factoring in each person’s social ‎ ollowers individually - each similarly modeled for their matching common themes of interest and f respective degree of influence (review SMRC’s analytics, research and process models at analytics101). Based on PUBLIC (available unrestricted), SMRC supports all social media formats. 2) Precisely Match & Qualify: From the anonymous collective, by charity affiliation, SMRC cause marketing sponsors create/post promotional research (rewarding attention & recall for charity +rewards), that precisely fulfills/matches relevant prospects ‘WILL-LIKE’ themes (self-qualified by sponsor social- demographic requirements/filters) in an online database, used to generate each members’ daily report of matching content and research opportunities (that don’t require purchase). 3) Research: In addition to generating measurable daily value for social content and feedback by volume (content above), SMRC also generates custom donations +rewards (a) for responding to research quizzes, qualified by each sponsor’s requirements, and precisely matching each followers’ “WILL-LIKES”, (b) for testimonials/ reviews (positive or negative) and (c) for networking (inviting others at no cost as their host), while keeping all charities accountable by monitoring developing reports on the social impact of each 501-c3. 2Now, supported by recent research findings (see footnote) in philanthropy and commerce motivation (referencedin the SMRC analytics and models paper above), our media and research monetization service offers to: (A) Fulfill all of your CSR initiatives at no cost (generating per 1000 followers, a minimum ‎ 200K/year in $ non-tax deductible goodwill + $11K/year to your causes + deductibles) just for inviting followers into a ‎ ystem that SECURELY monetizes each followers authorized, PUBLIC social content for their s charities +rewards. Your funding and your followers funding (and rewards) come from other SMRC sponsors (item C below), who acquire the anonymous market content, to generate on-line noninvasive database posts of sponsor research opportunities (quizzes that reward attention and recall to ) / promotions that are precisely matched to each members interests, self-qualified by a sponsors requirements, and co- branded with each persons favorite charity(s).2 60%+ of people will switch brands/loyalty in favor of vendors who support the favorite charity of the consumer. 46%+ of peopleon-line are advertising-adverse (e.g. they react negatively to all forms of non-personalized, invasive advertising).
  4. 4. This increases the penetration and hard response to all current ly supported promotions on average five fold (5X), by harnessing the proven ‎ arket effectiveness of altruism and secure behavioral incentives. m (Reference: Cone Inc. (B) Produce an on-going stream of new visitors (followers of the other sponsors) seeking the opportunity to provide interaction with all relevant social content that matches their interests (WILL-LIKES), for donations 3 +rewards at "Day rates ". (C) Establish an explosive marketplace of opportunities; target by charity affiliation (e.g. 1 of the 5 favorite charities in any prospects profile) at $0.03 per QUALIFIED prospect (by their interests/ WILL-LIKES and a sponsors social-demographic requirements) per listing - to respond to that sponsors’‎promotional review & quiz, PRECISELY matching the member’s‎ interests, for additional donations to the members favorite cause, +rewards (averaging $1-2 in donations +rewards per instance for 10 minutes of the prospect’s‎un-divided attention), without requiring purchase, but significantly stimulating conversions.If youre interested in the most socially productive cause marketplace and study ever devised, along withgenerating a minimum of $10.95/year in value from every one of your social followers and prospects, andeven ‎ ore from your network affiliates, at no cost, while increasing by 5x the market effectiveness (response and mgoodwill justification) of your promotions, for pennies, targeting support to your greater audiences personalcharities, ‎ lease take a few minutes of your time now to view our presentation at: p ‎- Note: If you register on slide 70, use “SMRC.LI” as your ‘host’ code.And this is just the tip of the iceberg, i.e. There’s more to SMRC than just (a) Inviting followers, (b) Monetizing yourfollowers’ and your content and research/feedback, (c) Creating links to the SMRC research server, and (d) Postingmatching research opportunity listings ( target: by charity), for (e) The research, goodwill, donations, and rewards.Sincerely,Phillip R. Nakata, Chief Business Officer and Group Program Director, SMRC (dba Social Market Research for Charity)(720) 432-5470 (Voice/SMS/Message); 720-569-7703 (Cell); 720-263-5036 (Fax);;;* SMRC will eventually know the "Futures Market" for every product and service discussed on the social web - along with the trade-able service rating, value and related patterns/anomalies, for any topic (content artifact) discussed on the web.. from Gold, to music, to charity, to politics (see the analytics paper for details).* Extremely simple to implement, SMRC is destined to become the most valuable support app/model on the market; outperforming every user side and enterprise ‎ ide based app, by creating NEW business from the 46% s that normally never responds to invasive ads, in addition to competing for existing ad business‎ - To deliver ‎ 137BB4 to Humanity within 3 yrs: Web 3.0-4.0-Mobile-Video-Cloud ‎ ollaborative ‎ ervices Technology‎ $ C S .* SMRC is attracting sponsors (at no cost to register, and double values for life) and partner investors5 ($5- 100MM) seeking technology sharing and data access rights to the most in-‎ epth anonymous market study of d socio-emotional patterns, anomalies and social influences, ever conceived. Join us to change the social web for good – based on our social content and charity. Please feel free to contact us directly anytime.3 Day rates for content = $0.60 per person per day, based on whatever is the average daily rate of content and feedback4 See for SMRCs’ 3 year funding/ rewards projections – from content, research, commerce & networking5 Prospective sponsor-partners – see SMRC Executive summary and Business/Technology/Research plans
  5. 5. Member creates Determining Analyzed by: sentiment linguistics, * conversational/media topic, likes/everyday social content, what each dislikes (how much and why), related toon any public media1 they member WILL topical trends across multiple media/ similar members. This creates precise authorize. like: custom themes for every social topic / Inspired by: (posts, tweets, likes, SMRC non-invasively keyword in each person’s everyday analyzes public, public social & sponsor media. feedback, etc.) historical (2yrs), and Analogies: Amazon or Pandora’s current social activity, suggestions, on steroids (except in all topics, associated with not just music). *All monies in the system are donations member’s registered 1 Scope: w/ trade rewards. All humanitarian favorite charities. All social media formats are supported. 501-c3’s can be registered & receive donations. Creates Custom Search Themes from historical No Identity Revealed. Sponsors in everyand current social activity, social topic & tied to member’s charities. Determines opportunities related to member’s keyword theme. Custom Search Themes & then non-invasively (add qualifications**) (encouraging 2x response from the 46% who never respond) promotes opportunities to: Justifiable Value for Every Member’s Opportunity 25 sponsors/day purchasing Marketing $: Report - database listing @ $0.03/member profile = Promotes goodwill, $0.60/day/member ($219/yr.). loyalty, traffic, rewarding research game (after service fee, host benefits., and **100’s of parameters. More brand acceptance, opportunities & diverse, and accurate than any on awards. Hosts receive 4% of invitee’s retention & hard value for their content & research **requirements. the market. (see below). behavioral(only in topics they will like based on what they ***61% of people will try a new brand when co-branded. research. talk about, and the feedback received.) 80% will switch brands. 83% want more cause marketing. Study sample size: 248M. Monetized for member’s/ (Cone 2010) host’s charities & rewards as compensation for Sponsor’s AuthoritySyndicated Social website or OEM: participation & research. website AdWords / storefront AdSense/ Interactive HTML5 Mobile Video compatible. OpenX 4% of the on-going donations’ & rewards’ value of Open Source In-line Video alternative to Mobile Flash. hosted sponsors/members. Minimum of $10.95/year/invitee.
  6. 6. From: Phillip R. Nakata CBO & Founder, dba SMRC c/o 1009 Tantra Park Circle (virtual office) Boulder, CO 80305Re: Underneath SMRC (Architecture & Design): Behavioral Principles and Market Best Practice Models - Mapping the social-emotional patterns, anomalies and social influences of the social web (WILL-LIKES & more)INTRODUCTION – Underlying SMRC’s incredibly simple execution,:For Followers: 1) Registering their media and charities; 2) Creating content/feedback on their sponsors’ and other sponsors’media (see graphic), 3) Viewing their opportunity reports ‎n their free time, and 4) Inviting others to register, or, iFor Sponsors: 1) Inviting their followers and other sponsors; 2) Developing content promoting feedback; 3) Targeting prospectsby charity affiliation with qualifications, for reward fulfilling their interests (WILL-LIKES), associated with 4) Adding opportunitylinks from their ‎ romotions to SMRC’s research server; matched to those people’s interests/WILL likes, p‎ ocial Market Research for Charity’s (SMRC) analytical models and processSworkflows:  Capture the socio-emotional character/profile/influence of the PUBLIC social web,  Establish the business monetization of social content research (to create matched collaboration, targeted qualification, as an incentive to noninvasive listings in an opportunity-database),  Provide both altruistic and financial incentives for research into sponsored promotional retention, that is matched precisely to each member’s active and on-going interests (qualified by sponsor requirements), and co-branded with their favorite registered charity1.  Significantly stimulate NEW and competitive cause marketing eBusiness, while never requiring purchase.  Inspire and motivate SMRC sponsors, who will now know that their offers, co-branded with each user’s favorite cause(s), will be precisely relevant, educational, ‎ cientifically engaging and never invasive (e.g. totally personalized s and co-branded),  Use content-based linguistics, AI (multi-logic) Configurators and social influence profiling via Web 3.0, 4.0, Mobile ‎ ideo, Data Warehousing/Mining and Cloud technologies, VAre based on the following behavioral principles and documented observations , respective to:A. The Individual: Creating anonymity and value first for the user, that can be safely shared to create additional opportunities that matches each user’s interests in order to support each user’s favorite social causes, with the equal value in rewards, without requiring a purchase. In order to create the value stated, SMRC analyzes: 1. The emotional character of everyday social content topics/artifacts is initially based on social taxonomy processing, emotional linguistic/ NLP, and ‘sentiment analysis’ (feature/aspect) Configurator technologies which associate the emotional status (similar to eastern context-based languages), of any topic, in the context of “a conversation”, often spanning several previous statements/sentences (as well as past conversations) with the same social parties/ followers. o Though similar in spirit to social media’s “Likes”, Tweets, favorites, stars, etc., along with giving equal value to
  7. 7. positive or negative content, this service can distinguish “how much” and “why” (what other factors) are related to what each person precisely likes and/or dislikes. SMRC also gathers from each member’s authorized social media, without any personally identifying information, any public social-demographic profiling (e.g. Lifestyle, location, gender, etc.) and related content (like the weather). o For public (not password protected) social content that produces biometric signatures (ex: audio/ voice, high quality video), these signatures will be used to rate the content artifact topics of these media, without revealing identity. o For members who register for SMRC’s “Personal Avatars” (Phase II), which will embody each person’s complete public/social memory, SMRC will factor every content artifact/topic’s rating, respective to each persons’: (i) avatar; reflecting their personality profile/simulations (which are constantly updated with on-going, in-depth AI-based dialogs, rating one’s emotional reaction to the most popular topics), and each persons’ (ii) library of multi-media content artifacts, each rated: emotionally (as well as to the 5 senses), to the other people involved, to the date and time, along with the artifact’s location (as well as with facts like what was the weather), correlated to reflect an accurate emotion. 2. Common ‘themes’ of what each person will like, naturally emerge within individual categories of each member’s favorite content artifacts (topics), as well as across categories of each member’s favorite content – made up from common matching secondary characteristics: o Examples of common themes include: (a) The common characteristics of 3 of your 10 favorite books, (b) Common characteristics between your favorite restaurant type, and the nationality or genre associated with your favorite content artifact in another category. o This is the “Ah-Ha” moment, that people sometimes experience when they recognize these “common themes” of secondary characteristics associated between the things they each really like – in a category, or between categories of interest (e.g. Did you ever realize the 5+ common factor sets between some of your likes?). 3. The priority (relevant importance) between common themes is based on the number of common secondary factors of each theme, and the overall emotional character rating of the content artifact under analysis. Thus: o A theme which contains 5 common secondary characteristics has 5 times the importance as a theme with only one matching secondary characteristic. o A theme that provides fulfillment for several other themes is proportionally of greater importance. o The validity of a theme is based on a minimal amount of monitoring, of the aggregate content.B. Social Influence: Each person is significantly influenced in their interest in any topic, based on their friends and ‘trusted’ associates’ profile, by matching common themes: 1. The degree of closeness/ influence from friends and trusted associates are directly related to the number of common themes they share and the depth (2nd common characteristics) of each common theme. o A person is 3 times as likely to be interested in a new topic suggested by a friend or stranger who shares 3 similar favorite themes (across multiple categories) – as compared to another friend or stranger with whom you only share one common
  8. 8. theme of interest. o A person is 3 times as likely to be interested in a new book suggested by a friend of a stranger who shares 3 of your favorite books, as compared to another friend or stranger with whom you share only one common book. 2. This is what most people naturally do (e.g. The way they think/process information), on a sub-conscious level, weighing the influence of friends and trusted referrals, in the later phases of any major decision based on the number and depth of the common themes they share, specific to a topic, but similar to the the depths of their interpersonal relations. 3. Find My Doppelgangers’ Favorites: From the millions of profiles of each persons’ precise “likes/will-likes”, SMRC will find each persons’ doppelgangers (e.g. people sharing 6 or more of the same favorite WILL-LIKES). The potential that you “WILL-LIKE” your doppelgangers’ new interests, will be directly related to the number of common favorite themes you share with the other person(s). 4. People’s social likes to dislikes (and how much) of social artifacts/topics, will become the standard definition of measurable, trade-able value for any content artifact/ topic in the world (of all SMRC sponsors and members), as the definition of any artifact’s socially trade-able value, is directly related to the supply-demand equation of (1) How many people know about the artifact, and (2) how much one, some or all, want/like the artifact. 5. People’s personal philanthropic interests will perfectly reflect the memberships’ social ethos and the incentives (+rewards of equal value) that make it a sustainable design, based on the value of content, and participation in research matching each person’s interests. 6. Sponsors and members, together, locally and globally, co-supporting their common social/philanthropic interests, will generate a minimum of $0.60/day for member’s anonymous social content, and $5-10 per hour (in custom donations +rewards) for their response to research matching their interests, that does not require purchase.C. Sponsors & Charity: Provide goodwill and personal rewards of equal value for content research and sponsored research precisely matching a members’ interests, co-branded with each member’s favorite charity, for loyalty and/or conversions: 1. Will generate as the “host” to their followers, without cost, $30+ per year per followers (as compared to just members or subscribers) in donations to the sponsor’s favorite charity and trade-able, deductible rewards of equal value, while the average follower generates $600+ per year for their favorite charities and rewards of equal value – based on their everyday social content and for responding to rewarding behavioral research matching their interests. 2. Currently, over 46% of people who interact on-line are either advertising insensitive (ignoring) or advertising-adverse (reacting negatively), while over 75% of the market is interested in co-branding support for local charities with all See enlarged graphic for detail
  9. 9. forms of commerce and research. o By rewarding attention and recall topics that are precisely matched to each person’s undeniable interests, co- branded with each person’s favorite social causes, rewarding attention from qualified prospects, without requiring purchase, will generate at minimum double the net returns, from over four times as many people responding. o Though not supporting any invasive advertising, SMRC sponsors will provide their followers to opt-in to receive only opportunities that are precisely matched to their follower’s interests (validated and qualified to their social and Geo- demographic profiles, and), delivered as noninvasive real-time custom opportunity listings each member reviews in their free time. o By adding social-demographic qualifications to opportunity listings matching members’ interests, this self-qualifies responders for sponsors, while ensuring people do not receive spam/offers that they cannot take advantage of. See enlarged graphic for detail 3. At $0.03 per qualified anonymous profile, along with $1-2 on average for 10+ minutes of the un-divided attention of such qualified prospects, this will generate significant business conversions from the 160%+ of people who will try and switch brands, based on the support by a sponsor, co-branded with the prospect’s favorite charity. o The net result of registering a sponsor’s follower(s) (creating value from your follower’s content), at no costs for cause marketing, should be at minimum, a doubling of web business and/or memberships for the sponsor. o The net result of additionally cause marketing (at $0.03 per profile by charity, and $1-2 in value per qualified research response), should be at minimum a doubling of net business revenues, and 4X the overall response to your noninvasive custom promotions per prospect.D. Additional features regarding SMRC content and research monetization: 1. All Hosts (sponsor or member) receive 4% of the on-going donations’ and rewards’ value generated by friends and social associates who respond to the host’s invitation to register with SMRC. 2. Without any costs to the sponsor or host, or rewards for themselves, they must give away the same amount of custom donations and the equal rewards value to socially worthy causes. 3. Devoid of any private identifying contact data, all sponsors will receive monthly reports, sorted by each sponsors’ follower’s charity affiliation, of that charity group’s social-topic profiling (all major categories of “LIKES”) and socio-demographics profiling. This format (providing only contact via SMRC’s opportunity reports) is identical to the content acquired by other SMRC cause-marketing sponsors who all promote noninvasively (e.g. Either by matching offers in the opportunity reports, or by only offering customized promotions to SMRC members). 4. Testimonials (positive or negative) generate a minimum $5 average in value (as donations w/ rewards). 5. ECommerce post purchase or usage reviews generate 5% of the sponsor’s price as donations to the prospect’s favorite charities along with the equal value in rewards, that are given to the prospect (as compared to the Sponsor who normally receives the charitable deductions) as true generosity, in exchange for on-going customer loyalty, reinforced with every sponsor interaction (research or purchase).
  10. 10. E. The Bigger Picture: 1. Research / Insight/ Models: Using this data, you are able to ask questions like "How would MY followers feel about .....?" or "How would followers of this popular, local social cause/charity, feel about ....?", and receive an accurate report of the related patterns, anomalies and social influences that together, profile/answer the query. Dislikes and Why: Mapping the emotional character of everyone’s social content for the common theme ‘extremes’ (LIKE and DISLIKE), will allow you to also ask “Why do followers of this social cause dislike ….., and why? – or, what are the associated patterns, anomalies and social influences/conditions? Identity Authentication: With such an extensive profile of each person’s preference/personality, social Geo-demographics, and habits, this information could be securely authorized by each person, for use by their personal identity protection services – to provide additional protection and notification of potential fraud/identity-theft. Avatars for (a) The elderly and (b) At-Risk Youths: Representing each person’s historical collective of emotional responses and associated social influences on virtually any social topic, avatars/simulations integrated with modularized computer assisted learning, would be of great social and personal value to these classes of users. 2. Channels by Topic & Affiliation to Charity: Using this service, SMRC sponsors have a non-invasive channel for promotional research offers (see next) that precisely matches the patterns and anomalies related to people’s interest in a sponsor’s offering/solution, to the followers of any popular social national or local cause, (i.e. With that charity in a SMRC members charity profile), AND the followers of those followers (who share the similar complex themes of interest and charities). Using SMRCs 2 year historical files, the analysis of the prospective market (by charity affiliation) for these offers/listings, should be easy to secure (see the prior paragraph). Qualification: Promotional research opportunities, that don’t require a purchase, are self-qualified by sponsors ‎typically from the related in-depth social-demographic profiling), and reward attention and recall ( (as ‎ ultiple-choice quizzes, no surveys) to promotional materials/ content that is precisely matched to ‎ ach person’s m e interests (and social spheres of influence).‎ Net: Qualifed leads, No spam for Members. 3. Traffic/Content/Response: The mass increase in traffic and in response to promotions, are from people seeking, or responding to, opportunities to generate original content/feedback to content that matches their “WILL-LIKES” (interests) for donations +rewards), offering double the value generated for double the participation or recall. Customized content and research opportunities (for charity +rewards), are provided as on-demand reportage. Conversions: Expect as much as a 46% new increase, from the on-line markets that hereto, responded negatively to invasive advertising, and as much as a 60% change in brand loyalty, from competitive sponsors, co-branding with the favorite charity of each of their prospects.Any questions? – Please feel free to contact me by phone, email or fax.Sincerely,Phillip R. Nakata, Chief Business Officer and Group Program Director, SMRC (Social Market Research for Charity):(720) 432-5470 (Voice/SMS/Message); 720-569-7703 (Cell); 720-263-5036 (Fax);;;
  11. 11. From: Phillip R. Nakata CBO & Founder, dba SMRC c/o 1009 Tantra Park Circle (virtual office) Boulder, CO 80305Re: Key SMRC Introduction, Detail, Partner and Reference Re-directsNext Step(s): Partners: See the SMRC Market-Partner-Sponsor Slideshare presentation (with particular attention to slide 58, 62-63 and 69), the 3 year financial projections (below), the SMRC Business & Technical Addenda (below), and then contact us directly. Sponsors: See the SMRC Market-Partner-Sponsor Slideshare presentation – register (no cost) as a SMRC sponsor on slide 70. See other links for more information and/or contact a SMRC internal promoter (Click HERE for our list of internal promoters). Members: Look for your sponsor’s invitation that contains the sponsor’s custom ‘host code’ and registration URL.Main: Invitation, founder, market-partner-sponsor slideshow presentation• (this document). The PDF version includes: host8h.pdf (1st page originally as a 1 page standalone document), smrc.process.pdf, Flyer.pdf,, and this page.• - the Main Slideshare presentation – that contains strategic links to ALL SMRC collateral and social media Note: the presentation above addresses all topics in this section w/the exception of the member invitation. - SMRC principle Founder’s CV as a PDF. Note: key highlights in Slideshare presentation above.Detail: – SMRC Analytics, Models & Processes (included in most invitations and in the business addenda) - SMRC Opportunity Report Sample - SMRC Storyboard/Simulations (media and in-store research response creating donations/rewards) - SMRC Social Impact Report Form‎Sample - SMRC mobile web examples: (Note: Auto-directed by default from any mobile or tablet) SMRC provides no-cost support for Open Source HTML5 Mobile Video, HTML5, CCS3, Ajax/XML. Our founder was a pioneer in sales automation and data mining since 1986, and a pioneer in wireless/pervasive architectures since 1993 (Managing Director for the 1st wireless to laptop patent). SMRC’s website demonstrates 6 HTML5 Video frameworks offering an alternative to Flash Mobile Video. Since June 2011, when Adobe officially dropped all support for Flash Mobile Video, Androids and iPhones cannot view website video that requires Flash, which represents the majority of web videos. By enabling Open Source HTMl5 Video, SMRC will change web-enabled smart phones into the new portals for social good – that fully bind the on-line and physical worlds of research and commerce. - SMRC standard sponsor to member invitation - website – with another Slideshare presentation (monetize)Registration - No cost; Social media Screen_names/No-Passwords; 5+ favorite charities or your host’s favorite charities: Sponsor (Celebrity, Charity, Business or Social Organization): See slide 70 of SMRC’s Market presentation ( Member: Register at your Hosts’ (Sponsors’) custom registration URL (as directed on your invitation issued by your sponsor).For Partners and Major Sponsors:• - SMRC Bi-lateral NDA) - SMRC Terms & Financing Agreement - the business and technical addenda to the partner’s agreement including Exec. Summary & 3 yr. forecast (1) Mission Statement, Articles of SMRC Manifesto, SMRC Process, Sponsor Flyer, (2) Exec. Summary, 3 yr. income projections, Business Plan, Launch Budget, Founders & Management BIOS, (3) Technical, Business & Stakeholder Overviews & Profiles, (4) Technology – Feature, Function & Value; Application Modules/Interface map, (5) Overview of the On-line Charity Application Space, (6) SMRC Vision and Value, (7) Charity Market Report, (8) Charity & Social Media reference, (8) CSR References/ samples, and (9) SMRC’s Go To Market Plan - SMRC 3 year forecast (Excel XLS file from SMRC website) - Finders fee agreement (No Equity)‎ - SMRC LOI/MOU Agreement - Terms, profile detail, Equity & Commission Finder (no brokers)‎Reference:• - The redirected URL guide to all SMRC collateral• - The SMRC Marketing pack